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by Mavis

Mar 25 2022

What is DNA test and how it is done? Countless people remain uninformed on regular variations induced in our genetics. Therefore, humans are often found uninformed about their health conditions. With numerous variants regularly taking over our body, they lead to diseases we are unaware of. These variants cause lots of dreadful diseases that are alarming for our health.

A DNA test is pivotal to diagnose the changes in genetics. However, effective DNA tests are not commonly available. CircleDNA is one of the most well-known DNA testing sites. Whether you’re looking for diagnosing changes in your DNA, ancestry DNA test, lifestyle transformation, or any other test, you can find it all on CircleDNA. Buying DNA testing kits from CircleDNA is perfect for determining your genetic potential. Moreover, CircleDNA possesses various one-to-one consultation services surrounding genetics.

What is DNA and DNA test?

DNA is an abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA ensures the growth, functioning, and reproduction of living things. DNA is present in all living things, including viruses, insects, mammals, sea animals, etc. DNA is a polymer consisting of two polynucleotide chains that bind around each other, forming a double helix. The double helix carries all genetic instructions that facilitate living organisms’ functioning, growth, and reproduction.

A DNA test is a swab-based test that takes saliva as a sample. A DNA test is pivotal to assessing and diagnosing various conditions. It is alternatively known as genetic testing, which is the most effective way to pick up changes in genetics, chromosomes, or proteins. An ancestry DNA test can help in determining the forefathers of a person. DNA testing can help in confirming potential or present genetic disorders. It can also predict future disorder development risks. Therefore, like other tests, DNA testing is a mandatory test that helps recognize changes in genetics.

Importance & Benefits of DNA tests

A DNA test is paramount in maintaining one’s health & fitness. It can help eradicate potential genetic disorders that prove ominous for one’s health. Changing genetics can induce various disorders in the body of a person. Hence, getting a hold of such variants and remaining informed about them is paramount. This information helps in fighting disorders and taking prevention measures of potential Risks. A DNA test is highly important in ensuring great health, which can help you achieve top fitness levels.

DNA testing should be the primary priority during your checkups. It can be highly beneficial to your overall health & fitness. Some of the benefits of DNA testing include:

  • A DNA test can go a long way in informing you about your health and body. Most people in today’s world are unaware of their changing bodies, with a lack of importance placed upon DNA tests. Many people have various changes to their genetics compared to their family members. It is an uncommon opinion, with the common opinion being that most of the functions of a person are similar to their family members. Understanding your body requirements and changes can ensure better health
  • By understanding one’s health requirements, you can maintain better fitness. The majority of people adopt exercise routines and diets that go against their body requirements. At times it can play against your health rather than facilitating its betterment. Therefore, a DNA test is important in gaining better fitness
  • A DNA test diagnoses variations in your genetics. These variants lead to dangerous genetic disorders. By diagnosing changes in genetics, people can give shape to prevention measures towards expected disorders. Moreover, treatment for disorders can also be initiated
  • An ancestry DNA test can help in recognizing a person’s parental relations. Additionally, it can facilitate pinpointing common functions between family members.

CircleDNA Tests and Services

CircleDNA is a renowned DNA testing platform that serves over 100,000 people around the globe, with its hotspot being Malaysia. CircleDNA provides 500+ DNA insights in one swab. Different tests cover different categories and differ in the number of reports. You can search for your required test on their website.

CircleDNA provides DNA reports that guide through abundant areas. These include diet, cancer screening, health risks, family planning nutrition, mental health, disease risk, drug response, sports & fitness, stress & sleep, ancestry, skin, etc. Reports provided by CircleDNA pave the way for enhanced health. Circle DNA also offers a complimentary one-to-one phone appointment with a genetic expert to purchase a DNA test. The function helps people share their reports with experts and discuss them thoroughly to reach informed decisions. These decisions determine the course of a person’s health.

CircleDNA in collaboration with Atome

CircleDNA has collaborated with Atome to help customers divide their purchases into three payments. This collaboration gives an option to customers buying testing services from CircleDNA to divide their purchase into three payments, given that they choose Atome as their payment method. It has proved to be a fan favorite because it gives customers a shoulder that burdens their finances. The collaboration has paved the way for increased diversion of customers towards CircleDNA.

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How to pay for your DNA test through Atome

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Ending Thoughts

A DNA test from CircleDNA can help you enhance your fitness and boost your health. So make sure to make the most of CircleDNA services to prioritise your health. And make sure to procure services through Atome to divide your purchase into three payments!

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