Get to know F J Benjamin: A Powerhouse in Malaysian Luxury and Lifestyle Brands
Discover the world of F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd, a beacon of excellence in luxury brand management and retail distribution in Malaysia. Explore their impressive portfolio of international brands, their impact on Malaysian fashion, and their promising future in the ever-evolving luxury and lifestyle industry.
fashionlifestyeluxuryPost by mavis
Oct 04 2023
Luxe Paradise – A massive store with all kinds of trendy bags
Luxe Paradise | Want a one-stop platform to purchase your desirable trendy designer bags? This is the best Luxe Paradise review you're looking for.
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Mar 07 2022
Things to Know about Gucci x Doraemon
A true manga-inspired fashion, Doraemon cooperate with Gucci for the Epilogue collection which includes bag, sneakers, Jacket and necklace.
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Oct 11 2021
The Best Polo Shirts by Lacoste 2021
Lacoste polo shirt blends comfortable touch with trendy colors! Getting tired of the boring basic colors of other brands right? Try this one!
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Sep 10 2021
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