Velvet Styling| Ways To Look Perfect In Tropical Regions 

by jiatongma

Mar 20 2023

Velvet is a forever gorgeous fabric that looks perfect for every occasion. Whether you want to drape it beautifully as a dress or want to flaunt a chic western look, the velvet will add a feather to the cap. It is a common misconception that you can only wear velvet in winter or chilly areas. However, this is not always true. 

Well, wearing heavy velvet in the summer is unsuitable for many reasons. Still, if you live in a tropical region with nice, enjoyable weather, lightweight velvet outfits and accessories can help you get a luxe look. You can get creative with the lightweight and breathable velvet fabric and design a beautiful style without making it too warm, uncomfortable, or overwhelming. 

Below are some ideas and ways to style light velvet in tropical regions without looking heavy or out of season. These ideas will surely give you a new perspective on this versatile fabric. 

  1. One-Piece Velvet With Pastel Shades

A lightweight velvet crop top with a breathable dress can look amazing in any season. Whether you want to attend a beach party at night or want to visit a bachelorette party, this look can never go wrong. It is always best to pair velvet with lighter shades such as beige, off-white, white, or pastel shades to look more classy. 

Velvet is a very flexible fabric that can be easily styled up and down, so styling it casually and formally is not a big deal. However, the colors and type of outfit must be kept in mind to look reasonable. For instance, wearing darker shades of velvet in the summer can turn down the look and make your look off-season. 

You can style your summer look like a delicate velvet mini-skirt. Off-shoulder shirt or strapless mini-dress made of thin velvet. 

  1. Velvet Accessories 

Where there is a will, there’s a way. Velvet lovers can style velvet in many ways. It is not compulsory to wear a velvet dress in a tropical region, but you can also use small velvet add-ons to look trendy. There are velvet hair ties, velvet scrunchies, headbands, and velvet belts that can complete your easy-breezy look. 

Colorful and affordable velvet accessories are easily available in the market and incorporate so much fun into your style. The best thing about velvet is that it can be easily contrasted and worn with other fabrics like cotton, silk, or any other material. Adding shiny-looking scarves and belts to your dresses can also enhance the grace of the dress and make you look more presentable.

  1. Velvet Bags 

Velvet bags, clutches, and wallets are never out of fashion. If you have a huge love for velvet but cannot bear it in the humid weather, add velvet bags or clutches to your look. Velvet handbags with long shiny metal chains and clutches were all over the runway this season.

The trend is not only for the cold weather places but also for the tropical regions with the summer season. The delicate and soft bags look amazing when paired with comfy skirts, jeans, and short dresses. While trying velvet bags, never hesitate to get bold statement pieces, as they are worth a try. 

  1. Velvet Shoes

Plenty of velvet shoe ideas like velvet heels, loafers, and flats look absolutely wonderful during any season. No doubt that velvet boots are perfect for the fall season. A great pair of velvet shoes can help you achieve a luxe look. However, velvet shoes can look great in summer too. 

For a casual look, you can pair light-colored velvet slides with your outfit to make it look cool, and for a more formal look, you can wear open velvet block heels. These velvet heels and shoes are easy to wear and work perfectly for spring or summer outfits. 

Find The Perfect Velvet Products

There are various brands in European and American countries that offer a variety of velvet products. However, in Asian countries, like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, finding a good store that offers velvet products throughout the year is difficult.

But if you are wondering where to buy comfortable velvet shoes and cute accessories to attain a beautiful trendy look, don’t worry. We have highlighted the best shopping stores for the perfect velvet products. My Ballerine and Milliot and Co. have the ideal velvet shoes and accessories ranges for their customers. 

Here’s a quick look at both brands.

My Ballerine

My ballerine is a brand focused on creating the best quality footwear for women and aims to deliver high satisfaction at fair prices. The brand has come a long way with its remarkable designs and exceptional quality, making it one of the best choices for women.

They offer a wide range of shoes made of fine materials, including velvet, and high-quality bags, wallets, and apparel suitable for every occasion. So if you want to add more classy products to your velvet vanity, My Ballerine is the best option.

Milliot and Co. 

Milliot and Co. is a brand based in Asia and has achieved heights of success because of its unique products and customer service. If you are searching for any kind of footwear, whether it is active wear or formal wear, just head to this brand.

Keeping in mind the needs and demands of everyday trends, this brand has launched numerous fashionable and affordable collections of footwear, bags, and accessories. In addition to these products, Milliot and Co. also offer a range of home products like bed linens and mats. And cushions etc.

As we have all witnessed that buying a good quality product has become extremely expensive for customers; therefore, Milliot and Co. has targeted this need of customers and built the bridge towards high-quality products at affordable prices. No matter what style, size, or design you are looking for, this brand will cater to all your needs and deliver maximum satisfaction. 

Atome’s fashion partners

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