Highlight the hottest Air Jordan 4 sneakers from all-time release

by Starry

Feb 15 2022

Air Jordan never loses its place on the list for the hottest sneakers of the year. There is no question of authenticity when talking about Air Jordan 4 sneakers at Novelship. While the Jordan 4 have been a trend in basketball, they are great to otherwise style with your sporty outfits too.

So, let’s dive further into the article to explore the greatest of all-time Jordan 4 from the releases over the past years.

The Top Air Jordan 4 sneakers at Novelshop


Talking about the most significant release of the year 2022 that has just started, we can’t help but highlight the “Red Thunder.” The red and black sneakers are the design followed by the AJ4 release in 2006 and later in 2012. There is something special about a design that is loved to keep repeating over the years. The Red Thunder replaces the crimson, yellow and white color of the previous shoes it takes inspiration from. The shoes feature simply astonishing black covers, the nubuck upper, as well as the tongue, laces, and heel counters. Color hits under netting, eye stays, and inside tongues give the sneaker a Chicago Bulls-inspired look that couldn’t be better achieved.


Are the Air Jordan 4 retro sneakers the best for those who like to keep it simple while also extraordinary? But how is that possible, you must be thinking. Well, here is how. Just by the look of the Jordan 4 sneakers, it is evident how the design promises comfort and class. The “Black Cat” consists of all blacked design, but Eminem, associated with it, also wears it, increasing its high value. However, you can notice the branding on the sneakers in a neat way, i.e., on the tongue tag in grey color.


The Jordan 4 shoes are followed by the celebrity collection from 2020. The upper material is Denim and can be designed to give a patchwork-like effect. The sneakers “Sashiko” come from the Japanese idea of “Sashiko Stitching.” Now you can figure out what the theme of this sneaker is. Interesting, isn’t it?. Another great idea the Jordan 4 sneakers giveaway is to reuse the repairable clothes and stitch them into something useful. Red accents break up deep Ocean and Sail on the tongue and the visible Air Jordan unit on the shoe.


This sneaker results from a French football club’s collaboration with Air Jordan. The multi-toned sneakers feature color blocking with black wings and Bordeaux details on both sides. On the front eyelet, you can see a small black tab that says “Paname,” a slang word for the capital of France.

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Ending Thoughts

Novelship is an all-in-one store that has the best collection of Air Jordan 4 sneakers you are looking for, coupled with a quick and easy shipment. And last but not least, the convenient payment methods provided by Atome. So what is the wait for when you got all in one place?

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