3 coffee grinders to watch out for

by Mavis

Mar 04 2022

Haven’t we all suffered from headaches and tiring nights? But what always comes to the rescue is a mug of coffee. However, many people are very particular about their coffee intake with no compromises on the taste. After some time, we all get tired of the packaged coffee mixtures. The artificial taste ceases to serve the purpose. Therefore, it is important to find an alternative. A coffee grinder can play a pivotal role in serving you high-quality coffee. A coffee bean grinder can extract maximum taste and aroma from raw coffee beans.

Where can I get the best coffee grinder from?

Wondering where you can get the most effective coffee bean grinder? Isn’t it a no-brainer? Lamarsa Coffee Machine Company has become the leading coffee-making machine supplier. The coffee Grinders at Lamarsa Coffee have helped numerous people work out a solution to their never-ending headaches. Furthermore, coffee can be a great tool to have by your side when working exhausting nights.

Never heard of Lamarsa Coffee?

Lamarsa Coffee Machine Company is renowned for its supply chain for coffee-making accessories. Along with hand coffee grinder, the company is famous for its range of espresso machines, coffee cups, saucers, sip lids, clump crushers, bottomless portafilters, coffee knock drawers, pitchers, and filter pads. Whether you want a manual coffee grinder or an automatic one, this is the place to be!

Coffee Grinders at Lamarsa Coffee Machine Company

Different merits are considered while reviewing a coffee bean grinder. First and foremost is its ability to churn out high-quality byproducts of coffee beans. Rich in taste and aroma, they should be! However, this is not where it all ends! A hand coffee grinder is judged on its functioning ability, motor, durability, smoothness, and output. Next up, we will guide you through the best coffee grinders at Lamarsa Coffee Machine Company.

1. Eureka Mignon Filtro Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Mignon Filtro Coffee Grinder is a perfect fit to fulfill your morning coffee rituals. The coffee grinder delves into brew-focused grinding and excels in it by far. The coffee bean grinder follows a matte black texture, which is sure not to disturb the overall look of the kitchen or room.

Moving on to the features, it is a brew-built design. The brew path and motor combo ensure a balanced range in drip coffee and incorporate various pour-over methods. Furthermore, it has a Stepless Grind Adjust system that is sure to make your life easier. The system ensures that there are no hassles in tweaking settings.

There’s a press-and-hold switch at the right through which you can control the grinding process. Moreover, it has a metal case. There is always a catch bin that ensures no mess around. The grinder ticks the durability column in the checklist. It has an ideal weight of 5.6kg that is suitable to handle by everybody.

3. Lagom P64 Flat Burr Single-Dosing Coffee Grinder

This one is Single-Dosing beauty. It is a coffee bean grinder that encourages users to get on the reins as no other grinder does. It enables you to make the coffee of your choice. If you’re one for Turkish Coffee, you can extract that, and if you’re a French press addict, there’s no problem in that as well.

It has an RPM 300W BLDC Motor. It ranges from 200-1400 RPM under load. The machine is capable of giving fine grinds and keeping it thick according to your choice. The main quality is that it doesn’t compromise on the user’s amount of control, even on a high load. There are additional Burr options that give you the option to dial the machine.

I am sure this is one coffee grinder you don’t want to miss out on!

It is constructed wholly out of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The materials are so solid that they can last for years to come. The grinder is silver in cover and doesn’t lag in appearance.

3. Hey Cafe H1 Coffee Grinder

This is one of the most high-end coffee grinders available at Lamarsa Coffee Machine Co. The coffee grinder has larger 64mm flat burrs. The grinder is fully capable of grinding it fine and leaving it thick when needed. It is suitable for espresso brewing and filters cold coffee brewing when needed. Its ability to switch gears is what makes it so special!

It consists of adjustable portafilter forks and a dosing tray. It also has an Aeropress. With portafilters, you can maneuver the supports to and fro around a range of 18cm from the grind chute. You can choose to extract the coffee directly into the chamber. For that, you will have to put in place an Aeropress.

The grinder has a Stepless adjustment system. It also has a display system that gives out the setting details. The ground tray is removable, hence ensuring hygiene. A 380g hopper can be worked in a large Cafe bar. However, you don’t need to be intimidated because it is also a fit for single-dose brewing.

A Detailed Insight into Lamarsa Coffee Machine Company

Lamarsa Coffee Machine Company has been a household name in Malaysia whenever coffee machines have come up. The company has been supplying coffee machines to top brands around Malaysia. The company has been committed to delivering coffee to people with refined taste and aroma.

Lamarsa Coffee Machine Co. has been a flag bearer for the coffee-machine manufacturing industry in Malaysia. The company has taken great pride in distributing coffee equipment to top brands like Rocket Express, La Marzocco Home, Slayer, Profitec, Eureka, Asaia, La Marzocco, etc.

It is also an authorized warranty repair center that serves top brands. This process is made smoother by their customer support professionals and in-house certified experts. You can see for yourself on the website.

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