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by Starry

Feb 21 2022

For some people, coffee functions like the heart – it keeps the blood pumping. Coffee is no doubt the most-adored beverage for people all around the world. Every few miles, you’ll find cafes, restaurants, or kiosks that serve coffee to succumb to and entertain the desires of all coffee lovers out there.

The adoration and popularity bagged by coffee are not without reason – coffee enhances your physical performance, aids fat-burning and weight loss, helps you concentrate and stay alert.

If you haven’t been a fan of coffee, reading these benefits should compel you to move in the right direction. Today, we’ll be talking about coffee machines in Malaysia – you should definitely get one! We’ll be looking at some of the best coffee machines brandished by Buna Market. So, without having to wait for another curious instant, let’s begin with our list of the top coffee maker machines showcased by Buna Market.

Look at some of the best coffee machines at Buna Market

Coffee machines are a must-have if you like to have cups of coffee that have the perfect blend of ingredients. Plus, with the consistency in taste boasted by coffee maker machines, they are a sweetheart!

Let’s look at some of the best coffee machines you can bag from Buna Market, including the Breville coffee machine!

Flair Pro 2

The Flair Pro 2 is a recent rendition of the Flair Classic and is a manual espresso-making coffee maker machine. If you can’t seem to get the coffee you had from your favorite café out of your head, choose the Flair Pro 2 to add piquancy that competes with a taste of your favorite coffee spot.

The Flair Pro 2 coffee machine flaunts a customer pressure gauge and stainless-steel features, making this coffee machine a must-have if you’re looking for durability and reliability. And to top all that, this coffee machine is affordable – wondrous!

Flair 58 Espresso Maker

If you’re looking for a professional-grade, manual coffee maker that uses a lever espresso press, you’ll love the Flair 58, Espresso Maker. The 58 also contains enhancements requested by the customer to the preheating process, such as our Preheat Temperature Controller. To maintain optimal warmup and thermal control in every shot, just adjust your brewing head to one of three heat levels.

BREVILLE Coffee Machine Espresso – BES870 Barista Express

The espresso machine that does everything. In very little than a minute, you can make third-wave specialty coffee at home — from coffee bean to espresso; this Breville coffee machine does it all for you.

The Barista Express lets you ground the beans immediately before removing them for enhanced taste, and accurate temperature control provides excellent espresso extraction. Handle manual micro-foam milk texturing like a barista to give realistic café style results in no time.

BREVILLE BES920 Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine

This Breville coffee machine features a dual stainless-steel boiler heating mechanism and a steam boiler. BREVILLE BES920 Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine gives you instantaneous and strong steaming according to your preference that’s just perfect for any cup of coffee.

The BREVILLE BES920 Dual Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine also flaunts a programmable pour or semi-automatic feature, 15-bar pump pressure, and a 2.5 liters capacity water tank to brew the coffee of your dreams.

If any of the coffee maker machines mentioned above piqued the interest of your coffee-enthusiastic taste buds, we suggest you get the best coffee machine in Malaysia from Buna Market now and know what it feels like to be a coffee-making champ.

Buna Market – get to know them

Buna Market is an e-commerce platform that was created especially for all the coffee lovers that are out there. From a plethora of coffee beans from international and national roasters to coffee tools and other coffee-related equipment, Buna Market has literally got it all.

Buna Markets’ aim is to have a massive range of coffee-related items that suit the needs of any person who has a knack for coffee. Plus, Buna Market is committed to expanding its range of coffee-related products while building a healthy and thriving community of coffee lovers at the same time.

Buna Market started off as a simple coffee shop, and look at them now – A renowned platform that has all the essentials catering to people who have a sweet tooth for coffee.

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Coffee machines are a must-have if you have a sweet tooth for coffee and want that unrivaled taste in all of your coffee mixes. Buy the best coffee machine in Malaysia from Buna Market now and use Atome for easier management of your finances!

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