The Secret of Atome’s Success- Payment Installment Plan

by Starry

Aug 18 2021

The payment installment plan of buy now and pay later is the best plan any app could have.  If you have seen the Atome app on your App Store and Google Play and cannot understand why it is suddenly so popular?

To understand that, you need to understand that they worked from the grassroots level to maintain their motto of payment installment plan of buy now and pay later.

The secret of Atome’s success is easily understood and seen in the payment installment plan of buy now and pay later, which attracts customers, and not only that they provide what they show.

What is Atome? What is buy now pay later?

Atome is an app that was launched back in 2019. Though it is relatively new on the market, it is yet fully functional in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, where it is fully functional. The main thing is that getting this app is its payment installment plan of buy now pay later in Malaysia.

The app features a scheduled payment installment plan that helps the customer to shop freely without the guilt of spending extra money in big chunks. The payment installment plan of buy now and pay later allows everyone to get the best of products and services at the same price but in installments, ensuring the quality and originality of the product.

What is buy now pay later? Buy now pay later (BNPL) companies offer short-term financing to consumers allowing them to make purchases immediately and pay for them on a predetermined date in the future. This arrangement is also referred to as “point of sale installment loans” and is usually interest-free.

The buy now, pay later business model is becoming increasingly popular in online shopping, even some offline merchants allow for such shopping convenience.

Interest-free payment installment plan

Atome is an app that is open to all customers who want to purchase the best items on the market and still be within their budget. Atome app is an app created for people who understand quality and want to have their purchases light on the pocket. It all comes down to Atome’s payment installment plan of buy now and pay later.

According to the payment installment plan of Atome, you can buy everything from the app and payback in three easy installments. It helps to cut down the price of every item or the total cost into three equal parts, which can be paid every month.

The payment installment plan of buy now and pay later allows the customers to avail themselves of all the services that require of want and products they want for the same price, but you have the option to pay back in three equal payments spread out over three months. This ensures the customers have the best products and have little to no financial burdens.

Advantages of Atome payment installment plan

One of the advantages of downloading the Atome app is the payment installment plan of buy now and pay later, which ensures the company has the same amount of money on the market. Also, keep the customers intact because they help cut down the prices to three equal parts. Apart from that, there are much more advantages of downloading Atome, that are;

1. It is free of cost when it comes to downloading it. It is available on Google Play and the apple store for different versions of phones. This ensures that everyone can download this app on their phones and not leave this amazing experience.  

2. It has almost every brand on the market that has been collaborated with, any brand you can think of. That includes fashion, accessories, bath and beds, home care, personal care, rentals, travel, etc.

3. You can shop online from the original brands and online sites. No third-party seller is involved, which ensures that you will get exactly what you buy from the shop.

4. Atome is the payment medium; you pay the installments to Atome, which then pays it off as per the policy.

5. The quality and warranty are guaranteed. You can return the item if it is not up to the mark, and you will be compensated for wasted time and money.

6. Putting all things together, the main thing that makes Atome superior to all other shopping apps is the payment installment plan of buy now and pay later.

Collaboration with Atome

As the Atome app launched, it collaborated with many small businesses and gave them a platform to boost their marketing and increase their clientele. It started locally in Singapore, and as the platform grew and brands understood the importance of its payment installment plan of buy now and paid later, the Atome app had plenty of brands to collaborate with.

With categories including fashion, shoes, makeup, health products, home decor, personal care, travel, and more, Atome bloomed as a fully functional app that serves as a platform for amazing brands.

The payment installment plan of buy now and pay later is an attraction for customers and is also a potential marketing strategy for the brands. It helps provide the public with all the amazing products that can be further discounted through amazing sales, discounts, and coupons, along with the option of paying back in installments.

Atome payment plan

Apple store installment plan Malaysia

Some Apple products can be bought in installments using the Apple Card Monthly Installments (ACMI). This feature is only available online or in stores. The installment plans vary according to the product you wish to purchase; the Apple iPhone installment plan and Apple Watches installment plan stretches for twenty-four months; iPad, Pro Display XDR, Mac, and Studio Display has an installment plan of one year; Apple Tv, Beats Flex Wireless Earphones, and Airpods have a six-month-installment plan, etc. Check out the official Apple Website to learn more.

Apple Premium Resellers Malaysia

Following are the two leading Apple Premium Resellers (APR) in Malaysia, where you can avail of the greatest Apple installment plans.

Switch installment plan

One of the leading Apple Premium Resellers in Malaysia, Switch started its journey in 1995 as a small group of friends with the aim to popularize Apple products among people. And with pure intentions come bliss; in less than thirty years, the company grew phenomenally with over thirty outlets all over Malaysia.

Switch offers a range of different plans for installments, whether you’re using the installment plan using a credit card, debit card, Maxis Plans, or Flexi payment. The installment plan can stretch up to thirty-six months. But this offer is available on select few banks.

Machines installment plan

Machines is an even bigger player in this game. Being established just a couple of years ago (in 2006), Machines is the largest Apple Premium Reseller (APR) in Malaysia with 31 outlets nationwide, offering a complete range of Apple products and demo units for the customers to get a first-hand experience before purchase.

You can avail up to thirty-six-month interest-free installment plans on all Apple products on Machines APR. When you purchase an iPad, Mac, iPhone, or an Apple Watch through the Standard Chartered, UOB, or the HSBC, you get a zero-interest installment and a complimentary RM100 Voucher. For further elaboration and complete details of the different installment plans offered by the different banks, click on its official website.

APRs get cheaper with Atome!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have one more jubilating news in store for you; Atome! Atome is a mobile app made to mitigate the financial burden of expensive shopping. Though Atome has its headquarters in Singapore, it’s spread all over Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and mainland China and is partnered with more than 6000 online and offline merchants. Machines and Switch are also merchants at Atome.

The Atome app is available on both Android and iOS. Get the App now! Intrigued to know how Atome works? Click the link and find out! What’s even more amazing is that when you shop for the first time at Atome, you get an RM15 shopping voucher.

How to pay using Atome?

  • First, proceed to the checkout after selecting the items you want to purchase, and within the options to pay, you’ll find multiple options, select Atome from amongst them.
  • Next up, sign in to your Atome account with your login credentials.
  • If you don’t have an Atome account, sign up today, completely free of cost!
  • Finally, you have to make an initial payment of 1/3rd of the total amount at the checkout. The remaining amount will be paid in the subsequent two months in easy installments.

Understanding Atome

Imagine you like a bag which costs $1300, and it is the most beautiful bag you have ever seen, and it feels like you must have it. Though $1300 is too much for a bag, it is a known fact that good-quality bags are expensive and are a one-time investment. If you walk down the street and find the same bag, it will be a big chunk of $1300 on the spot.

Most people cannot afford it; even if they can, it feels like a waste of money. But with Atome and its payment installment plan of buy now and pay later, you can divide $1300 into three parts and spread it among three months, which leaves you with $433 per month for the upcoming three months.

There are no hidden charges and no hidden tax. You pay for what is shown on the screen. This is how the payment installment plan of buy now and pay later of Atome helps cut the budget burden.


Thanks to Atome and its payment installment plan of buy now and pay later, online shopping has been made easy and affordable. There is no other app that can understand how a normal working-class meet ends regarding a monthly salary.

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