Surprise the Ones You Love with a Balloon Bouquet Box from Amaranthine Rose

Penulis Mavis

Nov 18 2021

Roses are known to be the most beautiful flowers in the world, and they are primarily used as Valentines gifts. These are versatile flowers and are considered flowers and are perfect for a number of occasions. People are also aware of the downfalls of the roses, especially if they gift freshly cut roses. But now, there is a fantastic alternative to the freshly cut roses known as the preserved roses, and these flowers come with benefits that many people don’t know about. Amaranthine Rose is quickly becoming one of the leading luxury flower brands that are specialized in preserved roses. Whether it is a balloon bouquet box or blue rose, Amaranthine Rose has revolutionized their customers’ online gift buying experience by fusing the custom tradition of sending roses with some excellent preservation techniques to create a floral masterpiece in order to make a long-lasting experience.

How are preserved flowers different from dried flowers?

Preserving the roses is entirely different than drying them. When a flower is dried, it is hung upside down for many days to dehydrate the bloom and the stem. Therefore, the roses dry after a few days or weeks. As a result, you get a bouquet that is easily breakable and lacks vibrant colors.

When we look at how much the preserved and the dried roses last, there can be quite a big difference. The air-dried flowers get dehydrated and cannot last long, so they can lose their petals and break easily. If you keep them in a safe place, only then can they last for a few months.

On the other hand, the preserved roses from Amaranthine Rose can be enjoyed for a long time. A balloon bouquet box of preserved roses can be one of the best gifts for boyfriend. These can last for about one to three years, and if you plan to store the gift box in a sealed enclosure, then these will last for a much longer time.

The preserved luxury roses can be used for a lot more than just sitting in a vase. Your balloon bouquet box can be great for floral art, home décor, and different craft projects that incorporate the floral arrangements. If you are looking for the best way to commemorate an event, then the preserved rose Malaysia can be the best option for you.

What are the benefits of preserved roses?

  • These are not artificial

The majority of people, when thinking of the preserved roses, ‘artificial’ is the first word that comes into their minds. Preserved roses are natural and are cut at their peak by applying a plant-based preservation liquid. Because of this preservation process, the roses are able to maintain their beauty. You will also see these preserved rose Malaysia retaining their feel of fresh-cut roses, while the petals also remain soft and supple.

  • Preserved roses need little maintenance

With fresh roses or any other flowers, you need to fill the vase with water regularly in order to keep the roses fresh and healthy. And still, after a few days, the bud starts to wilt, and the petals fall off. On the other hand, you don’t need to place the flowers in the vase with preserved roses. All you need to do is to keep the preserved roses in a gorgeous box like the balloon bouquet box away from the sunlight.

  • Preserved roses can last for a long time

A fresh-cut flower may last for a few days, which is never a long time. In the case of a preserved rose gift box, it can last up to a year and even longer than that, which means that you can easily enjoy the extended period of time. Therefore, a gift box of preserved roses can be ideal and a continuous reminder of your thoughtfulness.

  • One can find preserved roses in a variety of colors

There are numerous people who think that the preserved roses are limited only to the red, white, and pink colors, but in reality, the preserved roses can be found in an unbelievable color pallet. When buying Valentines gifts or gifts for boyfriend, you have the option of choosing from the traditional colors as well as some unique colors like black, tiffany blue, or gold. You will also find the hues to be absolutely stunning.

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