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by Starry

Feb 22 2022

All good things come in small, wee packages – you know the cliché. This cliché holds particularly true for LED lights. Don’t you just love to bask in the vivid saturation and colorful hues meticulously birthed by LED lights?

Today, LED lights are a must-have for every household, plus if you have a gaming room – it’s deficient and imperfect if it isn’t adorned by LED strip lights flawlessly adhering to the corners of each wall. Moreover, LED lights, including LED tube lights and LED light bulbs, have bagged a lot of attention and vogue lately due to their additional brightness and low energy consumption levels.

If you’re big on cutting down your electricity bills, we suggest you replace your conventional light bulbs with LED lights for the room, LED ceiling lights, LED tube lights, or LED light bulbs. Today, we’re going to shed some light on different LED lights and LED strip lights you can get from Banggood, a leading online retail store in Malaysia. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

LED lights, you can get from Banggood

If you’re looking for a marketplace from where you can LED lights for your room, we suggest you choose Banggood as your go-to e-commerce store – you won’t regret it. Other than LED strip lights and LED light bulbs, Banggood has a lot more to offer to its customers, but we’ll be discussing that later in this article.

You can get the following LED lights from Banggood.

Elfeland 3*4M 5050 RGB LED Strip Light Non-Waterproof + Controller + Remote Control + 12V 5A Power Supply – US Plug

This is a low-power consumption LED light that will illuminate your surroundings and them in bright colors. Also, with these LED strips lights hanging in your bedroom, you won’t have to even worry about them heating up as they run at low temperatures.

In each LED light strip, you’ll find 120 LEDs that are meticulously arranged to give you the right amount of color and tints. You can even set these LED lights to automatically change colors without you having to frolic around with its remote control. This is no ordinary RGB LED light; it works with 16 multicolor options and can create splendid decorative hues with brilliant LED lighting.

5M/10M/15M/20M WIFI Smart LED Light Strip Set Epoxy Waterproof SMD 5050 RGB Colorful Flexible Light Strip – 5M UK Plug

As the name suggests, this LED light is a product of the modern era with WiFi connectivity and options to control its function using your smartphone – you won’t even need a remote; however, an IR remote is neatly packed in the package. You can also use these as LED ceiling lights.

This LED light strip has a long life of 50,000 hours and doesn’t consume much power either. It’s the perfect solution to end all the gloominess that enshrouds your home.

5W 7W 9W 12W R39 R50 R63 LED Globe Light Mushroom Bulb E14 E27 Base Socket AC85-265V – R63 White E27 7W

If you’re big on energy conservation, then this LED light bulb is for you. Plus, as added benefits, this LED light bulb is easy-to-install, doesn’t heat up, is beautiful, and effortlessly lights up your entire room or lounge.

In this gorgeous, mushroom-like LED light bulb, you see a frost cover lying on top of the LED lights to complete its mushroom-like look.

10 Pack T8 4FT Integrated LED Tube Light Fixture 36W 6500K Clear Lens Shop Light AC85-265V

This LED tube light is smart, fashionable, and is even fit for lighting up huge commercial spaces – its lighting is that intense! If you’re looking for an LED tube light that’s going to last ages, this LED tube light is for as its waterproof and its aluminum structure allow good conductivity levels. To top all of that, it’s great at energy conservation as well!

Light up your rooms with LED lights from Banggood!

If any of the aforementioned LED lights (or those at Banggood’s website) caught your eye, we suggest you don’t let your desires wilt and make the purchase from Banggood this instant!

Banggood is a futuristic e-commerce platform that was founded way back in 2006. Since then, Banggood has been really swift in gaining traction over the years, and today, it has more than 66 million registered users! Not only that, Banggood has emerged as one of the most downloaded online shopping applications in all of Europe, as narrated by App Annie.

On Banggood’s stellar website, you’ll find more than 1 million products falling under 30 diverse categories. Over and above that, if the thoughts of hefty bills are haunting you, we suggest you choose Atome to cut down your purchase bills from Banggood into three manageable, monthly payments.

About Atome

If you’re looking for ways to break down your bills from different online retailers that are out there, look no further – Atome is here to save the day!

Other than Banggood, Atome has more than 10,000 merchants. If you shop from any of these merchants using the Atome app (get the app), you can slice your purchase into three interest-free monthly payments. On Atome, you can create an account for free and enjoy its ineffable benefits.

If you’ve purchased LED lights from Banggood, here’s how you can use the Atome app to your aid.

  • When checking out from Banggood, choose the Atome app as your payment partner.
  • Sign in to your Atome account.
  • After that, pay only one-third of the whole bill, and pay the rest later!
Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app


LED lights are the life and soul of a bedroom if it’s garbed in them. They add mystery, saturation, beauteous hues, and serenity to otherwise dingy rooms. If any of the LED lights mentioned in this article entice you, choose Banggood to make your purchase – you won’t regret it.

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