Let 88 Pets Mart Tell You How to Dry Wash Your Dog to Avoid Splashing 

by jiatongma

Aug 15 2022

88 Pets Mart offers a range of dry shampoos to give your dog a quick bath. Have you ever wanted to give your dog a thorough wash but cannot find the time to lather, scrub, and dry? Or maybe your pet despises baths, and you need an alternative for days when you don’t have the energy to chase them around? Dry shampoo is the answer to your problem. 

All you need to do is apply the dry powder to your dog’s coat and thoroughly brush it in. The dry shampoo effectively removes smell, debris, dirt, sebum, poo stains, and eye discharge. It does just as good a job of cleaning as a regular shampoo. You will have a non-greasy, fluffy, and clean dog in a short period of time. 

There are several brands that produce waterless shampoos, and you will find the best ones at 88 Pets Mart. Read along to learn everything there is on the subject. 

How to dry wash your dog? 

  • Begin with de-tangling your pet’s fur from head to tail. Make sure to undo every knot so that the product can reach all the way to the roots. 
  • Take the dry formula and apply it to your dog’s fur, making sure that it does not get into their eyes, nose, and mouth. The most effective method of application is to create sections and rub the product into them, one by one. This way, no part would be spared. 
  • The next step requires you to ensure that the dry shampoo evenly coats all of your dog’s fur, right down to the roots and skin. This can be done by thoroughly massaging it in with your fingers. A dog with a double coat will need you to put in extra work. On the contrary, you can use a slicker brush. Grip the coat in one hand and brush forward with the other one. 
  • Leave the dry shampoo in for a couple of minutes, depending on the instructions and how dirty your dog is, then brush the coat one final time. This will remove all the excess product along with the dirt and grease.

Is dry shampoo suitable for your dog?

If you are not sure about how often to bathe your dog with dry shampoo and if there are any cons, rest assured because we are here to break everything down for you. As we all know, everything is good in moderation, and so is the case for waterless shampoos. As long as you know the dos and don’ts, there is nothing to worry about.

Do not resort to permanent use

Dry shampoos work by absorbing oil, trapping dirt, and counteracting odor to make your dog’s fur feel fresh and clean. But it doesn’t go anywhere. Yes, combing helps remove the product partially, but most of it stays within the fur coat. So you can imagine the disadvantages of long-term use without alternative baths. Excessive use can obstruct pores and sebaceous glands, inhibiting the production of sebum, which can lead to skin problems and an increased risk of infections since sebum offers protection against germs.

Be mindful of microorganisms

Unlike soap and water, dry shampoo does not have potent antimicrobial properties, i.e., it can only get rid of a few germs, at best. You can imagine how harmful that could be for your pet if left unattended. Waterless shampoo washes should be alternated with traditional baths to kill dangerous bacteria and prevent buildup.

Avoid dangerous ingredients

The market is brimming with various dry shampoos, each one having a different formulation. A lot of products are made using hazardous chemicals that might cause severe and lasting harm. Always go for the ones made with organic ingredients to keep your pets safe.

Be wary of the ones that claim to stop oil production

Oil or sebum produced by the sebaceous glands serves a lot of crucial purposes. It keeps your dog’s fur and skin healthy, offers protection against microorganisms, prevents dryness, etc. The ones that stop oil production do so by blocking pores and glands, a factor that can lead to complicated skin conditions and other ailments. 

Is there an ingredient list?

Steer clear of shampoos or any other product that have not stated the ingredients used in the formula. You never know what nasty stuff is being sold to you. 

Dry wash products at 88 Pets Mart

88 Pets Mart has been taking care of your pets since 1985. It provides premium pet care products and services for cats, dogs, fish, and other small animals. They have Hotels, Day Care, Grooming, Spa, Swimming Pool, Pet Photography, and Birthday Parties. 

When it comes to dry baths, you can get all the essentials from 88 Pets Mart. 

Bioline Dry Clean Shampoo 

This dry shampoo gently cleans your pet’s coat without having to use water. It also works to eliminate foul odors, no matter how pungent. You get a groomed coat without putting in a lot of time or energy. The Bioline Dry Clean Shampoo is suitable for dogs, cats, and other small animals. The best part is that it is made for frequent use and is entirely safe.

88 Pets Mart near you

If your dog despises baths, place an order for the best dry shampoo on 88 Pets Mart website or visit their store.

PJ – Sunway Mas Commercial Center

20, Jalan PJU 1/3d, Sunway Mas Commercial Center, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Selangor, 47301

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We all have immense love for our pets and want nothing short of the best for them. Trust me; it does not get better than 88 Pets Mart. This brand is home to incredible products and services for your furry little friends. Make sure to get your dog’s dry shampoo from them, as they only have authentic products.

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