The Best TV Boxes in Malaysia available at Banggood 2022

by Starry

Feb 16 2022


A TV box is helpful when you want to view movies or series via an android on a big screen. Many manufacturers have launched their TV boxes, such as Apple, however looking on an economic side, there are a few options that you can consider. Banggood, one of the finest TV box sellers in Malaysia, is offering TV boxes in three plugin option that suits the EU, UK, and USA. Read the article below to know how convenient it is to use a TV box.

Best Android TV Box Malaysia from Banggood

Below are some of the top TV boxes you can buy from Banggood. Check out their website to view more products. Along with TV boxes, Banggood offers a vast range of products in one place.

Hk1 Box Amlogic TV Box

If you are looking for a convenient android TV box, the Hk1 box is best for you. It is Bluetooth and wifi supported. Also, it has a vast Ram space of 64 GB and Rom 5 GB. The best thing is that a google assistant supports it. You can play, pause and stop using this digital assistance. It comes with a USB adapter and can operate in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, and many more. The audio quality is worth trying in this TV box. Also, it supports images such as png, jpeg, etc.

Mecool K5 Hybrid TV Box

If you look at the TV box Malaysia review, you will find Mecool K5 on top according to its performance. It consists of 16 GB RAM and 5 GB ROM. One thing to keep in mind is that it supports android 9.0 or above. The packaging comes with an adapter, HDTV cable, and remote control. It has built-in wifi that lets you enjoy more than 500,000 movies or TV episodes in HD quality.

Mecool KM1 TV Box

Another cool TV box is the Mecool km1 which has Bluetooth and wifi support. With its two antennas, the speed of your internet can remain synchronized. As mentioned above, Banggood offers three types of plugs; this particular Mecool is an EU plugin. It is certified with google support and has a 4k Youtube excellent video option, and can be easily operated on google assistant. Also, it supports android version 10 and above. Its high CPU performance can increase the gaming fun to another level.

Sunvell TV Box

With its 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM, this Sunvell TV box is android supported and has inbuild wifi and Bluetooth. Keep in mind it supports only android 9.0 and above versions. The package includes a TV remote power adapter. Its 4k high quality will make you enjoy movies and play games easily. If you are looking for some good visual results, you need to try this Sunvell TV box. It comes with AU adapter mode. The outer look is so classy that it will give your living room a modern look. It has a 4.9 rating on Banggood and is considered the best android TV box on board.

Banggood and Atome

Banggood is one of the top selling places in Malaysia as it offers a wide range of digital to every day products. With over 200 categories of products, it is one of the best TV box sellers in Malaysia. It offers women’s clothing, sports accessories, outfits, and gardening utilities along with digital products and accessories. It offers shoes, bags, computers, and automobile accessories. You can also find your pet’s necessities and toys on Banggood. You can avail yourself of deals when shopping from Banggood.

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How to use Atome

When you are checking out from Banggood, choose Atome as your payment partner. Also you can pay via Atome. It is available on the Google store and Apple App store. You can scan the QR code, and the total bill will be displayed. Then, you can choose your bank details and pay a quarter, half, or complete payment.

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