The best Adidas Running Shoes to boost your runs

by Starry

Feb 15 2022

If you have made up your mind for a daily run at the city park, Adidas running shoes are the best choice to boost your run and motivation. Or in other cases, if you are a sportsperson, Adidas running shoes women and men are the best choice to enhance your sports form. We mean it when we say these shoes will boost your run because they are designed to return energy with their boost-cushioning midsole.

Adidas sales and widespread use of shoes speak for their high quality. And the best part? There are so many colors to pick from. But don’t worry. We made it easy for you by listing a few top shoes that you might like.

Have a look at the Best Adidas Running Shoes for your next run

We understand how confusing it gets when you have to decide from hundreds of shoes in front of you. We narrowed down your search by presenting you with the best Adidas shoes for women and men. Although they all are authentic, high quality and comfortable, you will not be limited in terms of choices and taste in designs. So, let’s get going with the list of Adidas running shoes malaysia:


If you are someone who wants to be noticed when you enter the place, then Bad Bunny is for you. Covered in beautiful pastel colors, the Adidas running shoes are attention-demanding yet decent. The theme of the Benito shoe articles takes inspiration from the 80’s basketball shoe designs aligned with the modern fashion sense


The light-colored Yeezy Boost Shoes result from Adidas X Kanye West Collaboration. The running shoes have a full length drop-in midsole, while the side of the shoes is made of premium leather and mesh underlayers to kickstart your run. The heels are detailed with layers that are also reflective with a perfect contrast of coral stripes in three.


Imagine a combination of three parties! What a treat, isn’t it? The best Adidas running shoes give away the feeling of a Disney character because of the prominent purple and teal color on the beige leather. The pattern blocking neatly separates the bright colors with loose-ended stitchings. The shoes come with a small and cute pouch that can also be detached with a zipper. They can be best utilized for adventure and running to complement your trips with the bunch of energy they have to give you. Also, the pair is the latest drop from the November 2021 season, falling under the best Adidas running shoes women and men category.


These duo color Adidas running shoes are a drop from the Pharrell X Adidas collab collection. As mentioned above, they boost your run as they come with a midsole of full-length boost and prime knit upper. To enhance the minimal look, they wrap around laces in white, introducing a new design to the running shoes. To make it clear, you can see a “Human Race” in big letters at the front top of the shoes.

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