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by Mavis

Feb 10 2022

Good sneakers can make or break the full look of your outfit. Plus, if they are comfortable to the core and tickle all the senses of your feet, they are a catch. In the world of sneakers and quality shoes, you must have heard of the name ‘New Balance.’

When it comes to classy sneakers and shoes, New Balance is an American Rockstar. New Balance is an American sport, apparel, and footwear company that was founded in 1906. Today, New Balance is a worldwide player and has prominent markets in the United States and United Kingdom (for the European market). New Balance 990 shoes are one of the best shoes engineered by the brand and are simply adored by people from all over the world.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of New Balance in Malaysia (including New Balance running shoes) sold by Novelship. So, without further ado, let’s get started on our list of some of the New Balance shoes featured by Novelship.

Novelship- Get the best New Balance shoes in Malaysia.

When it comes to branded stuff, Novelship prides itself in having a collection of items that are sure to amuse its customers. If you’re looking for New Balance in Malaysia, we suggest you stopover at Novelship. Here are some of the New Balance shoes flaunted by Novelship.

New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 is one of the trendiest New Balance shoes that you will find on the market. Wearing New Balance 550, you’ll look like the royalty you really are. These New Balance shoes were initially worn by pros and skilled athletes to give their respects to the 1989 original New Balance shoes that were embellished by classic details.

The New Balance 550 pays tribute to the original model that was launched in 1989 and is a recollection of beautiful memories.

The New Balance 550 has a synthetic, leather, and mesh upper to allow for maximum comfort and durability. Moreover, New Balance conferred these shoes with a rubber outsole for maximum durability and on-ground traction.

The New Balance 550 also features an adjustable lace closure to seamlessly fit the feet of every size. These New Balance running shoes bring classic heritage to life with their saturated colors.

Here are some of the colors (and color themes) and variations of the New Balance 550 you’ll find at Novelship:

  • White Gray.
  • Carolina Blue.
  • Shifted Sport Pack – Green.
  • White Green.
  • Oreo.
  • White Navy.
  • Syracuse.
  • Rich Paul ‘Multi.’
  • Aime Leon Dore NB 550 ‘Evergreen.’
  • Aime Leon Dore NB 550 ‘Silver.’
  • Shifted Sport Pack – Team Red.
  • United Arrows.

New Balance 327

When recreational runners became popularized during the 1970s, the standard for running shoes evolved from simple survival to competence. While the styles of the period might be deemed simplistic by modern standards, the era stood out as the point at which running shoes finally came off on their own.

By aggressively reworking historical design components with a fully modern perspective, the New Balance 327 shines new light on the 1970s as a moment of invention. The 327 is a total reimagining of the running legacy, with an angular reinvention of the asymmetrically applied ‘N’ logo, tried-and-true wedge form, outsize, and wraparound trail-inspired outsole.

People also use the New Balance 327 for power walking and their mixed colors magnet 5-stars from all their users.

Here are some of the variations and color schemes you’ll find when shopping at Novelship.

  • Dark Violet Summer Jade.
  • Sea Salt.
  • Indigo Denim.
  • Farmer’s Market Pomegranate.
  • Beige Blue.
  • White Turtle Dove.

New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 isn’t an ordinary running shoe; it goes much beyond that. The New Balance 574 are crafted with handpicked, quality material to make them a benchmark of originality and ingenuity. These shoes pack a versatile and classic design; plus, their grey color is reminiscent of New Balance’s history.

Not only that, the New Balance 574 is made from premium quality material that guarantees maximum comfort and functionality.

Other New Balance shoes

Novelship is loaded with a collection of New Balance shoes that go much above and beyond that of their competitors. Other New Balance shoes that you’ll find at Novelship are:

  • New Balance 992
  • New Balance 990
  • New Balance 997
  • New Balance 1300, 1400, 1500, and 1600.
  • New Balance OMN1S.
  • New Balance 57/40.
  • New Balance 2002R.

About Novelship

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Having the right shoes on your feet is a must. Plus, with New Balance’s line of trendy and hip running shoes and sneakers donned, your feet are ready to boast luxury.

While you’re at it, choose Novelship for all your purchases because its collection is exquisitely extensive. Plus, with Atome at your beck and call, you can flexibly manage all your finances!

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