Furla Malaysia – Making waves in heritage fashion

by jasmine

Apr 22 2022

Furla Malaysia is an insanely popular brand that dominates the handbag market and is considered a giant when it comes to all things bags. Furla’s bags for men and women are popular around the world owing to their original designs coupled with functionality.

Fashion trends are mercurial, changing at the whims and fancies of the world’s leading brands in fashion. From the type of hem that’s in these days to the make of the crossbody bag you’re sporting, it’s all part of a tide of new styles and designs

Furla has a rich history deeply rooted in Italian culture, which resonates with many on a personal level. Established in Bologna in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto, Furla boasts a wealth of skilled artisans, innovative ideas, and an ambitious mindset to be the best in this trade and provide their customers with high-quality products and services.

Furla’s (visit the website) first store opened in Bologna on Via Ugo bass in 1955 and functions to this day. From 1970 to 1980, Furla expanded its company in the US, Italy, and France, producing its first branded accessories collection. In 1990 the company took to making its name known in Japan, China, Germany, and the UK. Despite being on the path to becoming the world’s most revered brand in fashion accessories, Furla did not forget its humble roots.

In 1999 the “Furla per l’arte” award was established to encourage and support up-and-coming Italian artists to give them the space to continue nurturing their passion. The award soon became the most respected form of achievement for young artists of contemporary art.

In 2008 the Foundazione Furla was created, and the company launched its online boutique to become even more accessible to its customers around the world. 2015 proved to be a year in which the brand achieved new heights of success, establishing the Palazzo Furla in Milan, a city that has forever been considered a place that lives and breathes fashion, with its glittering luxury brand stores situated around the city, teeming with new talent and heritage of setting the standard in the fashion industry.

For ages, the city has attracted the interest of fashion experts and enthusiasts across the world. With Palazzo Furla at the heart of the fashion capital, Furla has firmly made its place in the industry, and with the numbers to prove it! Furla’s sales have doubled In the last five years.

Furla bags in Malaysia have arrived to upgrade the fashion scene across the country. With its ingenious concepts and unparalleled craftsmanship, Furla bags will be the only accessories you need in your closet. Furla Malaysia’s online store is also up and running, so you don’t even need to take that tiring trip to the store to get the most stunning Furla handbag in Malaysia.

Furla Bags

The Furla Selection

Coming to a vast collection of products, Furla specializes in the designing and manufacturing of the most elegant bags. Furla handbags are admired by experts around the world, and in this article, we’ve selected some of the best ones for you:

Furla Charlotte

This shoulder bag boasts a jacquard Arch logo and grained Roma leather. Artfully designed metal twist closure compliments the ethnic-patterned exterior, and two removable shoulder straps allow the shoulder bag to be worn as a crossbody as well – talk about practicality!

If you’re sitting at home worrying about the cost, don’t! This Furla handbag’s price will surely be light on the pockets, and with the surprise, we’ve got in store for you, you’ll be buying for the whole family!

Furla Bloom Bag

This mini shoulder bag will have you revising your Spring look. Its sleek box-shaped look with an extendable interior reinvents how a blooming flower can be incorporated into an accessory. The chain in resin adds the perfect amount of fun, and you can even replace it with any Furla strap of your choice. This Furla bag’s price is quite affordable as well! Be prepared to become the life of any party by investing in this statement piece.

Furla Metropolis

Available in a wide range of rich colors, Furla metropolis mini’s compact yet attractive design speaks volumes about the craftsmanship that went into making it. Made in printed calfskin, this Furla crossbody bag is a show stopper. The Furla sling bag’s metal Spiga chain strap is a unique and charming detail that completes the look.

Furla candy bag

An ode to the planet, this magnificent piece is made using recycled thermoplastic polyurethane and previously used material. The company’s strong values shine boldly through this sling bag, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

Furla Bella

Furla Bella and Furla Bella mini bags are sophisticated pieces suitable for formal events. Stand out amongst your friends and loved ones by investing in this masterpiece.

Furla Wallet and Furla Card Holder

Furla wallets in Malaysia are making the headlines with their fresh and functional designs. Each piece is distinct and elegant in its own way, made of unique materials and boasting exceptional craftsmanship; these wallets are a luxury selection.

Furla has even mastered the cardholder market, with their expressive pieces here to make even the smallest fashion accessories a fashion story you can tell to the world.

Fulra Miastella

Worn across the body and used as a shoulder bag, this Furla tote bag is a truly versatile accessory available in a myriad of attractive colors. Armed with this bag, you can complete any look, be it formal or casual.

The Miastella also comes in a tasteful Furla bucket bag design. Our favorite, the tangerine piece, is a story about holding your own and never letting someone else make the rules about how you should carry yourself.

The Grand Surprise

We’re sure you’re itching to visit Furla’s store and get your hands on their beautiful collection, but we’ve got some exciting news for you. Furla is a partner brand with Atome, the world’s most respected shopping brand!

furla tote bag

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Shop with Atome and break down Furla Malaysia’s price for all kinds of bags to a reasonable amount payable within 3 separate payments.

How to shop for Furla Malaysia items using Atome ?

Use Atome’s fantastic app to ease the process of making payments when buying from Malaysia’s number one luxury bag accessories store. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when shopping at Furla Malaysia’s online store.
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Shop at Furla this Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is among us, and with it comes a tiresome routine and very little sleep. Don’t forget to prepare thoroughly for Eid celebrations in your quest to find spiritual guidance. Visit Furla’s online store and make the most out of Atome’s game-changing offer to upgrade your handbag collection. Come to celebrate Ramadan right now!

Concluding Thoughts

Are you in Malaysia and ready to join the movement that will change how people have viewed bags forever? We sure are!

Make the most out of your shopping experience by paying through Atome’s extraordinary and exciting app. Its convenient payment methods let you divide your bill into 3 reasonable amounts without extra charges! Shop at Furla Malaysia, Atome’s partnered brand, this Ramadan and get the best deal on any bag of your choosing.

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