Sandals to Wear And Visit The Top 5 Luxury Beach Resorts for A Comfortable Getaway

by jiatongma

Dec 07 2022

Sandals that are stylish and comfortable simultaneously are hard to find. You might have heard the saying that “good shoes take you to good places.” Luckily, ECCO is a brand that serves as an all-rounder in this field. ECCO has maintained a standard in the market from designing footwear exquisitely to finishing them elegantly.

Since 1963, ECCO has worked passionately to improve its quality and cater to the needs of its customers. Being one of its kind, ECCO has also gained complete supremacy in the leather industry. They have a huge team of experienced employees from all over the world that pay maximum attention to the details and quality of the products.

While recommending one of the best footwear brands to buy from, it would be unfair not to talk about top luxury places where you can spend your summer vacations. Below is a list of the top 5 luxury beach resorts you must visit this year to spend your holidays.

Top 5 Luxury Beach Resorts to have a Perfect Getaway

Imagine going to a beach resort where you can enjoy beautiful weather, cool breezes, and enthralling landscapes. The wide blue ocean extended till the end, meeting the horizon of the sky and the dazzling sun shining at its peak. Imagine listening to the relaxing sound of waves and chirping birds in the morning, taking a slow walk in the sand, and sandals drowned in it. Sounds appealing, right?

Many people imagine a resort and spending time by the beach when idealizing a perfect vacation. So it might not be wrong to say that resort stays and comfortable times at the beach are attractive to most people. 

Sometimes spending quality time on the beach while having relaxing views of sunset with your loved ones is all you need. Whether you want to get a little from your daily grinds with your spouse or have wholesome family time, booking a lavish resort is always a good idea.

There are a variety of resorts, like sandal resorts that are reserved only for couples and adults and other luxury beach resorts that are open to everyone. If you live somewhere in Malaysia, there are some great luxury and inclusive resort options to have a great time. Here are our top five picks:

  1. Glory Beach Resort

The glory beach resort is a luxurious resort that is a ten-minute drive from Port Dickson Town. This resort has a charming and calming ambiance. It has one, two, and three-room apartments where the visitors can enjoy almost every facility needed on vacation while feeling right at home. For instance, they have fully air-conditioned rooms, hairdryers, TV, and small kitchen facilities. 

The glory beach resort has appealing cafes like Karah cafe and wave cafe. Karah cafe is a perfect semi-open space where tourists can enjoy international and Asian cuisines and, at the same time, enjoy the mesmerizing view of the beach.

Moreover, there are options for steam baths, relaxing massages, and outdoor activities such as BBQ and tennis for people. You must remember to take your comfortable sandals and shoes for all the outdoor activities and sports.

  1. Adena Beach Resort

Adena beach resort is also a beautiful place to spend time. It has a total of 118 rooms with several accommodation options. Moreover, this resort has excellent facilities like Wifi, daily housekeeping, car parking lots, twenty-four hours front desk visiting facility, delicious dining options, bars, and coffee shops. 

In addition to these facilities, this resort has a private beachside swimming pool, and extremely breathtaking views, all in reasonable offers and packages. 

The best part of Adena beach resort is that it is close to different city attractions, making exploring easy for tourists. Not just this, this resort is also an excellent option to go for business trips and can also be a great wedding venue with South China views. 

  1. Bayview Beach Resort

Bayview beach resort is also a highly liked resort by many people. This resort has spacious rooms and suites with almost every facility and is perfect if you are planning to spend your honeymoon or family time with your kids. The rooms have balconies and Wifi access where you can take pictures and share them with your loved ones. 

There are family rooms, executive suites, deluxe rooms, and penthouses, all with perfect views of hills or oceans. There are indoor and outdoor restaurants and bars with international and national cuisines where you can elevate your mood with delicious food. Moreover, this resort provides a service that can drive you to the resort from the airport without any resistance.

The best part of Bayview beach resort is that it offers huge indoor and outdoor activities for kids and adults. There is a kids playing area, four swimming pools, and a water sports center. You can also book weddings and events in the resort at reasonable prices and offers. 

  1. Sutra beach resort

Sutra beach resort is a three-star resort with almost all the modern luxury facilities needed for a comfortable stay. The resort is located amidst the fishing village of Kampung Rhu Tapai, Terengganu, and is one of the most recommended holiday places for a nice affordable experience. 

This resort has a seaside pool area, free Wifi, and free car parking access, so you don’t have to worry about the basic facilities. The rooms here at Sutra beach resorts are no less than a luxury five-star hotel. They are air-conditioned, with a TV, mini-bar, or coffee-making space, and are decorated. The rooms have attached private washrooms with all basic toiletries. 

Moreover, this resort has a front desk facility, safety deposit box options for finding lost items, two amazing dining places, relaxing lounges, and facilities for several outdoor sports and recreational activities. So get your shoes and sandals tight when visiting the resort for an ultimate fun experience. 

  1. Damai beach resort

With the breathtaking South China Sea and Mount Santubong views, Damai beach resort is beautifully decorated in front of Kuching. It has a fully tropical vibe and a sandy beach where you can have the best time of your life. This resort has a beautifully designed interior and furniture with a safe and clean environment. There are almost 242 rooms in the resorts and multiple options of rooms and suites. 

For instance, you can have a room with full amenities and a king-size bed or two queen-size beds. Their chalets and rooms have innovative balconies with hills or ocean-side views and free Wifi. Moreover, there are gym facilities, warm water, access to laundry and cleaning services, swimming pools, salons and spas, and car rental services. That means no worries about anything at all!

Additionally, it offers events and banquet services with incredibly delicious cuisines. There are few outdoor activities, but you can enjoy golf at a golf course five minutes from the resort.

Products You Can Shop at ECCO

The footwear products at ECCO focus on diversity while being reliable and affordable for almost everyone. Made of premium quality material, the sandals at ECCO are highly durable. This brand also creates shoes for trekking, hiking, and multisport boots.

The ECCO Soft 7 has been delivering satisfaction and comfort to people for seven years. These super soft shoes and sandals are highly satisfying and relaxing and are among the best-selling ranges from ECCO. People can wear these shoes and rock family events and festivals without hesitation. 

ECCO has numerous elegant designs in golf shoes for men and women. These shoes enhance the overall look and help maintain energy throughout the game.

The best thing about ECCO is its efficient and quick customer support and helpful exchange and return policies. You can buy any product online, and if there is an ECCO store nearby, you can also have pickup service in-store. Whether you plan to trek in the hills or relax at resorts this summer, ECCO sandals will be the best and smartest choice. Therefore it will be correct to say that ECCO has a massive range of innovative designs and comfy shoe structures that make them a perfect choice for every occasion.

ECCO has a range of products for both men and women. The products include leather footwear like:

  • Women’s and men’s sandals
  • Dress shoes
  • Leather boots
  • Flats
  • Hiking and trail shoes
  • Golf shoes
  • Sneakers and soft shoes

Other than a wide range of shoes, they have premium quality leather accessories like:

  • Tote bags
  • Backpacks
  • Handbags
  • Socks
  • Belts and gloves, etc.

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Shop at ECCO for a relaxing resort trip

Get your vacation mode on with ECCO products. The store has everything you need to plan a relaxing trip to your favorite resort, whether you’re looking for sandals, backpacks, or any other accessory.

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