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by jiatongma

Jul 05 2022

Choosing the right underwear is extremely important, and Comfort Republic understands that, which is why it combines innovative designs and high-quality fabric to create the best underwear for all men

There is nothing worse than realizing that you are going to have chafed thighs by the end of the day, all thanks to the poorly made underwear that was sold to you under false advertising.

Most of us put a lot of thought into purchasing the perfect clothes for ourselves. We look for the right size, fit, color, fabric, pattern, and whatnot. One needs to be just as particular when shopping for underwear since it is an everyday essential. 

What really helps is having an authentic go-to brand that values your comfort and puts great thought into manufacturing long-lasting and breathable men’s boxers and briefs. Comfort Republic is one such brand. 

Into the world of Comfort Republic 

This brand is dedicated to resolving issues that befall men in the form of subpar underwear. Be it a sweaty groin, a poor fit, cheap fabric, or irritated skin; Comfort Republic tackles each issue with its versatile collection of men’s underwear. 

Here is a list of all the factors that make the Comfort Republic underwear oh-so-comfortable! 

  • Its unique design prevents the underwear from ruching or rolling under your trousers, saving you from the hassle of repeatedly pulling the material back in place. 
  • The waistband is designed to stay put without leaving angry red imprints around your waist. 
  • The integration of Lycra panels around the groin and thighs prevents friction from inflicting damage around the delicate area. 
  • The soft Bamboo Viscose fabric is ideal for allergy-prone skin, so you can go about your day without anxiously waiting for your skin to react to the new underwear. 
  • The material ensures that your crotch stays fresh and dry throughout the day by absorbing and drying every bit of moisture. 
  • It absorbs 40% more than organic cotton. 
  • Each pair is made to be super-stretchy to guarantee comfortable movement. 
  • Comfort Republic knows that when it comes to underwear, one size doesn’t fit all. Its inclusive collection includes underwear for men of all sizes. 
  • The Bamboo fabric also boasts impressive temperature regulating properties to maintain optimum body temperature. 
  • The ergonomic stitching carefully cradles your package for hours on end. 
  • The seamless fly provides easy access. 
  • The use of Bamboo based fabrics is great for the environment too!

Factors to be mindful of when shopping for underwear 

The discomfort of wearing the wrong underwear can border on painful, and we do not want you to experience it. Do go through this checklist before heading out to shop for new underwear. 


It must be breathable, soft, and absorbent, like the one used by Comfort Republic. Breathable material allows air to pass through it, which keeps your private area from getting too hot and sweaty. In case of excessive sweating, an absorbent material keeps your groin dry, along with preventing foul odor. Softer fabrics counteract friction so that there is no chafing or irritation around the sensitive area. 

The right fit

The correct-sized underwear is supposed to be snug so that everything stays in place, but it should not be so tight that your movements become restricted. When it comes to the waistband, it should neither be sliding down nor should it be digging into your skin. You must be at ease whether you choose to lounge in it or hit the gym. 


Underwear should not come with bulky edges or stitching that are visible through your fitted pants. It not only ruins the look of your outfit but makes you overly self-conscious. 


A great pair of underwear would never restrict you. You should be able to perform all sorts of movements while wearing it, be it running, squatting, exercising, dancing, or just walking. Putting it on and taking it off should also be easy and not a struggle. 


The choice between boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs, the main types of men’s underwear, might always be a confusing one, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference. While boxers offer an airy fit, briefs keep everything in place. You ought to give them all a try before deciding on which one suits you best. 


If your sensitive skin often reacts badly to substances and materials, then make it a point to know the fabrics that you must avoid at all costs. Read the label to learn about the fabric that has been used to manufacture a pair before purchasing it. 

Drawbacks of wearing the wrong underwear

If you did not know this already, you cannot get away with wearing the wrong underwear. It is better to do your research, spend a few extra bucks, and replace the wrong ones since there are cons that you definitely want to avoid.

  1. Low sperm count

Yes, you read that right. Wearing tight underwear has been linked to a reduction in the number of sperm. The tight fit tends to raise the temperature of the scrotum, which interferes with the production of your swimmers. 

  1. Chafing

Investing in the wrong fabric can give you friction burns on the delicate skin of the inner thighs and groins. The consequent chafing makes a task as simple as walking excruciatingly painful. The worst part is that these fabric burns take time to heal, so it is crucial that you get underwear made from soft material. 

  1. Discomfort

If a pair makes you sweat excessively, generates a terrible odor, or isn’t breathable, then get rid of it now. Ease and comfort are crucial when picking out underwear. 

Comfort Republic x Atome

Do you know the best part of choosing Comfort Republic to shop for men’s underwear? It is a partner of Atome! If you are wondering why that is worth being excited over, then hear me out. 

Atome is a coming-of-age application that makes paying bills less intimidating. It splits the total amount into three convenient payments that are then paid at scheduled intervals. Don’t worry; these payments are free of interest. This means you can now shop for the best men’s underwear in Malaysia in the most affordable manner! 

To get started, download the application (get the Atome App) and sign up by creating an account. You will be glad to know that Comfort Republic is not the only brand where you can use Atome as the payment method. There are over 10,000 local and international brands that collaborate with the application. 

Moreover, if you end up spending over RM50 at Comfort Republic, you will get RM15 off on your first purchase made with Atome! 

How to pay with Atome? 

The app gives you the liberty to use it for online and in-store payments. 

Here’s how you can use it to pay at a Comfort Republic store:

  1. Open the Atome application and log in to your account. 
  2. Scan Atome’s QR code at the checkout counter. 
  3. Enter the total amount of your bill. 
  4. Apply available discount codes. 
  5. Have a look at the payment schedule, and make the first payment. 
  6. The app will charge the remaining two payments to the card linked to your Atome account.


A suitable pair of underwear can make a lot of difference. After all, the level of comfort has a significant impact on your mood and day. So, if your wardrobe is filled with worn-out underwear, then it is high time that you replace them. Head over to Comfort Republic now and use Atome to pay for the best men’s underwear! 

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