The Alexander McQueen shoes that you will want to buy right away!

by Starry

Feb 15 2022

Talking about shoes, the Alexander McQueen shoes are of the kind that you fall head over heels for in the very first look itself. It is astonishing how they are elegant and yet so extra both simultaneously. Well, this is also art not everyone can pass. The Alexander McQueen designs speak for their uniqueness and quality such that everyone knows they are not just another sneaker in the market.

We shortlisted a few of the many famous and breath-taking designs so you can see for yourself.


These pairs of shoes are made up of calf leather material with oversized flat laces. The holographic tab at the end of the shoe adds to the beauty of the simple white design. The almond toe-style sneakers feature a rubber sole and an Alexander McQueen signature stamp design. They come along with an extra pair of laces so you can style them however you want.


We call up all the black lovers out there because this design will surely make their jaws drop. Nothing looks more beautiful than McQueen oversized sneakers in plain black with a chunky transparent sole. The calf leather material sneakers come with oversized flat laces and the brand’s signature on the heels and tongue of the sneakers. The black pair of sneakers are best to style with your classy outfits to give them a rich finish.


We have talked about plain black and all-white sneakers, but we also have designs for our multi-color gang. So, let’s proceed with the white and black Alexander McQueen sneakers. The shoe can have black details at the back and a rubber toe design. It also has 7 metal hole eyelets to help your feet keep calm. As if the shoes’ unique design weren’t enough, McQueen added the oversized transparent sole to make it more extravagant. We can’t take our eyes off of this one.


This pair of sneakers is the perfect example of evenly distributed monochrome colors. Though black and white-colored sneakers are always appealing to the eyes, the chunky design adds more beauty to them. They feature an oversized white rubber sole with large flat laces. For finishing, they have the brand’s signature on the tongue and heel of the shoes. To maintain the good health of your feet, they have five steel eyelets on both sides of the shoes. And don’t worry, the white details at the back don’t hurt at all.

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