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by Starry

Sep 10 2021

Ted Baker is a lifestyle brand that provides women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ wear, different types of accessories, and cosmetics to its customers. Focusing on the details and quality of the product, it provides products different from the normal ones. The brand’s approach towards fashion and style is unique, making our products best for style-conscious women and men. Our customers trust us to deliver products that are unique in a way.

By collaborating with ATOME it has made it easy for its customers to buy its products and other accessories. The products which we are offering include dresses of different styles, bedsheets, wallpapers, etc. Therefore, you can get any product you desire from our store at a reasonable price with a ‘Buy now and Pay later’ policy.


Are you tired of your same boring bedsheets? Ted offers a new range of bed linen. It has soft finishes with a statement print. In addition to this, our luxury bed sheets provide a stylish look. The colors of our bed sheets are quite eye-catching. We have a pomegranate double quilt set for making the bed comfortable.

One of the most important items is the deca king quilt providing a lighter quilt for your room. The most ordered bed sheet item is the rhapsody double quilt. It is pinkish and may give a brighter look to your bedroom. The prices of our items are also very reasonable, providing customer satisfaction.


Are you looking for wallpaper to decorate your room and change its look? TED baker provides you with the best variety of wallpapers. Wallpaper completely changes the look of your room. Whether you want to give your room a floral look or an aesthetic one, we provide all kinds of products for you. We provide incredibly lively wallpaper designs for you that will completely change the look of the room.

You can get a beautiful background to display your photographs, artwork, and decoration items. One of our unique items includes the natural scenery wallpaper. It will take you to distant lands from your home. We have added detailed coloring to this wallpaper. Its vibrant colors will add life to your room, and you will be in love with your room look.

We also provide some dark tone color for your wallpaper with color details. This provides a relaxing feeling along with a contemporary edge. Similarly, one of the most recommended wallpaper is the Horizwi horizon wallpaper. This ivory-colored wallpaper, when used in a room, will give space for a subtle pop. It can go with any type of interior style and will give your room an appealing look.


Handbags and purses greatly define your personality. It not only provides an area for keeping things but also is used as a style statement. Whether you are looking for a classic bag style or an on-trend hang bag, we are sure that you will love our designer collection. You can go for any practical, stylish handbag from our collection that completely fits your style and personality.

Whether you want to buy a bag and suitcase for traveling or just looking for a stylish clutch, you can visit our store online. It is important to keep your cards safe and secure in a small bag that is stylish enough to carry but convenient to hold. In addition to this, we also offer a variety of wallets and purses that include a variety from pastel-colored purses to floral printed wallets.


Our team believes that wardrobe is not completed without the selection of elegant and stylish accessories. Ranging from pretty printed purses to embellished gems, our beautiful collection will complete your stylish look.

Our accessories items offer different stylish shoes that can go with any formal or informal dress. We offer a variety of colors in our collection that can go perfectly with your dress. You can get stylish modern and girly dresses from our collection. Therefore, buy your desired products now with us.

Kid’s corner:

Children are growing quickly. Ted baker works to be with them in their every single step. Our collection ranges from new arrivals of baby sleepsuits to kids’ casual wear. We also provide designer dresses for girls, including leggings and pretty printed dresses.

There is a completely separate section for different-aged kids to purchase a dress for your kid, making it convenient for you. You can get dressing gowns, dresses as well as from our collection.

Stationery items:

Ted baker provides a huge collection of stationery items. Our stylish stationery collection consists of notebooks, amazing gift sets, and sleek pens. Our stationery sets are perfect to gift someone this season. We even provide water bottles made up of steel that are easy to carry. Its steel material being an insulator prevents the entry or loss of heat.

Our Elia pencil sets are a perfect duo for any pencil case. We provide elegant pen and pencil inside a stylish ted box perfect for gifting someone or adding into your collection.

Pillow puffers: 

Our playful and squishy pillow puffers will be a perfect addition to your collection. Our makers have manufactured them from recyclable materials. Our makers have used less amount of water and energy to make them, but it doesn’t affect the style and quality of our products.

We provide low-impact and high-quality products which are made in a plastic-free way. And we give new life to our pre-loved products and ensure 100% sustainability.

Why buy with ATOME?

Whether you are looking for stylish dresses, bags, stationery items, or gift items, Ted baker will provide you with products you are looking for at a reasonable price. Atome provides a payment facility in a way that your price will be broken down into three installments. When purchasing from, do not worry about the payment. Just buy your desired product now and pay its price in installments.

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