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by Mavis

Feb 28 2022

With time passing so fast, we often get bored of our surroundings. It’s natural to crave refreshments now and then to boost your energy and thrive better in life. Adventurous moments spent prove to be the most relaxing and refreshing moments for our body and mind. Whether you want an action-packed adventure or a huge, nicely planned party with your family or friends, Superpark got you covered. Superpark knows adults love fun as much as kids do. Thus, there is no age restriction with activities for every taste and age group.

Exciting Activities are offered at Superpark Malaysia.

Adventure Arena

The name says it all. There is always that one adventure activity we never outgrow, no matter our age. This isn’t the usual adventure arena where you stand there waving at your kid, having all the fun. You can join in too! It’s a land full of obstacle walls, play towers, slides, zip wires, pedal car racing, and so much more. While there is so much to choose from in the adventure arena, here are the few activities you and your kids might love.

  • Pedal Car Track
  • Kid’s Gym
  • Kid’s Freestyle Arena
  • Kid’s Adventure City
  • Ninja Track
  • Sliding Mountains
  • Tube Slide

Game Arena

Here’s one to all the street basket lovers. Game Arena is all about unleashing your true sports spirit. And the best part? It won’t go in vain because the arena has radars measuring your performance. So, why not challenge yourself or your friends?. Here is what you will find at the game arena;

  • Super Pinball
  • Street basketball
  • Superball
  • Baseball
  • Superbowl
  • Superhoop
  • Hot stepper
  • Street soccer court
  • Robokeeper and disc golf

Overwhelmed already? Buckle yourself up because there’s more to come.

Freestyle Hall

You definitely can not resist this one! It’s an all-in-one indoor sports park that you have never seen before. It’s a skate and scoot world full of climbing walls, foam pits, and a floor of gymnastics. You can join it too. Give your kids a boost of motivation by treating them at this indoor park to enhance their physical activity skills. Oh, and how can we forget?. You can jump in too!

  • Gymnastic Area
  • Trampoline Platform
  • Augmented Climbing Wall
  • iWall
  • Trampoline Platform
  • Skate and Scoot World
  • Free Drop
  • Clip and Climb

Choose Superpark Malaysia for the perfect party celebrations!

Do you want your child’s party to be perfectly organized but don’t have time to? Worry no more because you have Superpark. They do all the hard work for you and plan your kid’s party to be the most memorable event of their life. And a full day filled with fun activities with the family is a cherry on top!

Now let your kid celebrate their day to the fullest while bonding with their friends on another level.

About Superpark

The unique, purpose-built Superpark venture was founded in 2012 when Taneli Sutinen thought that “There has to be a better way” for indoor activity parks. The park takes inspiration from the idea that adults should also have fun with their kids. A park full of enthusiasm, joy, and action spread to everyone’s knowledge like wildfire. This big and exciting idea was bound to no boundaries, let alone Finnish Town.

The company has launched international operations in Sweden, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. The super fun Superpark is thought to exceed 100 locations by 2023.

You can browse Superpark to go through their numerous action activities and other services they offer.

Superpark in collaboration with Atome

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How to buy Superpark service via Atome

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Ending Thoughts

If you are concerned about the social distancing and COVID-19 risks, drop your worries because Superpark takes extra hygiene measures for your safety and health. So what is the wait for? Prepare your friends and family, grab your tickets for the adventure and fun-filled indoor park.

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