Body shapes and how to handle them

by Starry

Aug 18 2021

Shapewear by Envy Her offers different shape wears for women of all sizes and shapes. The shapewear by Envy Her is not to hide your shape, rather it makes your shape more prominent, but it also hides the fat and cellulitis you have been working hard to shed. The shapewear by Envy Her is not just an aesthetic item but has plenty of benefits.

Natural body shapes

Every body shape is beautiful; there are no good and bad body shapes. Everybody is sacred and is beautiful; the shapewear by Envy Her believes in remaining a body shape rather than hiding it away or camouflaging it for another shape. The shapewear by Envy Her gives women the confidence to flaunt their bodies as they are no matter what the beauty idols say and show.

The media and the fashion industry show a very limited side of what young women see on television as a trend is a mere reflection of the truth. The shapewear by Envy Her keeps it real and helps women feel confident about themselves and their bodies. Normal body shapes have been divided for better recognition and also for fitness aspects;

1. Rectangular shapes

Though not many cultures and women like this shape, it sure is the new model body shape. If you think it is too manly, you should try wearing outfits that enhance your look. The shapewear by Envy Her helps our body be more prominent, so you can wear clothes that help show a better and clearer body shape.

This body shape is identified as the width of the waist and hips is similar to the shoulders’ width. The shapewear by Envy Her proudly presents you with shapewear that enhances your hip and waist shape. Making the outfit, you choose to wear becomes oh so ravishing.

2. Triangle or Pear-shaped

If you manage to keep a good pear shape body, you take your body out for the gym and take care of your fitness. The triangle-shaped bodies are very attractive and look good in almost all of the outfits. The shapewear by Envy Her has items for pear-shaped bodies that enhance their waist and let outfits flow on their hips rather than sticking on the love handles.

The shapewear by Envy Her does not hide your shape; rather, it makes your triangle body look prominent and curvy, exactly how it is supposed to look. This body shape is characterized by a tiny waist that slopes down to the hips. A top for such amazing bodies is to wear outfits that show off the waistline, the shapewear by Envy Her helps all the pear body ladies in achieving that.

3. Spoon body shapes

This body shape is similar to the pear shape of the body; the shapewear by Envy Her provides these ladies similar shapewear. This helps these amazing ladies to show off their hips and waist. Such females are mostly a little under confident due to excessive weight on the thighs and upper arms. But they might want to dry the classic doll cut dresses and shirts that will help boost their confidence and help them look amazingly cute.

The shapewear by Envy Her helps such ladies show off their waist and hips in a more elegant and sexier way. They help show off their waist by giving them a more pronounced and elegant look.

4. Hourglass Body Shapes

Having such a beautifully proportioned body needs form-fitted tailored clothes. The shapewear by Envy Her provides such ladies to enhance their shape by making their waists and buttock prominent. These females have a narrow waist while the bust and the hips are almost the same widths. Their buttocks are round, and their shoulders are as well. They have well-proportioned legs. With a little more active fitness and diet control, they can have beautifully toned bodies.

The shapewear by Envy Her focuses on their hips and waist. If you have some bloating or it is the time of the month. It will also tone you out for an amazing day out.

5. Inverted Hourglass body shapes

Having an inverted hourglass body means you have a hip size slightly larger than the bust. That is a very good body shape; dresses and houses look amazing on you. The shapewear by Envy Her focuses on the hips, mainly letting dresses flow over and not create a separate line from the back to the hip. It also helps make your waistline prominent.

The shapewear by Envy Her Help such females hear waist-tight dresses with their buttocks in proportion to their upper body.

6. Round Body Shapes

The round body shapes are a little complicated, but that does not mean they are not beautiful. People who have round body shapes usually gain weight easily, so their midsection is fuller and larger. Envy Her shapewear helps such individuals give more oval and hourglass shapes, and their hips and shoulders are narrow.

Handling your body types with shape wear by Envy Her

No matter what body type you are and what insecurities you face. Believe in yourself. Every human is different, and so is their body. The shapewear by Envy Her is here to give you the confidence boost that you want for yourself. Confidence is the key to beauty.

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Body shapes and body types differ, but they all are beautiful in their way. Though our society has made beauty goals, none of them are realistic. The shapewear by Envy Her keeps it real and does not hide your essence; rather helps you flaunt it in a better way.

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