Acoustic Guitars: What are they and Swee Lee’s range of acoustic guitars

by Starry

Jan 12 2022

What are acoustic guitars? A classical symphony, a jazz ensemble, or a punk rock song, all benefit from the guitar’s versatility. While the electric guitar may be used in various genres, its older relative, the acoustic guitar, offers the most adaptability.

Understanding the dynamics of an acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar features vibrating strings above a hollow compartment in the guitar’s body that generates melody. The oscillations travel through the air without the need for electrical intensification. A large percentage of acoustic guitars have six strings. The most ubiquitous version is a 12-string guitar, in which each acoustic guitar chord is doubled with another string of the same pitch, providing a rich choral impression. Acoustic guitars with twelve strings are only used explicitly for strumming chords and produce an enriched sound owing to the twelve chords in their design. Acoustic guitarists make sound with their fingertips as well as a pick. This changes according to the genre of music, the style of guitar utilized, and the person’s preferences. A lively, metallic sound characterizes acoustic guitars, and the acoustic guitar chords are to thank for that. The tone of a guitar changes based on the wood used in its construction, the acoustic guitar chords employed, whether the guitar is played with fingers or a pick, and how and where the strings are struck.

Fender acoustic guitars

Fender is a big fish in the market for acoustic guitars. Fender acoustic guitars are reasonably priced. The pricing range is excellent for beginners and intermediates. A Fender acoustic guitar’s smooth playability makes it ideal for learning, and the tone is appropriate for the price range. However, if you’re a professional, a Fender acoustic guitar may not live up to your expectations.

Swee Lee’s range of acoustic guitars- the best acoustic guitars in Malaysia

Swee Lee prides itself in its range of the best acoustic guitars in Malaysia. There are plenty of acoustic guitars to choose from, and you can find an acoustic guitar that vibes with you. Here are some (among many) acoustic guitars that you can buy from Swee Lee.

Takamine GD71CE Acoustic Guitar Natural TK-40D Preamp w/Bag, String, Strap, Capo & Picks

The GD71CE has everything you need to walk on stage and look perfect doing it, with a sturdy spruce top and black walnut back and sides producing a rich, realistic sound. The sleek mahogany neck and 12″-radius bound laurel fingerboard provide excellent touch and playability. The onboard Takamine TK-40D preamp system includes a built-in tuner, three-band EQ and gain-controls, a mid-contour switch, notch filter, and an EQ bypass switch for maximum versatility and audio quality.

Ibanez Artwood AW80CE-BLG Acoustic Guitar, Brown Ale Gradation

The Artwood line was designed to offer a classic and a contemporary acoustic guitar. In developing the Artwood line, we see the rich legacy of the acoustic guitar while incorporating new interpretations in our ongoing quest for the greatest in guitar tone.

Takamine GN93 Acoustic Guitar Natural w/Bag, String, Strap, Capo & Picks

The GN93 boasts a solid spruce top, black walnut/maple sides, and a beautiful three-piece black walnut/maple back for players looking for a comfortable yet full-sounding guitar with something extra unique. The slender mahogany neck and 12″-radius bound laurel fingerboard give excellent feeling and flexibility. In contrast, the laurel bridge’s split-saddle design delivers improved intonation for sweeter-sounding acoustic guitar chords and single-note runs.

Takamine ED5NC Acoustic Guitar Natural TP-4T Preamp w/Bag, String, Strap, Capo & Picks

Takamine ED5NC Acoustic Guitar is a line of entry-level models designed exclusively for Takamine Asia clients. Designed and produced precisely to Takamine acoustic guitar standards, the D-series combines exceptional quality and price ratio with a mahogany body shape, spruce top, and black walnut back and sides for a deep, powerful tone.

Swee Lee Malaysia – Making music matter.

Swee Lee began its journey in 1946 in Singapore when the culture of rock ‘n’ roll was taking the American territories by storm. Their initial effort into music was supplying the military with brass and woodwind instruments. Acoustic guitars and drums followed shortly after. It wasn’t long until their first store, located in the historic Capitol Theater, became host to recognized labels and local bands. Swee Lee is now associated with Southeast Asia’s musical and creative culture, as well as a committed partner for the world’s most prestigious businesses. When you go into any of their stores, you’ll be greeted by courteous personnel, an engaging atmosphere, and an unrivaled collection of instruments and lifestyle products. If you’ve found the best acoustic guitar for yourself, place an order now!

Atome’s partnership with Swee Lee

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Acoustic guitars may sound and look old school, but they’re still pretty common nowadays. Musicians worldwide play with acoustic guitar chords to come up with powerful melodies that breathe life into the audience. Moreover, with Swee Lee at your disposal, you can now purchase the best acoustic guitar. Don’t want to make the whole payment at once, split your bill using Atome!

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