Get to know F J Benjamin: A Powerhouse in Malaysian Luxury and Lifestyle Brands
Discover the world of F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd, a beacon of excellence in luxury brand management and retail distribution in Malaysia. Explore their impressive portfolio of international brands, their impact on Malaysian fashion, and their promising future in the ever-evolving luxury and lifestyle industry.
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Oct 04 2023
Kapten Batik: Elevating Tradition to Everyday Elegance in Malaysia
Discover the essence of Malaysia's batik tradition at Kapten Batik. We blend heritage with modernity, offering exclusive everyday wear that seamlessly incorporates the beauty of batik. Our meticulously crafted pieces bridge tradition and style, honoring cultural roots while embracing contemporary aesthetics. Embrace the legacy of batik with Kapten Batik – where tradition meets innovation.
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Sep 13 2023
Elevate Your Look with Atome this September: A Stylish Journey through Fashion, Lifestyle, and Technology
Transition to September's promise with Atome: Beyond Shopping, an immersive lifestyle destination. Elevate style with Zalora, Nike, and H&M. Embrace Apple, Fitbit, and IKEA for a holistic lifestyle. Shop & Win for rewards up to RM10,000. Celebrate Malaysia's diversity. Atome offers flexible payments and user-centric convenience. Elevate your journey.
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Sep 04 2023
Show Your Figure This Summer with Chikibunnie Vest-type Top
Chikibunnie adalah rumah kepada siluet pakaian wanita yang paling bergaya. Ekspresikan diri anda dengan pakaian bergaya, daripada pakaian elegan hingga pakaian sukan pintar.
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Aug 16 2022
Hak cipta 2023 Atome. Hak cipta terpelihara.