MONTIGO – Your Everyday Dose of Hydration on The Go!

by jiatongma

Jun 08 2022

MONTIGO provides high-grade bottles and mugs that are perfect for busy, bustling city life and outdoor adventures. Why settle for disposable bottles when you can carry your favorite beverage in MONTIGO bottles?

This article will take you through the brand’s history and explore its product categories but before that, let’s discuss why it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Improved brain performance

Did you know that fluid loss can affect mood, concentration, memory, and reaction time? Therefore, adequate fluid intake can positively affect your cognitive skills, steady your nerves, and even reduce anxiety levels.

Improved digestion

Our bodies need water to digest food properly, and drinking fewer fluids can cause bloating, gas, heartburn, irregular bowel movements, and more. If you experience these symptoms, increasing your water intake can help bring your systems back in place. Drinking plenty of water helps break down soluble fiber from our food, regulating the digestion process. 

Improved temperature regulation

Human bodies are designed to burn off excessive heat through sweat. When you’re dehydrated, your body ends up storing more heat, reducing your ability to bear soaring temperatures. Drinking fluids helps you produce sweat when you’re hot, cooling your body down in the process. This built-in cooling mechanism in our bodies helps prevent heat-related conditions such as heat stroke, etc.

Improved weight management

When you’re hydrated, you feel a sense of fullness that keeps you from over-eating and repeatedly reaching out to the snack cupboards. Drinking two glasses before meals also helps reduce body mass index, body weight, and composition. Moreover, it speeds up your metabolism, helping you stay fit.

Improved urinary system

You’d be surprised to know that water plays an integral role in regulating all body functions, including the urinary tract. Fluids ensure that harmful bacteria are constantly flushed out from your bladder and aids in avoiding urinary tract infections (UTIs). Staying hydrated also lowers the chances of kidney stone formation. Consuming a substantial amount of water can help break and dilute the concentration of minerals in your urinary tract.

Improved energy level

Lack of fluids slows down blood circulation and affects oxygen flow to your brain. This means your heart has to work harder to pump oxygen throughout the body, taking up a lot of your energy. Loss of energy makes you feel sluggish and less focused.

If you want to prevent dehydration, drinking up to eight glasses of water in a day can be a great start to a healthy lifestyle. However, if you stay outdoors for the most part of the day, it can be challenging to track your water intake and stay hydrated. Fortunately, travel water bottle brands offer a viable solution and help you easily carry your favorite beverages. 

Let’s look at how MONTIGO is an excellent option for you to try. 

Montigo Malaysia

MONTIGO is a trusted brand that focuses on product quality above everything else. They use high-grade, heavy-duty materials to create bottles and mugs that are travel friendly and durable. Using a combination of modern technology and ergonomic design, each product adds value to your everyday life, making it easier for you to carry your drinks wherever you go.

Here are some products you can find at MONTIGO.

  • Ace bottles
  • Knight’s tumbler
  • Ease bottle
  • Cup series

MONTIGO Ace bottles

There are two designs in this series, and both are available in two sizes: 530 ml and 950 ml.

The first design is the Ace bottle comes with a free interchangeable Sprout lid so you can switch it up according to your needs. Created with A2 food-grade steel, the bottle is thermoregulated, allowing you to keep your beverages cool for up to 18 hours and warm up to 12 hours. The material used is free of BPA/BPS and is eco-friendly. 

We know how messy condensation on bottle surfaces can be, and that’s why these bottles are made with no-sweat technology to eliminate this problem entirely. Finally, the Ace bottles are available in neutral as well as pastel colors like mint, lavender, and pink to brighten up your day.

The second design is the Metallic Ace bottle, which shares all the Ace bottle’s characteristics and is available in unique colors like pink mauve, scarlet red, pine green, etc.

MONTIGO Knight Tumbler

The Knight Tumbler comes in two variations: Knight Tumbler and Metallic Knight Tumbler. This sleek and sturdy design is suitable for work and outdoor activities and can contain up to 590ml of fluid. The splash-proof flip lid ensures that you don’t have to face accidental spillage while on the run. The tumbler has the following features:

  • A2 food-grade stainless steel
  • Thermoregulated
  • Eco-friendly
  • Leak-proof
  • No sweat technology
  • Reusable

The Knight Tumbler comes in pretty hues like sand, light green, light blue, etc., while the metallic Knight Tumbler is available in pine green and scarlet red.

MONTIGO Ease Bottle

This lightweight bottle is the latest addition to MONTIGO’s urban collection. The sleek design of the bottle, combined with its leak-resistant lid, makes it a solid travel companion. It can store up to 750ml of liquid, and you also get a complementary Carabiner with your purchase to help you attach the ease bottle to your bag or just use it as an additional handle.

The Ease bottle has all the characteristics of the Ace bottle, but the point of differentiation is its design and capacity. This one is available in candycorn, Timberwood, gingerbread, pea colors, and more!

MONTIGO Cup Series

The cup series has two designs: King’s cup and Sense coffee cup.

The King’s cup is a versatile product that can be carried around with ease. Made with sturdy stainless steel, the spill-free, splash-proof flip lid makes this cup ideal for work and play! The thermoregulation technology ensures that your beverages stay cold for up to 9 hours and warm up to 6 hours. In addition, the no-sweat technology makes it the perfect addition to your work table.

This cup of coffee can hold up to 290ml of fluid and is available in cute colors like light blue, yellow, purple, etc.

The coffee cup design is very light in weight, and the insulated product is made for coffee lovers who are always out and about. Keeping sustainability in mind, these cups are designed to replace your paper coffee cups to reduce wastage. Made with high-quality and durable A2 food-grade stainless steel, it can keep your beverages cool for up to 6 hours and want up to 4 hours.

You can buy the Sense coffee cup in modern hues of buttercream, charcoal, pea, etc.

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Final Thoughts

Staying hydrated keeps your body safe from many health issues and helps you stay active throughout the day. MONTIGO bottles and cups are perfect for hydration on the go. Lightweight and easy to carry- they make an ideal travel companion. 

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