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Penulis Starry

Sep 22 2021

Mid-autumn festival is a traditional festival which is also known as mooncake festival or moon festival. Southeast Asian or eastern people celebrate it. After the Chinese New Year, it is the second most important festival. It has a history of nearly 3000 years when the ruler of China worshipped the moon due to its abundant harvests.

When is the mid-autumn festival held?

The Chinese mid-autumn festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. Chinese people believe that the moon appears in full size on this day and is brighter than other days, indicating the harvest time in the middle of autumn.

This mid-autumn festival indicates three important concepts like thanksgivings, gathering, praying that are pretty interrelated.

The mid-autumn moon festival 2021 falls on September 2021, which is Tuesday. Chinese people get a three-day holiday that will be from 19 September to 21 September.

This mid-autumn festival is also celebrated by people living in other countries. It is considered a reunion time for friends and family. People worship the moon, gathers for dinners, lighten the lanterns, eat moon cakes, etc.

The Chinese mid-autumn festival is celebrated in several traditional ways. Firstly, people enjoy the most exceptional food, which represents the mid-autumn festival, i.e., mooncake.

The cake is famous for its sweet flavor and round shape. Family and friends celebrate their reunion by cutting the mooncake and share its sweet taste. Nowadays, they are available in other forms also, e.g., heart-shaped, square, round, etc., this makes them more enjoyable and attractive for the customers. At these festivals, the day’s large mooncakes are displayed in some shopping malls to attract customers.

People make the mid-autumn festival more colorful by lightening the lanterns. These lanterns are available in many shapes, which can also resemble flowers, plants, or animals. They are hung in houses or on trees giving an attractive appearance.

People love to write a good greeting on these lanterns for harvest, health, love, marriage, etc. In some countries, people light these lanterns and make them fly high or float them on the river indicating their prayer of a dream coming true.

People also celebrate the festival by distributing mid-autumn festival greeting cards to their friends and family. Many platforms provide you an opportunity to create these cards online also. You can easily design your card with beautiful greeting messages on it. Mid-Autumn festival greeting card is the perfect app that celebrates this occasion with you by providing beautiful cards for the festival. You have to open the e-card app, look for the greeting cards you like, and download them. Then you can share them with your loved ones.

These mid-autumn festival greeting cards contain the following things:

  • Background information and history of the festival
  • It also provides colorful photo frames so that you can give photo effects
  • The card has beautiful sayings and greetings for your family and friends

Mid-autumn festival gifts:

This festival holds great value for Chinese people. They love to celebrate the event by giving mid-autumn festival gifts to each other.

The most popular must-give gift is the famous mooncake. A box of delicious mooncakes is enough to gift to your loved ones. If you are having difficulty deciding what to give for the event, it is the perfect choice for you that will be loved and appreciated. The classic mooncakes are available in several flavors, including lotus seed paste, red bean paste, roast pork, and five kernels. There are also some other flavors that you can select: green tea, chocolate, and ice cream.

People also love to gift hairy crab for the festival. It is considered as most delicious food that can give to their family and friends. Autumn is the best season to try some hairy crab; hence it is also one of the top choices for the occasion. Hairy crab is a traditional family meal. This dish’s nutritious value, tender meat, and delicious taste add delicacy to this mid-autumn festival gift. You can order this dish online and deliver it to your friends and family.

People also give fruit baskets to give as a gift. The mid-autumn fruits are grapefruits, grapes, pear, and pomegranates. These fruits are ripe in autumn, and they also have a good omen. For instance, it is believed that if you eat a pear at the mid-autumn festival, then the family will stay connected. Chinese people have thought that eating seasonal fruit will make provide you good health. Hence gifting a basket full of seasonal fruits can be a good choice for a mid-autumn festival gift.

Oil and rice are mainly used ingredients in Chinese people’s lives. People love to maintain a healthy lifestyle by focusing on the quality of the ingredients. Hence organic rice and oil can be given as gifts for the mid-autumn festival.

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