Nixtic™ Shoes: Embrace Longlasting, Durable And Comfortable Work Shoes

by jiatongma

Sep 06 2022

The minds behind Nixtic™ Shoes began their venture when they realized there was no all-in-one solution to give people a perfect pair of work shoes. The market was saturated with sneakers, boots used during work, or slip-resistant shoes. Where was the product that combined it all? This was exactly what the company aimed to produce! With Nixtic™ Shoes, your feet are safe from any working hazards and wrapped in comfortable and classy footwear. To those at Nixtic™ Shoes, this is more than just running a company, this is about empowering the working individual to feel more safe and confident wherever they provide their services and expertise.

Nixtic™ Craftsman Brown

These shoes are practically indestructible. Made with military-grade Kevlar these boots can withstand anything, not to mention they don’t look too shabby in the style department. The Flymesh material makes the shoes breathable and comfortable. It soaks the moisture right off your skin so there’s no sweat or odor to trouble your day. Talk about safety. The Craftsman is made of heavy-duty steel so your toes would remain protected from any falling objects. No sharp objects can ever penetrate the strong material of these boots. The sole provides the traction to meanuever on slippery surfaces, the 3-D arch and additional padding at the heel make sure you don’t get any aches and soreness at the end of the day, and, last but not the least, these won’t be wearing out anytime soon. Nixtic™ safety Shoes don’t skimp on any material. The consumer is their top priority.

Nixtic™ Camouflage Blue

This trendy footwear is part of the Battlefield series, a line created in honor of the soldiers of the country. These shoes have all the qualities to make them a military-grade pair. The build is lightweight yet sturdy, allowing for no penetration. The shock-absorbing quality will keep your heels comfortable at the end of a long day and you’ll never slip on a slippery floor due to the skid-proof technology. These shoes also come with the added benefit of being insulated from any electric shock.

Nixtic™ UltraGhost Black

These shoes come with all the qualities of the Craftsman Indestructible Shoes with an additional amazing feature. These also have reflective stripes on them so you are safe, even in the dark! Built with strong and durable Kevlar, the shoes are lightweight and extremely stylish. Ramp up your everyday life with a new pair of UltraGhost and be safe from work hazards in style.

Nixtic™ Enforcer N2.0 Black

The Enforcer reinvents work shoes down to the T. The anti-collision leather toe cap adds an extra layer of protection for your feet as you go working on the field. The rebound air cushion and breathable fly-woven upper will take good care of your feet. Find this pair in the store today by visiting the website!

Nixtic™ Oxford Waterproof XO

An even more advanced and stylish design, the Oxford Waterproof comes with an upper that is resistant to any water damage. The elastic rib outside provides a grip unlike any other, and a reflective stripe gives you the ability to keep yourself protected in the dark.

Nixtic™ ThunderX G2.0

Long lasting, with a rubber foam to give you maximum comfort, the new arrival ThunderX G2.0 is the talk of the town. The edgy and bold design screams power, confidence, and extreme energy.

Nixtic™ Vernon XO

Where’s the young-blood spirit? These shoes certainly embody it. An ode to everything fresh and creative, a pair of these in yellow will surely liven up your closet. Not to mention, the durability and strength of these shoes mean you’ll have them around for a long while. The bending-resistant technology means you could almost fold them and not damage them in the least, and the anti-smashing feature will keep your toes protected from any wayward threat such as a falling steel pipe or a wooden board.

Nixtic™ Infiniti XO Grey

Sporting a steel grey look, these shoes exude power and strength. Ultra-comfortable with an added anti-slip sole for protection makes this the best product in the footwear market. Grab yours at the store today!

Nixtic™ Shoes Malaysia installment plan: Atome payment

We know you’re itching to hurry onto the website and order your next pair of Nixtic™ Shoes. You have excellent taste, there’s no doubt about it! We’ve got just another surprise to brighten your day even more. Nixtic™ Shoes is now a partner with Atome, a shopping brand with the aim to give its consumers the freedom to shop as they please when they please.

About Atome

Atome makes use of a fast-becoming popular concept called Buy Now Pay Later, which allows the consumer to buy what he or she needs without the need to carefully calculate their budget. With Atome, you can choose your favorite pair of shoes and buy them today. This is the revolution happening today! Currently headquartered in Singapore and operating in 10 locations across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China, we are moving towards our goals with leaps and bounds. Shop at any one of the 15,000+ brands we partner with to buy what you need today! Simply download our app without any extra charges, hidden fees, or registration charges. Head on to the app today and revolutionize the way you have shopped forever!

Scan QR code to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Scan Nixtic™ Shoes’s QR code in-store or pay using the Atome app at the time of checkout. Not only this, but you will also be able to redeem fantastic discount vouchers on Nixtic™ Shoes products and services. Users of our app can even benefit from a further discount. That’s right! For Atome MY first users: first order up to RM15 off. This is an offer you can’t ignore!

How to shop for Nixtic™ Shoes products with the Atome app?

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when shopping at Nixtic™ Shoes online store.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three payments within 30 days intervals, with one-third of the total amount due at the time of purchase.

Ready to bring in new and exciting footwear designs to your closet? Designs that will protect your feet and give you the confidence you need to seize each day? Invest in Nixtic™ Shoes and find the pair that suit you best.

With Atome as your shopping partner, the cost is nothing for you to worry about. You can simply select Atome at checkout and split your bill into 3. Isn’t that convenient? Well, we sure think so, so hurry up and grab your pair of work boots today at Nixtic™!

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