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by Starry

Apr 11 2022

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to keep your food fresh and delicious in the scorching summer heat? We all take this blessing for granted, and thus fridges are not talked about as much. But the fact remains that Samsung fridges are one of the most valuable appliances in modern homes. Thus, with the rapidly growing world, there have been many advancements in the features of the Samsung fridges ranging from Samsung smart fridges to Samsung Familyhub and Samsung inverter fridges. They ultimately help you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at a very affordable cost.

Why are fridges so important in our lives?

A good quality fridge saves us grocery costs in one way or another. You must be wondering, how? A spacious, energy-efficient fridge that maintains its cold temperature will keep your food fresh and worth eating even after days. Otherwise, you will not only be paying huge electricity bills but also buying new meat and groceries every other day.

Modern Samsung Fridge Malaysia models you should certainly know about.

Fridges aren’t something you buy every often, so you should make this decision by considering multiple important factors. Depending on the type and size of the kitchen, your budget, or even your personal preference of color and style, you must be careful of the fridge you choose to buy.

The Samsung Smart Fridges come in a huge range to choose from. You can choose a Samsung fridge that fits your lifestyle, food storage demands, kitchen space, kitchen interior, and, most importantly, your budget. They are available in various colors ranging from Silver, Metallic, Black, or White. Different door configurations are available: side-by-side, french door, top freezer, and bottom freezer. The latest features include WiFi connection, family entertainment, edge-to-edge shelves, automatic temperature controls, and ice and water dispensers.

Here are the Samsung Fridge new models with amazing features and functions which are now available:

Samsung side by side fridge- Large Capacity

This Samsung side-by-side fridge showcase refrigerator has flexible, versatile storage spaces innovating your way of storing food. This model is designed such that you can store and organize your food in a very spacious interior. The interior showcase stores the large food items, while the exterior showcase gives instant access to your beverages and condiments: sauces, spices, and seasonings. It has storage space exceeding 600L and evenly cools from corner to corner. The best part is converting it from a freezer to a refrigerator according to your demand and usage by pre-setting temperatures.

Several Samsung fridges comprise this feature, and you can choose according to your family size and capacity preferences. Here are a few models you might like: Samsung Family Hub Fridge, Side by Side Food Showcase, Side By Side Flexzone, and Side by Side Large Capacity (Space Max).

Samsung Multi Door Fridge

If you are looking for a fridge that comes with doors of your choice, then the Samsung Multi Door fridge with Digital Inverter Technology(DIT) is for you as it comes in several door designs. Whether you are looking for a Samsung 2 door fridge or a Samsung 4 door fridge, Samsung has covered you.

They are energy efficient and can be a wise choice to lower your electricity bills. The multi-door fridges preserve your food for longer periods with a Fresh zone feature to retain the freshness of your fruits and veggies. It is also promised not to restart or lose stop without your signal and has a twin cooling option that enables you to manage the temperature and humidity in the fridge.

Bottom Mount Freezers

The Samsung Bottom Mount Freezers come with Digital Inverter Technology. This model comprises a spacious freezer at the bottom and a fridge at the top. This design has smart sensors to monitor humidity and temperature to keep your food in a perfect environment to keep it fresh. It also has an adjustable door guard and an optimal fresh zone, a special compartment that keeps your meat and fish fresh for longer.

Top Freezer

These are your traditional refrigerators, a top freezer but with new advanced features. Your fridge can now have a high-efficiency LED to see everything inside clearly and is easily converted from freezer to fridge. You can now store big bottles of juices and milk in the fridge door. It has 2 separate cooling systems to keep the food fresh for longer periods.

You can now also personalize your refrigerator with the Samsung Bespoke feature. You can add smart and high-performance features that suit your lifestyle and simplify your life.

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The leading company’s goal is to create the best products that contribute to the betterment of our society and future through technology. The company aims to become one of the most ethical companies globally by living by its strong core values, following the international code of conduct, and fulfilling its social responsibilities.

You can head to Samsung’s website to explore their range of fridges and choose the best fridge you want to buy. Just scan the following QR code to install the Atome app for further payment process.

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How to pay for your Samsung fridges via Atome

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Ending Thoughts

Fridges are an inevitable need in everyday life. Fridges prove to be very valuable during Ramadan because there’s no way you don’t store and freeze the delicious dishes you made. So don’t wait for any further and explore the huge range of exciting and smart collections of Samsung Fridges.

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