Pay Over Time for Easy and Accessible Shopping

by Starry

Sep 14 2021

What can Atome bring to you through pay over time policy? Having a pay over time option on your total cost at the end of your shopping spree allows you to divide the cost and pay it in installments with small increments that you pay over time. This is a lifesaver, not only on luxury items but on many daily use items.

The pay over time policy

Though there are many shopping apps and sites available as per your location and demand, how many offer the pay-over-time option? The answer would be none because it is a fairly new concept and will take time to be implemented effectively. The pay over time policy allows the customers to pay the entire amount but in divisions.

Suppose while you are scrolling on a shopping app, you add items to your cart, and when you reach the end of your shopping, your total amount is above what you expected. But thanks to the options of payment installments that you can pay over time helps you distribute the amount over a few months.

Limitation of installment plans

Though it seems like the best option for shopping online, it has its limitations. The pay-over-time limit can be for weeks to months, depending on the app or the site. Though the pay over time policy is amazing, if there were no limitations for it, then customers would misuse it.

The payment installment policy is a very practical and amazing policy that allows the customers to buy all that they need and not compromise on the quality. On the other hand, the manufacturer also gains a fair price which they demand.

The pay over time limit establishes boundary rules for those who may misuse the policy for their gains. Because the installments plan option is to favors both the vendor and customer needs. In such a dilemma where there is no limit to the policy, the enterprise will slowly fall and not be able to complete the demands of the incoming demands of the customers.

Advantages of pay over time

The marketing of every brand, accessory, and even simple product depends on how the customers perceive it. Every marketing is done to grab the attention of a custom and also make loyal clientele. The pay over time has plenty of advantages such as;

1. The customers can buy the best and premium quality products online for the same price but not burden their budget or monthly purchases.

2. This type of service provides customers an open hand to choose the payment they want to avail; they can pay over a short period.

3. With pay over time options, the customer can buy the best quality brands and products for the same price but due to the dispersion of the total amount over a certain period. In this way, the customer has an amazing selection that they can buy without burdening their pocket.

4. Shopping with such a policy makes it easier to pay back.

5. The policy where the installment is an option sales go up while clients are also super satisfied.

6. Every product that is available on such sites are genuine and have their guarantees. There is little to less chance of fraud.

Shopping online limitations

In the olden days, when shopping was used as a task, it meant walking up to every shop and seeing every product on your list before deciding. Now with the help of technology, every aspect of life has been modernized and made easy. With upcoming technologies and marketing strategies, pay over time is a relatively new strategy that has been popular.

Rather than walking stairs in summers and winters, you can open the laptop, access the internet, and scroll different shopping sites. From clothes to food to accessories, there are many options on the internet to choose from. But every customer has a limited budget which they try to fit in.

There was much fraud and ripping off in the early internet life when people did not know how to analyze and judge an item on sale. This meant having replicas or copies of products that they wanted.

Now that people know how to shop online properly, or should be said, finally got the hang of it, pay over time is a new strategy and has been taking online shopping to new dimensions. With this policy, a customer does not have to compromise on the quality; rather, they can avail the original product in installments.

Pay over time with Atome

Headquartered in Malaysia, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of more flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. Atome also allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher quality products more affordable.


The payment policy of pay over time is a blessing in disguise. Now along with cash on delivery, the customers can also avail the options of payment installments. It is better to buy original and premium quality products that do not burden your pockets.

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