Why Body Types Should be Using the Peplum Dress?

by Starry

Sep 29 2021

Is peplum dress still in fashion? Fashion is known to be a way of expressing yourself. There are many styles that come and go, whereas some of these styles that goes against the ordinary become the trends that last. One of these is the peplum dress. The peplum dress is known to be one of the latest trends that have remained in and out of the fashion industry over a number of years. There was a time when the ancient Greek women wore peplos, known to be a tubular garment used to gather at the waist and then folded.

Peplum dress and its origin

Peplum heydays were popular during the 1940s and 1980s, but it has been around for quite a long time. The origin of this unique silhouette goes back as far as ancient Greece. The Grecians in the classical period used to wear the outfits known as peplos, and this is where the term peplum got originated.

At present, peplum has become a favorite dress among women as it emphasizes the woman’s appearance. Basically, a peplum is a frill of cloth that tends to surround the hipline of a dress. It is the peplum’s unique design that makes it look much more attractive, but before investing in one, it is necessary for any woman to know her body type because if one doesn’t have any good idea of the body type, then it can end up looking like a disaster.

Which body types should be using the peplum dress?

If your body type is straight, you will notice that the peplum will suit you fine, but if your lower half is heavier, you will have an elegant look with the flared peplum. For those who like to hide the fat rolls, pleated peplum looks best with them, whereas asymmetrical peplum gives an impression of being voluptuous and curvy. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the body type before you choose a peplum

  • Rectangle body shape

Women who have a rectangle body shape should try to avoid a peplum with small frills because such a dress will not enhance their waistline. Therefore, such women should be going for the wide frills to be able to grab attention around their waistline.

  • Triangular body shape

Those women who have a triangle body shape should be wearing a peplum dress with a coat or a blazer. The main reason is that it will enhance their shoulder area and will also be able to bring a balance to their entire look. Women with such body types are always recommended to wear a dark-colored peplum dress and a light-colored blazer.

  • Inverted triangle body shape

Women with an inverted triangle body shape should be doing precisely the opposite to those with a triangle body shape. This means that in order to bring attention, they will need to enhance the lower part of their body. Women who have such a body type should choose a peplum top of dark color with a bottom of light color. If they like to accentuate their lower body area, then a two-toned peplum dress should be an ideal choice for them. If a woman with an inverted triangle body shape wants to make the peplum more flattering, she should opt for light-colored heels.

Different peplum style dresses

  • Love Bonito peplum dress

Love Bonito is one of the most famous fashion brands and a retailer that originated in Malaysia. Although Love Bonito specializes in women’s wear, it has retail stores in a number of South Asian countries and ships to international clients. Love Bonito offers a number of peplum dresses, e.g., Tierra peplum pencil dress, Everliya textured peplum top, Lenda peplum top, and much more. Love Bonito peplum dress is gaining popularity in public not only in Malaysia but in numerous other countries of the world.

  • Pakistani peplum dress

The Pakistani fashion industry offers prevailing and vibrant styles for women. The main focus is to craft the appealing designs of the top fabrics while their color schemes look very charming and beautiful. Therefore, the Pakistani peplum dress offers casual style peplum, fancy designer peplum as well as semi-formal peplum that is appreciated by people all over the world.

  • Windflorist peplum

The Windflorist peplum midi dress is among the top-selling choice of the most fashionable individuals. These quality products can be found at incredible prices, and a number of top brands are famous for making them.

Why should girls own a peplum dress?

In this modern age, peplum dress has successfully become a dream garment of every girl, as it is helpful for women to attain an hourglass body type no matter what their body shape is. Not only it has everything graceful and feminine, but its tight fit also helps women look better.

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