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Jan 25 2022

These days, we are able to see a lot of hype that surrounds the French pharmacy brands. The main reason for the success of these brands is the diverse French beauty aesthetic as compared to the typical stereotypes, and there is always something about the French skincare brands that people automatically trust. Like many other brands, L’Occitane is among the top brands offering the best Christmas gift boxes and wide skincare and body range. Giving gifts has become a ritual for many people to express their care for someone, especially when Christmas. Therefore, a smile and a meaningful Christmas gift Malaysia can surely serve them in their day to make them feel good in their body and skin. L’Occitane comes with the perfect Christmas gift sets as these gift sets embody well-being and self-care.

How does L’Occitane bring the best products for the customers?

L’Occitane is a very popular international of body, face, home products, and fragrances. It was founded in 1976, and since then, it has been experiencing very steady and consistent growth for the past many years and has successfully achieved international recognition. Although the first L’Occitant boutique was established in Volx, today, it has more than 2,000 locations all over the world. It comes with more all the naturally based ingredients, while their Christmas gift boxes can set some of the strongest values compared to cost with other famous brands out there in the market.

What makes the L’Occitane Christmas gift boxes stand out?

It is worth mentioning that authenticity, attention to detail, and care can easily be seen in their products. There is no doubt that L’Occitane has several commitments to the planet and all of these are at the core of whatever they do.

  • They support the producers

If you wish to buy a Merry Christmas gift for your loved ones, you will notice that L’Occitane cares for the environment and the people. This is the main reason why they are committed to forming a fair and close relationship with all the producers.

  • They reduce waste

L’Occitane is concerned about the plastic pollution impact, and therefore, it uses recycled plastic in packaging and offers recycling services in a number of stores. Many of their best-sellers even have the eco-refill editions that have saved quite a bit of plastic in the past few years.

  • They celebrate craftsmanship

When you plan to buy a Christmas gift Malaysia at L’Occitane, you will notice that all their products are completely focused on tradition and authenticity, and this is the reason why they are completely dedicated to local craftsmanship. They take services from the local artisans and showcase their work through the products.

  • They empower women

Shea butter is the only main ingredient at L’Occitane that is not grown in France, but it is grown in Africa. The main reason is to empower and support the local female producers. They help women gain literary skills, independence, and entrepreneurship abilities through the empowering process.

What are the best L’Occitane Christmas gift boxes?

Christmas is surely a time for indulgence and a little bit of your own time. The days begin to go slower, and you can help your loved ones with Christmas gift sets that are specially designed to pamper the Christmas season. The entire Christmas gift set Malaysia range is wrapped up in the stunning signature gift boxes by L’Occitane.

  • L’Occitane Almond Body Care Collection

A little indulgence can never hurt anybody, and the utterly addictive and deliciously scented body care set can be the perfect Merry Christmas gift for someone special. This must-have set can firm and soothe your skin and has several luxurious body treatments and scents. The idea of the Almond Boy Care Collection is to get you ready for a festive season. This one is among the best Christmas gift boxes that include Almond Milk Concentrate, Almond Shower Oil, and Almond Delicious Hands collected in their signature gift box to give you an extra touch of luxury.

  • L’Occitane Shea Winter Walk Collection

The natural moisture barriers of our skin become compromised in winter because of the freezing weather. Other reasons can be air conditioners, dry air due to heaters, and little sunlight. Therefore, it is important to protect your skin and offer it a helping hand through a beautiful gift set by L’Occitane that can be the ideal Christmas gift set Malaysia by giving the warmth and a scented touch. Their Shea Winter Walk Collection is surely one of the finest boxes that contain fig’s aromatic scent and includes Shea Winter Walk Shower Cream, hand cream, body cream, and comforting soap. All of this is wrapped in the signature gift box by L’Occitane that can be the real Christmas gift set for the ones you care about.

  • Verbena Luxury Collection

Skincare routine offers people a chance to give themselves a little self-care and a fresh boost of energy in winter. The L’Occitane Verbena Collection is known for reviving all the qualities of the refreshing leafy plant, and this makes it the top Christmas gift Malaysia. The citrus scent found in the Verbena essential oils can revitalize and energize the body while also calming and balancing the mind. This way, you can kickstart your day in this season and boost your mind with Verbena shower gel, EDT, hand cream, and much more in the signature gift box that can be one of the finest Christmas gift sets looking gorgeous under the tree.

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