5 must-have trendy outfits to complete your corporate wardrobe

by Starry

Aug 01 2023

If you have been eager to style the new knit crop top for the office but are unsure how you have come to the right place. We all love a good fashion moment, but putting together a smart outfit five days a week is tough. Well, since slaying is non-negotiable, a good compromise is to plan ahead. Join us for a refresher on corporate wardrobe staples and styling them. The best part about this wardrobe revamp is that money won’t be an issue as you, all thanks to Atome. Our up-and-coming payment application is associated with your favourite fashion brands to make shopping easy on the pocket and more fun. You will soon be placing an order for everything that has been on your wishlist at SHEIN, Hush Puppies, and Milliot & Co. Your wardrobe will be brimming with new leather pants, trousers, trench coats, jeans, t-shirts, and heels!

Knit top and Leather pants

Instead of letting them sit in the back of your closet all year around, get some use out of your leather pants! Pair them with a solid knit top, and you have a fabulous new outfit for the office. It will look so chic; people will marvel at your style sense! If the top is chunky and oversized, you can try tucking it in in different ways to bring structure to the look. On the contrary, a knit crop top will do just fine as is. In case you don’t own leather pants, now is a great opportunity to invest in them. SHEIN has a tasteful collection of men’s and women’s leather pants in various cuts and styles. You can order your favourite pairs and pay with Atome to stay on budget.

Trousers and Button-up shirts

A classic that never disappoints! Are you wondering what’s so special about this combination? It all falls on how you style two pieces together. And it is always smart to have go-to pieces in your wardrobe; they pair well with most items in your closet and are lifesavers on lazy and late days. Now, the key to head-turning trousers and button-up look is in the cut, colour, fit, and styling. Stock up on neutral-coloured trouser pants in black, beige, white, and navy blue. Make sure to have different silhouettes, like straight, flared, wide-leg, and high-waisted.When it comes to button-up shirts, get them in a fabric that does not wrinkle easily so that you appear polished even by the night’s end. Go for colours that will pair well with most of your formal trousers. In addition to the black and white, get shirts in lilac, blue, grey, and brown.Knowing how to accessorise gives you the power to elevate any outfit. Pair your understated trousers and button-up combo with a statement neckpiece or earrings. Add your favourite watch, heels, and a stylish bag, and you are ready to slay in the office! If you are in the market for new trousers or shirts, there is no better place to shop than SHEIN. The brand updates its collection with changing trends; you will find everything here. If you want to shop for a modern watch, elegant bags, stylish high heels, and comfortable shoes, visit Milliot & Co. and Hush Puppies. You are bound to find irresistible high-quality products that will become staples in your corporate wardrobe.

Trench coat and jeans

Look effortless and bougie at the same time! Stop waiting for the right occasion and take that fabulous trench coat off the hanger. Put together a chic professional look with your favourite jeans and a solid-coloured t-shirt.For a flawless outfit, ensure the jeans fit you right and the coat does not swallow your frame; there is a fine line between stylishly oversized and massive. If it comes with a belt, you can tie it at the back to cinch it in for more structure. Additionally, the colours should be complementary to make the outfit easy on the eyes. Purchase fashionable trench coats for men and women from SHEIN’s website and pay with monthly payments via Atome.

Midi skirts and T-shirts

Walk the line between comfortable and elegant by wearing a designer t-shirt and a midi skirt to work. The outfit is easy to assemble and style. If you own printed skirts, wear them with plain T-shirts. An easy way to choose the top’s colour would be to pick one from the skirt’s print. You can also reverse this idea and style a printed top with a solid midi skirt. When it comes to jewellery, go with a pair of hoops and a delicate chain around the neck. Stack bracelets on one wrist and a bold timepiece on the other, and remember to wear rings. Opt for wedge heels, open-toe sandals, or white joggers for footwear. Throw on a cute jacket if you like, and you are done. Discover the finest collection of stylish and classic watches at Milliot and Co., perfect for office and daily wear. These timepieces are worth every dime as they will last you for many years.

Pantsuits with high heels

Lastly, an outfit that will have your colleagues approaching you for styling tips! Wear a powerful pantsuit with high heels, and you won’t have any trouble commandeering the room’s attention. Monochrome pantsuits are all the rage in and out of the office, and the best way to wear them is by adding pops of colour here and there. You can go for a shirt in contrasting colours and heels to match it. You can make things interesting by adding brightly-coloured sits to your collection and alternate them with black, white, and beige staples. SHEIN has an amazing collection of well-tailored pantsuits; you can order yours now! Similarly, you can peruse a large variety of trendy, comfortable, and durable footwear at Hush Puppies and Milliot & Co. Sign up with Atome and hit add to cart on all the shoes that catch your eye!

Revamp your wardrobe with Atome

You can shop with Atome by signing up on the free mobile app; get it from the application store or download it from the official website (get it here). Its organised interface will have you hopping in no time! Being an Atome user has several perks. The app is associated with many international and Malaysian brands, so you can easily use it at every outlet. Furthermore, it works for online and in-store shopping.

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First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!

How to use Atome when online shopping?

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  6. Use the app to keep track of your purchases and payments.

Wearing good clothes is not only about outward appearance but also about feeling good about yourself. Knowing that you look good boosts confidence and gives you the courage to take on challenging tasks. It’s high time you upgraded your corporate wardrobe!

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