Ragdoll Kittens with Silky Soft Coats

by Starry

Sep 23 2021

Ragdoll Kittens:  

Ragdoll kittens are affectionate, large cats having semi-long hair and are originated from California. Ann Baker has founded this breed by developing the breed initially by focusing on their loving, affectionate temperament, followed by their beautiful marking and a luxurious coat. Therefore, you can enjoy and play with them by buying ragdoll kittens for adoption.

The ragdoll kittens for adoption mix up well with other pets, including dogs and with children. They live up to their names as ragdolls, and you will see them flopping in the arms of people. Their happy, affectionate and relaxed nature makes them your perfect companion in a modern busy home.

Ragdolls are also known as puppy cats because they enjoy human companionship. These loving and cute fluff balls greet their house companions at the door. In addition to this, they are always seen going after their companions around their homes. These ragdoll kittens for adoption are intelligent and easily interact with humans through many games, including fetch. Their quiet nature and laidback disposition make them feel contented. Therefore, you can easily leave them at home and go to work. They spend their alone time amusing themselves, relaxing, lying down, and waiting for the return of their human. But to understand your ragdoll’s temperament, you have to play with them.

As compared to dogs, these ragdolls require low maintenance like training, walking, etc. Despite being quiet animals, they still require attention and companionship. Therefore, as you leave them for the complete day, make sure you give them a minimum of half an hour of interaction. Taking a healthy ragdoll kitten for adoption has a life of nearly 15 years, and that too with a good living environment and proper diet. Therefore, if you plan to have a ragdoll kitten in your family, make sure that you are committed to taking proper care of it.

The coat of the kitten is very easy to maintain, super silky, and plush. Brushing it once a week with a slicker brush or steel comb will help remove dead hair from the coat. When the weather changes from dry to wet, it sheds its hair. Therefore, grooming is required during this season. Most people opt deshedding them at groomer’s place. The soft texture of fur of these ragdoll kittens for adoption makes them easy to pick with a damp cloth, hands, or vacuum.

Their silky medium-length coat makes their maintenance easy as compared to animals having long wooly coats like Persian. Shedding hair of this pet is not a problem because nearly all animals shed their hair; hence, deshedding is required to prevent this.

These ragdolls kittens in Malaysia are of various colors. You can buy them in the color of your choice. They are mostly blue and seal the color in three different patterns, i.e., mitted, pointed, and bicolor. Almost all the ragdoll kittens are born white, and they change their color after two weeks of birth. Ragdoll kittens Malaysia develops their complete color till they reach the age of 1.5-2 years.

You will also love the blue bicolor ragdoll kittens for sale, which are available online. Their beautiful color, friendly nature and silky soft fur make them the perfect choice for adoption. Therefore, buy these blue bicolor ragdoll kittens for sale, which have a beautiful marking on it. Their attractive blue eyes will make you fall in love with your pet.

Persian ragdoll:

The cross between Persian cat and ragdoll is an amazing new breed. It is very difficult to predict these designer cat breeds. Their features entirely depend on the parent from which they take their features. The most prominent traits of Persian ragdoll are their loyalty, athletic nature, and friendly personality. They love family companions, are energetic but carry distinctive tendencies, and each Persian ragdoll has a different personality of its own.

Compared to simple ragdolls, which are intelligent, dignified, and aloof, the Persian ragdoll tends to be more playful and human-oriented. They have protective nature and are loyal but can be aggressive sometimes. As they are active breeds, therefore they require a lot of regular exercise. They have a lot of energy and stamina; therefore, the owner should take out enough time for exercising their Persian ragdoll, which will make these cats happy and healthy.

These cats have a high-maintenance curly coat that minimally shed. And this minimal shedding can be prevented by weekly brushing these Persian ragdolls.

The health of your Persian ragdoll entirely depends on the exercise, nutrition, and overall care you provide them. But even healthy cats can suffer from severe illness or other health conditions. You should know the health concerns of your Persian pet as it may be prone to bloat, skin disorders, Addison diseases, allergic reactions, and many more.

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