Hiking – An Outdoor Sport That Energizes Your Mind And Body

by jiatongma

Aug 15 2022

Hiking is a sport that mostly everyone is familiar with. With each passing year, this sport is becoming more and more popular. As mainstream lives are turning more mechanical and dynamic, seeking refuge in the wilderness every now and then can be a great option. This article will explore why hiking is a favorite pastime for many people and how you can prepare for one.

Factors that contribute to the popularity of hiking

Different people may have various reasons for hiking. Here are a few prominent theories that contribute to its popularity.

  1. Cultural shift

Lately, a major cultural shift initiated by newer generations like the millennials and gen Z has been observed. These people cherish experiences over material things. And since their routine lives are flooded with automation, and AI-generated solutions, returning to nature is their way of connecting with their roots. 

Hiking serves as a reminder of all the wonders nature has to hold. The newer generation craves the wilderness because it offers something that doesn’t exist in the usual routines. The outdoors brings a sense of being grounded and part of something grander. Hiking is a great way to “unplug” from mobile phones, computers, and other technology-driven devices.

  1. The impact of social media

Another leading factor that encourages the modern generation is the influence of social media. Whenever someone does something extraordinary and noteworthy, they share it online. The same applies to hiking. This has contributed to the growing awareness of outdoor recreation and the beautiful lands ready to be explored.

When you see other people posting their hiking stories, the fear of missing out can motivate you to do the same. Moreover, social media influencers have played a significant role in introducing the masses to the beauty of nature and promoting the exciting adventures of hiking.

  1. Advertising

Another reason hiking has gained traction is the outdoor advertisements that bring awareness to a worthy location. Countries seeking to boost tourism often advertise picturesque spots that people would enjoy visiting. While promoting scenic beauty, they also encourage outdoor activities such as hiking so you can explore the wilderness. When people look at these advertisements on billboards, subway ads, and TV commercials, they become curious enough to check out the mentioned trails for themselves.

Why hiking is good for you

Many people favor hiking because of its beneficial qualities. Besides being a great way to relax, hiking is a form of exercise with several health benefits. Usually, exercises are exhausting and might take a long time to show results. But the sight of mountain peaks or stunning canyons provides instant reward.

Massive calorie burn

Hiking helps with muscle toning and improves cardiovascular health, but a major advantage is the massive calorie burn you can achieve with hours of hiking. If you combine that with a proper diet, you’ll see gradual weight loss quickly.

As your body loses extra weight, slow-twitch muscle fibers start developing, giving you a toned and chiseled appearance.

Mental health improvement

Like any exercise, hiking improves mental health by lowering stress levels. A study conducted at Stanford University showed that walking in nature can reduce your risk of depression. Moreover, hiking also boosts creativity in people. For example, when you are stuck somewhere and desperately need some inspiration, nature’s beauty always acts as a catalyst.

Hiking gets your blood flowing, improves your mood, and ultimately makes you feel happy. While that is true for all exercises, hiking is unique because it provides gratification through discovery and exploration.

Exploration and independence

Hiking is a form of exploration that opens you up to new adventures. While others may have trekked on the same trails before you, the experience of discovering new things is unparalleled. Imagine finding a waterfall while hiking across an unfamiliar trail. Outdoor recreational activities re-introduce you to wonder and excitement– feelings that are often lost as you get busy in life.

This sport also gives you a feeling of independence. When hiking along a trail, you feel more in control and confident to make things happen. The overall experience assures you that you can be fine on your own even if you’re not constantly connected to the rest of the world. 

Best spots for hiking in Malaysia

Hiking in Malaysia is the perfect way to take a break from the country’s busy life and connect with nature’s wonders’ sights, sounds, and sensations. The exotic sea-meets-jungle terrain of the country is best viewed from the top of its forest-clad mountains. If you want the full benefits of outdoor recreational activities, here are the top hiking spots in Malaysia.

  • Bukit Gasing hiking trail
  • Rawang Bypass hiking trailhead
  • Broga Hill biking trail
  • Mt Kinabalu
  • Penang Hill
  • Bukit Beruang
  • Gunung Tahan
  • Bukit Larut
  • The Pinnacles
  • Panorama Hill
  • Tawau Hills Park
  • Batu Punggol

Things to consider before planning a hike

Hiking can be fun, but things can quickly go southward if you’re unprepared. Following are a few things that you should consider when planning to go on a hike.

  1. Find hiking buddies

Hiking in groups is always more fun than going solo. So, if you have people who share the same passions as you, discovering new adventures together can be gratifying. In addition to the fun element, safety is another important reason you should go in groups. However, limit the group to four hikers because the more, the merrier doesn’t apply here. If you want to explore on your own, that’s alright as long as you only do it on easier hikes.

  1. Research your trail options

Before heading out, it’s better to consider a few trail options and pick one that meets your group’s skill level. You can browse through a guidebook or check out trail websites, blogs, and park websites. You should know some basic information about the hike you choose. For example: How far is it? Is it easy? How much elevation gain is there? If you are just a beginner, start with easier hikers and build stamina for harder ones.

  1. Check trail conditions

Checking the trail conditions ahead of time is an exercise you shouldn’t ignore. Knowing what you’re up against is crucial, so you are fully prepared to tackle the situation. This improves your chances of remaining safe and completing the trail without returning mid-way.

  1. Make sure you have enough time

Many things can extend your hiking time, so it’s recommended to come prepared as such. Check how long it generally takes people to hike and add some buffer time. You should also keep track of the time the sun sets, so you’re not left on the trail after dark. Don’t forget to pack extra snacks as emergency food if the hike takes longer than expected.

  1. Read up on trail regulations

Many hiking spots have rules and regulations to preserve the natural environment and ensure every hiker has a positive experience. Therefore, you should check park websites to confirm whether you need a park pass, reservation, or permit. 

Hiking essentials

When planning a hiking trip, it is imperative to travel light, but there are a few essentials you must always carry. If you’re going in a group, you can divide these essentials between the members.

  • Headlamp
  • Food and water
  • Navigation aid such as map
  • Warm clothing
  • Emergency tent
  • First aid kit
  • Firestarter
  • Basic tools, including a knife
  • Sunblock
  • Communication device

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