Proton Service Centre: Your Essential Guide

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May 17 2022

Have you ever heard of Proton Service Centre? Proton Holdings Berhad debuted in 1985, being the sole representative of Malaysia in the league of automotive at that time up until 1993. Headquartered in Shah Alam-Selangor, Proton is an automobile corporate specializing in automobile manufacturing, designing, sales, and distribution; and is revered in Malaysia and now globally for the pinnacle of excellence that it is in the field of cars.

Interesting fact: Proton is an acronym for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional, even though it is a word on its own. Proton began by rebadging Mitsubishi Motors vehicles during the 1980s and 1990s. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that Proton introduced its first non-badged car. Today, Proton has a presence in over 15 countries, with a strong focus on the Asian market. The United Kingdom was its primary export market until 2016.

Proton, like any reputable automotive company, maintains its own service centers to ensure your car remains in the pristine condition you purchased it. For the best care and long-lasting quality of your vehicle, we recommend servicing, repairs, and maintenance through an authorized Proton Service Centre.

Quality Car Care Services

When you become our customer at Proton, our bond goes way beyond the simple transaction you do while buying the car; it’s a lifetime commitment. This statement owes to the fact that you need not look around for other alternatives to repair or service your car; you circle back to us! And on a serious note, if you own a Proton car under warranty, replacing parts from nonauthorized dealerships voids the warranty.

You get all kinds of fluids inspected and changed, including engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, coolant, etc. You get your brakes inspected and make the necessary changes (such as new brake pads). Apart from that, the Proton Service Centres completely cover any interior or exterior damage.

After all this persuasion, you must be wondering where to find us, and even though it’s no convoluted process, you have to search for “Proton Service Centre near me” online, and you will be directed to the nearest franchise. But we’re going to mention some of our franchises below.

Proton Service Centre Klang

There are currently over 13 service centers located in Klang. These include the Proton Service Centre at Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Proton Sonytoyo Performance Products Sdn Bhd, and Wakil Service Proton Meru (LZ speed master), to name a few.

Proton Service Centre Penang

Even though Penang doesn’t cover a lot of the area of Malaysia in terms of square kilometers, Proton Service Centres cover a lot of Penang! Proton has more than seven service centers in Penang. These include Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, and Proton Service Centre at Zoom Teknik Services Sdn. Bhd, Proton Edar Sales, and Service in Bayan Lepas, Proton Autobinee 3S Penang Service Center in Jelutong, Proton Service Centre Bukit Mertajam, Proton Pusat Service Dan Alat Ganti in George Town, Proton Wakil Servis – Spectrum Edge Automobile Sdn Bhd, My Proton Service Centre in George Town, Proton (Top Zone Auto Parts & Services) at Jalan Kelisa Emas in Permatang Pauh, and the Proton Service Centre in Bayan Lepas.

Proton Service Centre in Puchong

In Puchong, Proton offers nearly a dozen car dealerships, but when it comes to service, you’ll find a single location: the Proton Showroom Service & Spare Parts (3S) Center at Bukit Puchong, managed by Lesydear Automobile Sdn Bhd.

Proton Service Centre Kuala Lumpur

Being the capital territory, one must expect a decent number of Proton Service Centres in Kuala Lumpur, and it goes as the instinct. There are nine Proton Service Centres in Kuala Lumpur; Proton Service Old Klang Road, Proton Service Taman Midah, Proton Edar Sutera Sensasi (KgBaru), Proton Edar Sutera Sensasi (Gombak), Car World Proton Service Centre, Khasiat Jati Sdn. Bhd (Proton Service) in Ampang, Proton Service Centre Kepong, Proton Mahir Sdn (Proton Alam Damai Cheras), Proton Service Centre Section 13 PJ in Petaling Jaya, Proton Service Centre Petaling Jaya, and the Proton Service Centre Setapak.

You will also find many Centres in Cheras when searching for Proton Service Centre Cheras. Similarly, you will find a lot of Centres in Ampang when you search for Proton Service Centre Ampang.

Proton Service Centre Shah Alam

There are six service centers in Shah Alam; the Proton Service Centre Glenmaire 3S Center, Proton 4S Center Setia Alam – Wheelcorp Auto Sdn. Bhd, Proton Service (Prima Auto Care Sdn Bhd), Proton Service Baiduri Auto Care Sdn Bhd, INTAN MATANG (PRO SERVICE) SDN BHD, Lon G Auto Services Sdn Bhd (PROTON BODY & PAINT)

Proton Service Centre Ipoh

Ipoh has 7 centers; the Proton Service Centre Ipoh, Proton 2S Canning Garden – CST AUTO SERVICES, Proton Edar Service Jalan Lahat Proton Wakil Service, Gerak Roda Sdn Bhd – Proton Sales & Service, Modern Tune Sdn. Bhd, and Pusat Service Proton Taman Canning Ipoh – CST Auto Sdn Bhd

Proton Service Centre Johor Bahru

There are around 8 service centers in Johor Bahru. There’s Proton service Jalan Balau, Proton Service Centre Park Sdn Bhd, Eon Johor Bahru Service Center, Proton in Jalan Permatang, Speedway Auto Service Center Sdn. Bhd, Proton Service Taman Tampoi Utama, Proton Service Road Beach, Proton (Hock Lee Motor Sdn. Bhd) at Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, Proton Service Taman Johor Jaya, Proton Service Parts Speedway Auto Service Center.

Proton Service Centre Petaling Jaya

There are more than 9 service centers in Petaling Jaya. There’s Proton Service Centre Section 13 PJ, Proton Service Centre PJ, Proton, Proton Damansara Damai Service Center, Senaxis Sdn Bhd, Proton (Symbol Technique Sdn. Bhd) at Jejarum (Jalan Ss23/10), Erasensa Proton Edar, Aiman Motor Sdn Bhd, Proton Edar Service Ctr Taman Petaling Utama, Proton 3S at Regal Motors PJ.

proton service centre near me

Proton Service Centre Kajang

There are many Proton Service Centres in Kajang, even though it is a town in Selangor. These include High Power Proton Service Centre Putrajaya, Kean Tat, and Proton Emerald Technic Sdn. Bhd, Proton KEB 3S TTDI Kajang Service Center, KEB Auto Sdn Bhd- Proton 4S Center Bdr Sg Long to name a few.

Within Selangor is also present the Proton Service Centre Balakong, Proton Service Centre Selayang, Proton Service Centre Bangi, Proton Service Centre Kota Damansara, Proton Service Centre Seri Kembangan, Proton Service Centre Puncak Alam, Proton Service Centre Nilai, Proton Service Centre Semenyih, and most interesting of all, the Proton Service Centre Batu Caves.

Proton Service Centre Rawang

There are 3 Proton Service Stations in Rawang; Proton Service Rawang, Proton Service Taman Bersatu, and Final Impact Sdn Bhd.

Proton Service Centre Senawang

Located in the city of Seremban, Senawang is a town that hosts more than 10 Proton Service Centres, some of which include Proton Edar Sdn. Bhd, Proton Edar Service Station, Proton Service Centre Seremban 2, etc.

Proton Service Centre Kulim

Located in the state of Kedah, Kulim is home to many Proton Service Centres, the most prominent of which include PROTON Kulim 4S Centre – Didi Motors Sdn Bhd, PROTON Pengangkutan Sedar Sdn Bhd 3S, Protech Service Center Kulim Kedah.

Proton Service Centre Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya also has many Proton Service Centres spread across the city; some of these are as follows; Proton Showroom Cyberjaya and the GAG Auto Sdn Bhd.

Proton Service Centre Subang Jaya

As a neighboring city to Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, you’ll find many of the same Proton Service Centres on the map searching for Proton Service Centre Subang Jaya. However, Subang Jaya also has some service centers exclusively in the city; these include PROTON EDAR COSE and PROTON Center of Excellence.

Proton Service Centre Sungai Petani

Present within the outskirts of Malaysia, Sungai Petani has a sparse number of Proton Service Centres, including Proton Sungai Petani, Proton Service Centre Bakar Arang, and the Proton 4S Centre Mercu Usaha Mesra Corporation Sdn Bhd.

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So, in a brief summary

Proton is an automobile giant and a revered name in Malaysia for the tremendous growth it made in a short span of time. Proton Service Centres are your one-stop solutions for all your automobile needs. A timely visit to these service centers is imperative to maintain the longevity of your car and maintain the pinnacle of its performance!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How many Proton Service Centres are there in Malaysia?

Ans. As of 2020, Proton has 125 Service Centers in Malaysia. 78 of them are 3S and 47 of them are 4S centers.

  1. Can I walk in for Proton Service?

Ans. You’ll need to make a reservation for service. Fortunately, this is a very easy process and can be easily done online.

  1. What is Proton Service’s hotline and email?

Ans. Customer Service Number: +603-8026 9999. Roadside Assistance Number Malaysia: 1800 888 398. Proton Customer Support Email Id: [email protected].

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