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by Starry

Jan 29 2022

With evolving fashion trends, footwear is an immensely focused area. Women are always on the hunt for trendy shoes to keep up their styling game. But you don’t want your feet to hurt at night when you return from a party. Flat shoes have been a solution to this problem with their comfort without lagging in the fashion department. ALDO is a Canadian retailer which extends its shoes and accessories chains worldwide. It is known for its remarkable collection of flat foot shoes for women.

A sneak-peak into what Aldo has to offer in the flat shoe category

They have a high-quality collection of footwear catering to both men and women. The footwear collection for women includes heels, flat foot shoes, sandals, sneakers, tall boots, ankle boots, and loafers. In addition to that, they offer women various accessories, including earrings, necklaces, rings, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

ALDO’s Best Flat Shoes

A wide variety of flat shoes for women is available at ALDO. The footwear collection at the store promises high-quality durability and exuberant designs. Some of the best flat shoes include:


Available in black and pink, these shoes bring back the classic footwear style. It is a women’s ballerina slip-on made up of leather. With a thermoplastic rubber, this pair promises high comfort. These flat shoes can be worn at formal dinners, home, work, get-togethers, and small parties, making them an exciting choice.


These ballerinas are what make flat shoes look stunning. These areas are elegant as they get in a beige texture. Adding a bit of royalty is the gold metal plate at the top, which perfectly fits this beige texture. This flat foot shoe consists of a rubber sole that ensures comfort while the fashion quotient is looked after. A round-toed feature ensures that the toes are fitted in nicely without any discomfort.


Koosaflex is a classic ballerina with just the right amount of expansiveness added to it. Available in four colours, including Navy Blue, Cognac, Bone, and Black, this is a flat foot shoe for women that covers all the bases. The colours mix perfectly together with a brown textured bottom and inner. It also consists of a rubber sole, ensuring comfort. However, the shoe has a square toe which shapes it up beautifully. It can be worn to work, dinners, small parties, get-togethers, birthdays, etc., making it a diverse option.


This flat shoe article is another classic option feasible to be worn at various events. Neither too fancy nor too laid back makes it a good choice. When we talk about flat shoes, we are promised comfort, and that’s what you’ll get from this edition. These are designed from leather with a bow on the top, making them stand out. The checked design at the surface of this flat foot shoe further makes the appearance come out. With a rubber sole, this edition is a square-toed version.


Ramen is a pair of flat shoes that most women would find hard to resist. These shoes exhibit elegance and class with a refined lining on the surface. It is a square-toed slip-on edition with a rubber sole that promises comfort. This pair of flat shoes are available in four textures: Black textiles, Black Synthetic, Grey, and Bordo. These can be worn at various events, hence, indicating its diversity.

About ALDO

ALDO is a Canadian Corporation Retailer which expands its shoes and accessories collection worldwide. Aldo Bensadaun founded it in 1972 in Montreal, Quebec. In its 50 years history, the company has grown manifold it setting up over 3000 stores across 100 countries. ALDO is divided under three banners: ALDO, Call It Spring, and GLOBO. ALDO has made its name among the most well-known footwear brands around the globe. With its collection spread over various shoe types, it keeps incorporating new fashion trends into its shop list. The products at their stores are high-quality, keeping in view the emerging fashion trends.

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How to pay for your flat shoes through Atome

It is often asked how we can pay for our purchases from ALDO through Atome. Well, it’s pretty simple. Follow these three steps to complete the payment:

  • When at the checkout menu, choose Atome as your payment method
  • If you have an account on the application, the process will move to the following menu
  • Make the first payment of the three instalments and complete the purchase

Ending Thoughts

So if you’re on the hunt for some top-quality flat shoes going around, look no further than ALDO. The store offers some unique, classy, and elegant footwear choices relevant in today’s fashion world. If you want to take a look at other shoes like ALDO heels, just stay here to take the best pick!

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