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by Mavis

Feb 28 2022

What is the best e scooter Malaysia? As the world evolves, various effects have been noticed in recent times concerning the environment. Humans play an integral part in polluting the environment and making it difficult to survive. This pollution is caused by various activities such as industrial pollution, waste, emissions, and the ever-increasing use of vehicles. Transportation is an aspect that has a massive impact on the atmosphere. It is due to gasoline or diesel, which gives birth to various dangerous pollutants.

How can we contribute to making our lives a better place?

People often tend to give an outdated argument of how one person can bring about a change. However, we can make small contributions towards a bigger goal in our daily lives. This can be done in different ways. One of them is the better use and choice of transportation. In recent times, almost the majority of people have relied upon cars and motorcycles for transportation purposes.

However, some companies and retailers have decided to bring about a change by offering people up-to-date vehicles that can be eco-friendly. Beam SOLO has introduced one such vehicle; an e-scooter.

The Beam e-scooter has been aimed at providing people with an easy way of transportation. Additionally, it doesn’t compromise durability and design. So it’s not like you’re to kill all your instincts to be an eco-friendly person.

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max

The Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max is the latest addition to the list of e-scooters. It is one of the best editions going around. It has been shaped, keeping the Xiaomi M365 edition in perspective with certain modifications. It almost covers all the bases and hits the right notes. With a 350 watts e-motor, the e-scooter has a considerably good range of 65km. The range is higher than many e-scooters and in competition with the top ones.

Heading out on longer trips with this e-scooter is not a problem! With its large tires and sturdy frame, longer trips prove to be highly comfortable. However, due to its heavyweight, the scooter lags in the portability department. This aspect can be easily ignored, keeping in mind the other benefits it offers.

  • It consists of a foldable stem, but the handlebars cannot be folded. The Beam e-scooter proves to be the real deal when you get to steeper areas. It can come in handy in these situations. If you are a daily commuter, this is your type. It is a more stable version of Xiaomi M365 with a more extensive range.
  • The e-scooter has a kickstart function, due to which it directly starts from 3-5km/h. For safety purposes, the e-scooter can not be straight away throttled to full speed due to the danger of the motor remaining unengaged. The Beam e-scooter has a relatively decent speed. You can notch it up to 30km/h. However, with the battery below 50%, it cannot be operated at more than 25km/h. Additionally, there are speed limits for scooters often set at roundabouts of 25km/h, which makes a good choice.
  • The e-scooter has an intelligent and robust braking system. It is comprised of the dual brake model. With a drum brake and rear electronic brake, the e-scooter has covered up every possibility. In case of systematic failures, the e-scooter can be brought to rest immediately, which is often missing in other e-scooters.
  • The entire ride data can be seen on the handlebars. In addition, an LED Display provides all the data relating to speed, battery, etc. The brakes, accelerator, grips, and display are attached with handlebars. It also consists of a mini-horn that is capable of alerting other travelers.
  • The Beam e-scooter also consists of front and rear LED lights for excellent visibility. The e-scooter can also handle splashes due to its IPX5 water resistance rating. In terms of design, it is pretty simple. However, with all black and linings on yellow, it provides a classic look. Overall this is an e-scooter you don’t want to miss out on!

About Beam SOLO

Beam SOLO has an unending commitment and devotion towards the environment. Due to their strong realization of the impacts of carbon emissions and other pollutants on the environment, the company has found ways to reduce the sources of these pollutants. The company is the only e-scooter operator that has received a Climate Neutral Certification in the APAC region.

Beam SOLO has been taking part in different activities aimed at reducing carbon emissions and global warming effects. Many of these projects have been in the field of renewable energy. The company makes contributions in the field of transport but has various other notable achievements.

Beam SOLO has established the Beam Safety Academy, which is regarded as the most significant educational institute in APAC for the teaching of e-scooter riding. It is one of the most reliable destinations with world-class tutors if you don’t know how to ride an e-scooter and are ready to learn! The company also hosts a training program for the safer riding of e-scooters. You can check out their e scooters on their Beam Solo.

Beam SOLO in Collaboration with Atome

Beam SOLO has collaborated with Atome to provide customers with excellent options. Under this partnership, customers are given a chance to divide their purchase into three payments if they use Atome as their payment method. This option has played an integral part in building Beam SOLO’s reputation as the leading e-scooter company.

What is Atome?

Atome has its headquarters set in Singapore. Atome is a payment option that helps burden off its users. People using Atome buying from its merchants get an option of dividing their purchase into three payments, regardless of the product. Due to this, the customers benefit from these flexibilities and relaxations. This option becomes a source of convenience for customers.

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