4 Top branded shoes for men in style

by Mavis

Mar 18 2022

Look for the best branded shoes for men? Footwear is one aspect that has been in the fashion spotlight in recent times. People have shifted their focus on quality footwear to stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days when shoes were considered mere formalities. In the modern age, shoes are conceived as another opportunity to make fashion statements.

However, it is often a struggle to find the best-branded shoes for men. Some lag in the styling department, while others remain in durability and comfort. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best branded shoes for men that tick all the boxes. This article will walk you through the best brands in Malaysia that offer high-quality footwear, their specialties, and the collaboration of these brands with Atome.

So if you’re looking for Nike shoes for men, Adidas shoes for men, puma shoes for men, and shoes from other top brands at affordable prices, keep a look at the brands mentioned below.

Here are the best brands for shoes for men in Malaysia

The top brands are used to delivering customers high-quality products that check all the right boxes. The brands we will mention next up have served various customers and satisfied them with their merchandise. They are known to be the best in delivering fashionable footwear which is durable and comfortable. They have wide varieties, including sports shoes for men, casual shoes for men, running shoes for men, and lifestyle shoes.


Novelship has been one of the major faces of footwear fashion in Malaysia. The brand has made a name for itself through its adaptive nature. The brand has managed to stay relevant over the years by adapting to new fashion trends. Moreover, Novelship is known for its diverse inventory and top-quality products.

Novelship has established a system that authenticates articles from Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Yeezy, Fear of God, Supreme, Bearbrick, etc. These articles are made available to the public at reduced rates. However, there are no compromises made on product quality with proven authentication professionals being inducted into the roster. You can see for yourself on the Novelship website.

Whether you are looking for sliders or sleepers, you can find all of those here! Additionally, Novelship is famous for its streetwear, sneakers, and sports shoes for men. They are also mentioned due to their casual shoes for men and running shoes for men. Novelship is such a fan favorite due to its competitive pricing. Their most sold articles include Adidas NMD editions, Jordan editions, and Superstar editions.

Al-Ikshan Sports

Al-Ikshan Sports has developed as a giant in the retail industry of Malaysia. Established in 1992, the brand has taken huge leaps in making its name known to wider audiences. Since its inception longing way back to 1992, it has established 125 stores across Peninsular Malaysia till date.

There has been a significant shift and focus towards goods other than sports in recent times. Al-Ikshan Sports, which was initially perceived as a sports retailer, delved into other fields and diversified its inventory. It is renowned for its awesome shoes for men that have helped customers immensely.

Al-Ikshan sports has a solution to all your footwear problems. Whether you’re looking for formal, casual shoes for men, sports shoes for men, or streetwear, Al-Ikshan Sports is the place to be! Their outstanding quality has ensured their progress in the market. The footwear at the brand can serve wider interests and requirements. The design, comfort, and durability of these shoes have been spoken of highly by customers and shoe reviewers.

Check out Al-Ikshan website to pick your favorite running shoes for men or casual shoes too.


ANAABU is a household name in Malaysian fashion circles. The brand has made its name in multiple niches. ANAABU is not only a shoe retailer but provides customers with various options.

ANAABU was registered as a company in 2010. Its withstanding contribution and commitment towards adopting greener production systems have garnered immense appraisal. They’re devoted to contributing and play their part in ensuring cleaner environments that are safe to breathe in for future generations.

ANAABU has various options in its shop list. The brand offers branded shoes for men that are of the highest quality on their website. These shoes are top-notch concerning fashion trends, styling, comfort, and durability. Furthermore, the brand is home to awesome clothing wear, hats, hosieries, and other accessories.


ALDO is a brand that carries rich history and prestige. It was initiated in 1972, with its headquarters set in Quebec. Since its inception, ALDO has been a brand fully devoted and invested in footwear. ALDO has aimed at accommodating people with affordable fashion. The brand offers top-notch footwear, accessories, and leather goods through their awesome craftsmanship.

ALDO has been special due to its ability to adapt to emerging fashion trends. However, by doing so, it has not transformed into an outrageously expensive brand making it inaccessible. In contrast, ALDO, along with staying relevant to modern demands, has maintained a reasonable pricing structure.

There are various options like heels and flat shoes for women intending to find party footwear. Furthermore, the brand offers sneakers, sports shoes for men, casual shoes for men, loafers, flat shoes, sandals, etc. Casual shoes for men are also available on Aldo’s website. These diversified options make it a brand that juggles various niches to perfection. Besides, stylish shoulder bags and heels for women are aslo accessible.

These top footwear brands in collaboration with Atome

The brands mentioned above are merchants of Atome. The term ‘merchant’ indicates that these brands have collaborated with Atome in a public benefit scheme. Any purchase made from the mentioned brands by choosing Atome as the payment method can be divided into three equal payments. The option has helped many customers throughout Malaysia shop more while keeping their finances in check.

What is Atome?

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You’d be more than delighted to find products from over 5,000 different local and international merchants on Atome’s website. Atome also has a ready app to provide their users with a friendly and reliable shopping experience.

How to pay for your branded shoes for men by Atome?

Follow the next three steps to pay for your branded shoes for men through Atome:

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