4 Best skincare brands worth trying out

by Starry

Mar 14 2022

Skincare products have always been of great importance for women. However, in recent times men have made out the importance of keeping care of their skin. Therefore, there has been an increased demand for skincare products.

Skincare products are something that is to be bought with special care. It is important because purchasing and using inappropriate or harmful products on your skin can have adverse effects. It can cause damage to your skin for extended periods depending upon the number of harmful reactants used in the mixture.

Numerous Malaysian skincare brands are highly reliable. Therefore, it is paramount that you make the best choice to take care of your skin. We will guide you through the top skincare brands in Malaysia, their products, benefits, and much more.

Here are the top skincare brands in Malaysia

Skincare brands are often a regular visit for many people in this day and age where masses have understood the importance of self-care and maintenance. We will list down the best skincare brands in Malaysia that are worthy of your notice. These choices are primarily made on the merits of effectiveness, safety, and results.


Fresh started its journey as a skincare outfit in 1991 in Boston. Since then, it has come a long way in establishing itself as a pioneer of Malaysian skincare brands. Fresh offers top-notch beauty products made out of blends of natural ingredients, longing rituals, techniques, and modern science.

Fresh has a wide variety of items that it puts out for its customers. The brand is committed to serving a bigger audience and finding more solutions to skin issues. The Fresh products have helped customers deal with various issues like skin inflammation, infection, pimples, etc. Their devotion towards introducing problem-solving products comes from ages back when they initiated their brand on the same motto.

At Fresh outfits, you’ll find different skincare items that can be used for various purposes. These include cleansers, moisturisers, face masks, essences, serums, exfoliants, face mists, face oils, lip treatments, toners, soaps, hand creams, eye care items, lip balms, shower gels, hair care items, body lotions, etc.

Clef Skincare

Clef Skincare is one of the top skincare brands in Malaysia. The brand has shown utmost commitment towards preferring long-term solutions compared to instant ones. Products that promise instant relief usually contain harmful ingredients that affect the skin massively in the long term.

Clef Skincare uses high-quality ingredients that promise maximum productivity. Usage of Clef Skincare products proves to be highly beneficial for this reason alone. Their products are crafted from natural ingredients, and proven scientific techniques prevent potential skin issues and help solve withstanding problems.

You can find various products at Clef Skincare that can enhance your skin appearance and make your problems disappear. These include face masks, essence, cleansing gel, cleansers, lip balms, lotions, face mists, shower gels, hand creams, anti-aging masks, etc.

April Skin

Through its beautifully designed outfits and online platforms, April Skin has attracted numerous users. Their product quality has maintained their audience and customer base. With a unique skincare inventory, April Skin is renowned as one of the best skincare brands in Malaysia.

April Skin has made its name mainly owing to its glorious skincare products, with secondary sources of fame being haircare and eyecare items. April Skin is home to numerous effective body care, skincare, haircare, and eyecare products.

At April Skin, you can find a variety of products, including lip balms, moisturizers, lotions, creams, cleansers, gels, shower bombs, lip treatments, masks, hair serums, serums, oils, etc.


Medicube‘s products are clinically tested and made through in-depth consultations with top dermatologists worldwide.

This is a quality of Medicube that makes it stand out. It is often a concern for users whether the products they use are proven previously or just a test on their skins. Therefore, it is a big relief that all the products at the store are clinically tested. Furthermore, safe ingredients are used that constitute these products. Most of the ingredients used are natural, eradicating any potential side effects.

You can find products of your choice at Medicube. Not only are there skincare products but haircare, eye care, and body care items. Some of the most famous products of Medicube include serums, cleansers, gels, face mists, oils, lotions, creams, etc.

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