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by Starry

Jan 25 2022

Since Apple was established, it has gained increasing popularity around the world due to its constant launch of different iPhones with upgraded software and features. The good reason for any iPhone or Switch iPhone being expensive is because of its features, smart technology used in it, and the services provided by Apple. They also have a service plan, Apple care, and much more, covering any phone accident or loss.

What is Switch?

Switch is a store which started its first outlet back in 1995. With successful growth and love for Apple technology, this brand is growing, sharing Apple products with the world. Apple Products are available at the Switch store. Nowadays, they have over 100 outlets serving customers from all walks of life across Malaysia.

Authentic Apple Phones from Switch

Switch has made its trust among Apple users, and therefore any iPhone or Apple product purchased through the Switch site is authentic and will be taken care of accordingly. If you want a mint condition fresh iPhone, it is safe to say that you should check out the Switch iPhone collection and even other Apple products such as an Apple iPad, Apple iPods, etc. The outlet has certified employees that have Apple certifications and will always provide you with the best option.

iPhone XR

iPhone has many models and varying features defining each model every year. The iPhone XR Switch is a downgrade of Switch iPhone X max. When the iPhone X max was launched, it was graded as one of the best phones and the height of tech intellect. But another cost-effective version was also launched, which was a little smaller in size and lacked a few features; this phone was the iPhone XR, also known as Switch iPhone XR. The Switch iPhone XR is a little cheaper than the X max and can be easily bought.

iPhone X max

The iPhone X max is an amazing phone with amazing features with iOs 12 up tp iOs 15.1, with an internal memory of 64GB, 128 GB, and 516 GB. There are many variations with 4GB RAM. This is a very sturdy Switch iPhone. It has metal skin and has a beautiful outlook. The phone has other features such as 3D typing and tempered glass. The Switch iPhone is a better shot at buying authentic Apple products.

iPhone XR Switch

Switch Store offers the downgrade for X mas — iPhone XR, which might be known as a downgrade of iPhone X max but has taken its place as one of the best phones. The features are not as superior as the iPhone X max, but the number of features this phone has is far better than any top-notch phone. The Switch iPhone, known as the Switch iPhone XR has features unlike any other phone:

  1. iOs 12 to iOs 15.1
  2. Internal memory ranges from different models, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 516 GB. There is no card slot for external memory.
  3. It has a 12MP camera that is 2160p.
  4. It has 3GB RAM with Apple A12 bionic.
  5. It has gorilla glass, a very prominent feature of many Switch iPhones.
  6. The selfie camera is 7 PM.

Among many phones and Switch iPhone collections, the iPhone XR Switch stands out. The other concerning features can be explained to you by the Switch iPhone customer services which are very helpful and help in every query you have that has an Apple solution. It is preferred to buy or avail the Apple care and other services in time of need as an accident and harm to your iPhone can cost heavily.

iPhones from Switch

When it comes to trusting an outlet, especially taking care of an Apple purchase, the employee’s knowledge and information status should be seen. Apart from that, the store could be directly linked to Apple care and Apple services, and every item they sell should be directly logged into the Apple system. Should there be any defects with iPhones from Switch, you can always reach out to customer services and your query will be answered quickly.

Switch and Atome

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