Must-have Items for Cold Climate Travel

by jiatongma

Dec 12 2022

Living in Malaysia really makes us rather ecstatic for a winter holiday. With our country being rather balmy and humid all year round, who wouldn’t wish to experience the cold weather and yearn for a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows beside a crackling fire. With Christmas just around the corner, there is no better time to jet off to some new and exciting snowy destination for a much-needed winter vacation.

As natives to a much warmer climate, it is important to note that frolicking in the snow requires quite a bit more preparation than usual, which is why we need to brace ourselves for legitimate cold- and were not just talking about slightly ‘colder’ temperatures or some gusty winds here, but actually difficult weather conditions like rain and heavy snowfall too. Winters vary in different parts of the world, and even the most picturesque winter wonderlands may likely be harsher than what you would expect.

That is why it is imperative to put together the perfect wardrobe for a dream winter vacation. But don’t fret on the details, we can help you out with that. Dispel all doubts and fears with these six winter travel essentials and you would be all set to brave the cold and enjoy your getaway!

  1. Down Jacket

A puffer jacket or windbreaker jacket would be your first line of defense against the icy winds and biting cold. Puffers make the best insulators, as it can protect you effectively against the harsh cold- so if you are planning on going to places that snow a lot, it would be better to opt for a puffer or windbreaker that is waterproof so you would not end up getting soaked. Getting struck down by a common cold from ill preparations will definitely put a damper on your whole getaway.

With that in mind, you should also opt for a jacket with a detachable hood, preferably one that is lined with an insulating material like faux fur or synthetic wool, as it helps to protect your head from the cold. Also, a detachable hood makes it much easier to pack the jacket into your luggage!

  1. Medicine

Travelling is always tiring, particularly by plane, hence you can never be too prepared when it comes to having some medicine on hand. It is important to note that there may be all sorts of ailments that can possibly ambush you during your winter holidays, so make sure you’re ready for all of them!

A common ailment that people tend to face during the winter is the flu or coughing fit brought on by the dry air. A regular, over the counter cough syrup, flu medicine, or lozenges will likely be all that you would need in that situation. Cough syrups now come in travel sachets as well, so be sure to put them in a durable ziplock bag to make it easier to carry around. Whenever you start to feel the tell tale sign of a throat tickle, just whip them out for some instant relief.

In addition, if you are planning on trying some esoteric winter sports during your getaway, it will be good to bring along some medication for pain relief as well, in case your fun activities lead to some body aches- it’s quite common for the cold weather to sometimes exacerbate light aches, so truly, it is better safe than sorry! Especially when it comes to your health.

  1. Lip balm

One of the key things we tropical climate dwellers tend to overlook is a good lip balm. You most definitely need to have one on hand in the chilly weather, as winters are known to be notoriously dry due to the low humidity. Moreover, long exposure to the harsh winter elements would cause some cracked, chapped lips that would be a pain to deal with throughout your holiday.

A proper lip balm or lip treatment is something both women AND men would need in order to restore some much-needed moisture. So fellas, don’t overlook this vital item! Also, from personal experience, you should definitely buy a few for your trip, lest you lose them- the chances of you misplacing it during fun activities or it getting lost in the bottom of your bag is much, much higher than coming across a real-life abominable snowman.

  1. Heat pack

While some of us are more resistant to cold than others, not every Malaysian would be able to stand the harsh winter, as it is something we do not naturally experience in our climate- and no, the lowest temperature on your aircon remote does not count!

If you are the type of person that easily feels a chill in your bones when the temperature drops, then you most definitely need to bring a couple of heat packs with you in order to keep you warm when you are out and about. Heat packs nowadays are much more versatile, as they don’t just come in different sizes- there are also multiple varieties as well. For example, some heat packs also come with straps, some are single use self adhesive pads that make it much easier to stick inside your clothes, over or under your layers, and even slip in your pockets for warmth on the go. Heat packs may seem small and insignificant, but truly they are the most effective things to have on hand when dealing with chilly weather.

  1. Moisturizers

While it may be nice to take a break from our sunny weather and scorching sun, it is important to remember that the extreme cold can lead to our skin being dried up of our natural moisture- that is why you should definitely be packing some creams and lotions for your face and body in order to keep your skin adequately hydrated. Dry skin can make you look less vibrant, hence why you need to moisturize! It would be a downright travesty to come back from a fun holiday looking more tired than before.

  1. Layers, layers, layers

A fan of layering your outfit? Then you’ll be right at home with this next tip- in harsh winter conditions where temperature can drop lower than 5 0℃, you would want to be wearing the right amount of layers- the first (base layer) should be a light and long-sleeved, regardless of how frigid the temperature may be. The second layer (mid layer) should be made of either wool, polyester- a blend of both would be fine too. The third layer would be a jacket (with or without a hood) and the final layer is the important outer shell that we have highlighted at the top of the list- a puffer or windbreaker!

A few more essential items in your clothing list should be some thermal underwear, thick socks, insulated gloves, scarves, and a pair of sensible, waterproof boots. Beanies are a must too, even if you have a hooded jacket, as it adds another layer of much needed warmth and protection to your head, as well as being a fun way to perk up your winter get up.

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