Apple MacBook Pro 2021 – The next-gen Apple Laptop

by jasmine

Dec 31 2021

Since the beginning of the switch to Intel CPUs in early 2006, the trademark Apple MacBook Pro has been used for Apple’s top-notch, elevated laptop. As Apple has transitioned to its very own silicon chipset, the Pro name has continued to be a strong suit. Because of the ARM-based Apple chip, the current fourth and fifth-generation Apple MacBook Pro laptops provide significantly greater power with decreased heat production and improved battery longevity.

Apple released the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch as the newest upgrade to the fourth-gen MacBook in late 2020. The Apple MacBook Pro has the same design as previous MacBooks, although it, like the MacBook Air and Mac Mini, uses Apple silicon. However, if you compare MacBook Air vs. Apple MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air has the edge for obvious reasons.

The M1 chip from Apple introduced ARM technology to the MacBook line, and this was the first MacBook that was devoid of an Intel CPU. The said M1 chip has an 8-core CPU and an 8-core CPU in a single architecture. The CPU has onboard memory, restricting the device to 8GB or 16GB of consolidated memory. The 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro comes with storage options ranging from 256GB to 2TB with a Magic Keyboard rather than the earlier troublesome butterfly keyboard.

MacBook Pro 2021 – The current models

Apple introduced a completely new look for the MacBook Pro range in October 2021. Apple upped the display size of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch to 14-inch and lowered the bezels of the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inches.

This fifth-generation notebook resolved many of the previous gen’s criticisms. MagSafe was reintroduced in the form of an enhanced MagSafe 3, and the MacBook acquired an HDMI connector as well as an SD-card slot. The Touch Bar is also gone. Instead, the regular row of function keys is shown. The newest MacBooks also have the iPad Pro’s ProMotion display, which has a dynamic refresh rate and mini-LED lighting.

The MacBook Pro 13 inch with M1 chip

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch is backed by an M1 chip which makes the device about 280% faster than its predecessors. What’s more, the GPU speed has increased by 500% as well. The device packs a good 20 hours of battery life, and Apple’s Neural Engine makes sure that the Apple MacBook Pro has a greater machine learning speed of up to 11x.

Other features

  • The Apple-designed M1 processor will provide a significant boost in CPU, GPU, and machine learning capabilities.
  • Get much more done with up to 20 hours of battery life; the longest ever in a Mac 8-core CPU gives up to 2.8x faster performance, allowing you to move through processes speedier than ever before.
  • For graphics-intensive programs and games, an 8-core GPU with up to 5x quicker graphics is available.
  • Neural Engine with 16 cores for sophisticated machine learning
  • SSD storage is extremely quick, allowing programs to start and data to be opened in a matter of seconds.
  • The active cooling system maintains exceptional execution.
  • 13.3-inch Retina Display with 500 nits of luminosity for rich colors and outstanding picture clarity.
  • FaceTime HD camera equipped with a sophisticated image signal processor for clearer, crisper video calls

Choosing ‘Machines’ to buy Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch with the M1 chip

Machines is a merchant that cooperates with Atome to sell its Apple products, including the Apple MacBook Pro. Machines (745167-M) was founded in 2006 with the goal of being Malaysia’s one-stop Apple distributor. It is currently one of the major Apple Premium Resellers (APR) in Malaysia, with 38 outlets nationally and expanding. Machines also entered the service market in 2007, obtaining an Apple Authorized Service Provider (ASP) certificate.

Machines shop ideas provide a complete line of Apple-related accessories as well as a significant number of demo units for clients to try out. The stores also provide the widest selection of Apple accessories in Malaysia.

In addition to the Apple MacBook Pro, Machines sells almost all of Apple’s products, including:

  • iPhone and iPads.
  • Mac.
  • Apple Watch.
  • Apple TV.
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  • Beats.
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  • AirTag.
  • Accessories

Machines’ Protection Plan

Machines Protection Plan (MPP) offers you a dedicated MPP hotline number as well as special product education encompassing gadget tips and tricks. This plan additionally protects your devices from accidental damage or liquid damage incidents that are not covered by the regular one-year Apple warranty. Buy your Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch with the M1 chip from Machines now!

Machines and Atome

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What is Atome?

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How to pay using Atome?

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Shopping on Machines with Atome

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Ending Note

The Apple MacBook Pro is clearly one of the most kickass Apple devices out there. Being jam-packed with marvelous features and functionalities, the device’s a beast! Purchase the Apple MacBook Pro now via Atome. Get the app now!

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