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by jasmine

May 12 2022

Swee Lee’s journey dates back to 1946 when the creators of Swee Lee saw a growing world of rock and roll music in the USA and thought, why not adapt something of their own. Surprisingly enough, its initial order of business was supplying woodwind instruments and brass to the military. Drums and guitars soon followed suit. Soon after, Swee Lee’s first store in the Capitol Theatre became a retailer for renowned brands.

When you search for Swee Lee Malaysia stores, you will find Swee Lee Bangsar and Swee Lee Lot 10 in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from that, Swee Lee has stores in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

As Swee Lee kept growing, it expanded in every essence possible, from genres in music to diverse musical instruments. From pro-audio to recording equipment, music equipment, music academy to multi-concept social spaces, Swee Lee music kept evolving at a consistent pace to keep up with the ever-blooming music so that it could cater to anyone linked to music, musician and listener alike!

Our Fraternity

Today, Swee Lee is analogous to the music taste of Southeast Asia and is a trusted partner for the world’s best brands. It hosts more than 80 tech giants in the music industry and the world’s best brands, such as Fender, Martin, Taylor, PRS, Casio, Yamaha, and Bose, being one of them.

As a matter of fact, if you’re new to the music industry or just in the beginning of exploring it, you may even ask the experienced veterans and the odds are that they’ll recommend Swee Lee for genuine musical instruments without a second thought.

Rock n roll, and rock on with Swee Lee music!

Since Swee Lee is akin to all the music there is, it’s no surprise that it hosts the entire repertoire of musical instruments.


The common accessories include Amplifier accessories, band and orchestra accessories, Drum accessories, keyboard accessories, microphone, guitar, bass related accessories, and power supplies.

Amplifiers and Monitors

The amplifiers include acoustic, bass, electric guitar, drum, keyboard, monitors, and speakers.

Cases and Gigbags

When you’ve bought your musical instruments, obviously you’ll need something to carry them too, right? And owing to how brittle and fragile these instruments are, they need proper casing that’s shock absorbent while also convenient for the carrier. There are acoustic, electric, and bass guitar cases and bags, keyboard, pedal, pedalboard cases and gig bags, drum and percussion cases and bags, Ukulele cases and gig bags, and rack cases.

Cassettes and Vinyl Turntables

You may think cassettes and vinyl are old schools, but nothing looks classier than those vintage vinyl playing (or not playing) on a classy record playing, residing by the side table in your living room. For this purpose, Swee Lee has got cassettes, turntables, and vinyl purpose in their store too!

DJ Equipment

Whether you’re going to a party or throwing one, a DJ is a must. And even a DJ’s knee-jerk answer to where he’d get his equipment is definitely Swee Lee. We’ve got DJ controllers, DJ media players, DJ mixers, and monitor headphones.

Drums and Percussions

Drums are one of the sturdiest musical instruments, and it’s intuitive to think so; after all, they’re thrashed so frequently. So, it makes sense that drummers need to be careful about the quality of the drum they choose. In the turmoil of keeping a lookout for cymbals, shells, bass drum pedals, and thrones, there’s also a concern of counterfeits, which is why Swee Lee offers acoustic and electric drum kits, cymbals and Hi-hats, band and orchestra accessories, mallets, and sticks.


Coming forth to the main attraction, of course, the guitars. It may seem a menial and mundane task to shop for a guitar, but ask a guitarist, and he’ll tell you about a dozen things they check for before shopping for guitars. And as intricate as they are, choosing from so many options is a challenge in itself. Swee Lee guitars include acoustic, bass, classical, and electric guitars and ukuleles.

Swee Lee music

Keyboards and Pianos

Next up, there’s a section for keyboards, pianos, digital pianos, and keyboard pedals. A good example is the Yamaha piano.

Vocals and Microphones

Let’s think outside of music for a while. We’ve all been there for a gathering, meeting, or an assembly when the presenter would be on the mic, and suddenly these mics started acting up with a loud and irritating buzz of noise. While it’s normal to expect them to act up once in a while, imagine being a musician, and your mic won’t stop malfunctioning. The humiliation would be beyond measure; people may even walk out of the concert! Want the best Bluetooth speaker to enhance the listening experience? You’ve come to the right page!

That is where Swee Lee comes to the rescue. It has a diverse array of microphones that fit according to your demands as a customer; there are condenser, dynamic, and USB microphones.

Miscellaneous Products

Apart from the mainstream products, there are also miscellaneous products like mixers, portable PA systems, audio interfaces, monitors, speakers, etc. Most people are unaware, but Swee Lee also has a section for apparel, shoes, bags, books, and gifts!

Swee Lee Social Club Membership

Be a part of the Swee Lee family by joining the social club membership! Nestled within the heart of flagship stores, Swee Lee social clubs are cafes where you get served freshly brewed coffee and scrumptious food, surrounded by good music. So, it’s the perfect definition of a serene ambiance where you can sit back and relax and rejuvenate. So, whether you’ve had a tiring day at work or just need a time out, Swee Lee social clubs are your go-to places.

Swee Lee’s promotions, sales, and discounts

Shopping becomes a pleasurable and rewarding experience when using sales, promo codes, and discounts. You should be able to find Swee Lee promo codes when you search it online. But just in case, here’s a link to Swee Lee promo codes.

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If you haven’t made up your mind about buying the best range of musical instruments from Swee Lee, buy them now! The Rockstar in your deserves that!

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