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by Mavis

Mar 29 2022

Increased traffic on roads has made driving difficult. Driving on full roads with mindless traffic can be a brawl. This has led to countless accidents that have affected human health and vehicles in recent times. To get vehicles repaired after accidents is a hefty task due to the inflated prices of mechanics. It further enhances the importance of vehicle insurance. MyEG Insurance offers MyEG Car Insurance plans and MyEG Renew services through various leading insurance companies that make up for your losses.

There has been an enlightening spotlight on insurance in modern times with the increase of vehicles and emphasis on future security. With the inflow of countless insurance companies, it is often a tough task to differentiate between the best plans. MyEG Insurance has set up a platform that incorporates leading insurers. It gives users an option to compare numerous insurance plans and pick the most suitable choice. You can learn more about car and motorcycle insurance plans on MyEG website. Therefore, MyEG Insurance has been a platform widely used by audiences to ensure vehicle security. This article will guide you through the insurers present on the platform, MyEG Insurance policies, MyEG renew services, and its collaboration with Atome.

What makes MyEG car insurance special?

MyEG Car insurance policies are based upon the concept of Takaful banking. Takaful is a process in which money is pooled and then invested, staying clear of interest methods. This has attracted wider audiences making the insurance services accessible to more people.

Insurance Companies on the MyEG Insurance platform

MyEG Renewal and insurance services have been a standout for many people. The platform incorporates scores of insurance companies. This helps customers compare insurance plans. The process facilitates a better decision in the interest of the customer. Some of the leading insurance companies at MyEG Insurance include:

Pacific & Orient

Pacific & Orient is an insurance company whose inauguration ages back to 1994. It is termed the leading general insurance company in Malaysia. Since its inception, the company has made huge strides to build its audience, trust, and credibility. Pacific & Orient supports MyEG Car Insurance policies by offering customers with favorable insurance options.

Pacific & Orient has also delved into various other services, including advisory and technology. In collaboration with MyEG Insurance, the company proposes car insurance plans. Insurance quotations can be etched out by adding your car registration numbers at the Pacific & Orient section present on MyEG Insurance. Insurances are only extended to vehicles operating in Peninsular Malaysia.

Berjaya Sompo Insurance

Complying with MyEG Car Insurance and MyEG Motorcycle Insurance policies, Berjaya Sompo Insurance has collaborated with MyEG Insurance in a bid to extend to customers good insurance plans for their vehicles. Berjaya Sompo Insurance puts forth insurance plans for motorcycles, cars, and health. However, only car insurance plans are offered through MyEG Insurance. More diversified coverages make it a complete insurance option.

Berjaya Sompo Insurance has made its reputation through its reliable insurance policies and activeness over time. Insurance plans are a treat, but the speed at which they’re acted upon is even greater. Insurance companies that do not act timely generally lose customers due to their inefficiency. The inability to act puts off customers, and Berjaya Sompo Insurance makes sure not to do that.

Takaful Malaysia

Takaful Malaysia has stamped its reputation as one of the leading insurance companies in Malaysia. The insurance company has played a huge role in establishing Takaful insurance options. The collaboration with MyEG Insurance has given it an even bigger audience outreach. Takaful Malaysia follows the Takaful insurance pathways visibly indicated through its title.

Through MyEG Insurance, Takaful Malaysia puts forth car insurance plans that line up with MyEG Car Insurance policies. Besides that, Takaful Malaysia proposes diversified insurance options that treat customers with sustainable futures. Other insurance plans offered by the company include medical, home support, commercial, employee support, etc.

MyEG Insurance in Collaboration with Atome

Due to their quality, clients of diverse backgrounds acquire MyEG Insurance and MyEG Renewal services. However, another value addition to MyEG Insurance is its collaboration with Atome. The collaboration enables customers purchasing insurance plans from MyEG Insurance to divide their purchases into three payments. There is a notable reluctance to buy insurance plans as they are termed as secondary priorities. However, with the induction of this collaboration, it is easier to purchase an insurance plan which can make your vehicle secure.

What is Atome?

Headquartered in Singapore with over 5000 partnered merchants and available in 9 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable. To know more about the merchants of Atome, refer to their website. Install the Atome app to set up your account and make your time on Atome flow better!

How to pay for your MyEG insurance plan through Atome?

Paying for your insurance plan through Atome is a simple task! Follow these instructions to complete the payment:

  • Select Atome as your payment method when at the checkout menu
  • Enter your user credentials on the following page
  • Make your first payment and complete the purchase

Ending Thoughts

MyEG Insurance is a platform that has received immense praise because of its distinguished devotion towards car insurance that is reflected through the effort to bring together leading Malaysian insurance outfits. Collaboration with Atome makes it an even more viable option. Therefore, MyEG Insurance is a wonderful choice to secure your vehicle at minimal costs.

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