Rastaclat is a symbol of positivity and freedom of expression

by Starry

Jan 28 2022

Rastaclat was founded in 2010 by former skateboarder Daniel Kasidi. The company has grown to become a multimillion-dollar business organically selling braided bracelets. But what makes these bracelets special? The colorful Rastaclat bracelets symbolize positivity and are considered as “freedom of expression.” As a teenager, founder Kasidi made the first bracelet with extra shoelaces while he was waiting for his friend to pick him up. He braided the shoelace without giving it much thought, not knowing that he had created something that would change the course of his life forever. The next day when his friends saw the bracelet on his wrist, they loved it and asked Kasidi to make similar ones for them. He noticed that everyone who had worn the bracelets came back with a positive story. It seemed as if the simple lace accessory became a unique way for people to express themselves. Kasidi knew he was onto something important and decided to run with his instinct. The Rastaclat bracelets quickly caught a lot of attention. The brand became popular for spreading positive feelings within communities across the world. Recognizing the movement that inspired so many people, Kasidi decided that his product would serve as a “symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others.” Rastaclat makes more than 150 bracelets in different colors and styles that are mostly unisex. Each design is eye-catching and unique, making it extremely popular among teens.

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Hundred% was established in 2010 and has four major stores across Kuala Lumpur and Johor. You can find over 24 top brands, including Rastaclat, Under Armour, TNTCO, Stussy, Vans, Nike, Obey, Puma, and many more. With a wide variety of premium quality products ranging from footwear to modern apparel and fashion accessories, Hundred% stores have it all. You can find these exciting options in stores:

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Rastaclat and Hundred% stores

Rastaclat is among the many brands that you can find in Hundred% stores. Whether you prefer something vibrant for your wrist or prefer subtle hues, you are sure to find something you like. Let’s look at some amazing Rastaclat Malaysia bracelet options in stores.

  • One family box

This bracelet is a limited edited one from the Bruce Lee collection of 2020. Rastaclat teamed up with the Lee family to celebrate the ideology and inspiration of the renowned martial artist with the One Family Boxed Bracelet. This black and yellow braided bracelet have a Bruce Lee silhouette on the barrel.

  • Desert heat box

This bracelet is from the Clats & Kicks collection, where the braid is styled with a tan-hued, knitted wave pattern. The bracelet features rubberized hardware with colorful aglets.

  • Korben

The bright city lights inspire this reflective bracelet. Featuring a cyan and merlot braided style combined with a colorful reflective thread that has been intricately woven throughout.

  • Congrats card

The bracelet is a limited edition from the 2020 Grad Clat collection. This bracelet features a design that resembles the traditional cap and gown. Perfect for a ceremony at home, the gold knotted bracelet has tassels with gold enamel hardware with a contrasting 2020 emblem.

  • Pride box

This limited edition rainbow unisex bracelet features rubberized hardware with debossed emblems. The bracelet is accompanied by an exclusive pride collector box that works as a display.

  • Infinite optimism V2

Another braided bracelet from the Bruce Lee collection that celebrates the inspirational philosophy of the iconic martial artist. The striking yellow and black bracelet features a custom barrel with the Flying Man’s silhouette and Rastaclat logos.

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Spread positivity with Rastaclat!

Rastaclat is much more than just a company that makes bracelets. The brand is built on a story that connects people with creators, creating positive vibes. You can become a part of this movement and express your unique style with a Rastaclat bracelet of your choice. Shop from the various options that are available in Hundred% stores and pay with ease through Atome’s monthly payment plan.

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