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by Starry

Apr 26 2022

PatPat is a lifesaver as it offers clothing that makes children look good and other accessories that provide them comfort. However, finding cute attires for children can be difficult due to the countless sizing problems. But the idea of dressing up children and comforting them with clothes crafted from good materials cannot be dropped primarily due to a few small problems. Therefore, finding a platform that provides well-fitted items for children is paramount, while maintaining the style quotient is paramount.

To solve this problem for you, we recommend PatPat Malaysia. PatPat is an online shopping platform with numerous products for children in different categories. The store ensures to offer trendy products that are the perfect fit for your children. It not only puts forward products for children but reserves a section for women’s products. The factor that makes the brand stand out is its top-notch quality. In this article, we will talk about the bestselling products at PatPat and its collaboration with Atome.

A brief overview of the products at PatPat

PatPat Malaysia supplies numerous products that are used daily by consumers. The importance of items presented by PatPat makes it a unique platform, and the fact that it guarantees quality. Its products for kids include T-shirts, shorts, skirts, superhero costumes, sunglasses, shoes, caps, feeders, jeans, socks, pajamas, stationery, backpacks, spoons, bottles, etc. For women, there are various garments, such as outfits for pregnant women.

PatPat Malaysia Online

Best Products at PatPat for Children

With its diverse catalog, PatPat offers top-tier items to customers. These decisions are based on current trends, style quotient, comfort, quality, and usage benefits. Some articles offered by PatPat Malaysia have gained immense popularity, becoming fan favorites.

Kid Boy Animal Lion Print Short sleeve tee

Animal print collections at PatPat have enjoyed a large diversion of traffic. Many customers have fallen in love with the trendy animal prints done beautifully on garments. The T-shirt is as trendy as they can get. Exhibiting a cool vibe, the T-shirt is fully white at the core. However, the lion print at the front makes it irresistible. The print is done flawlessly and neatly, leaving no ugly ends.

The lion rocks sunglasses with one glass of the sunglasses shaded red while the other is blue. The white and black mixture has always created magic, and it doesn’t cease to do so here! The article is also available in a dark grey color which looks equally brilliant. The sizes for the article are available for children ranging between the age groups of 4-and 12. The material used is top drawer. The shirt is crafted 95% from Polyester, while the remaining 5% is made up of Spandex.

Toddler/Kids Breathable Solid Slippers

Finding shoes for toddlers and kids is always a tiring task. Coming across a perfect pair is a rarity. Some pairs lag in quality while others don’t make up for style. In this hunt, the Breathable Solid Slippers prove to be a perfect choice! It is what people are on the lookout for. The article proves to be an effective choice for toddlers who are just learning to walk, ensuring utmost comfort. The slippers are as cute as they can get for children. Available in different colors, there are various options to choose from. These colors include pink, yellow, grey, light blue, and dark blue.

Moreover, they ensure comfort, which is the utmost priority when looking for shoes for toddlers or kids.

About PatPat – Their story and product categories

PatPat is an online shopping platform offering items for kids and women in their pregnancy. It stems from their outstanding and exemplary relationships with manufacturers. PatPat also builds strong connections with its customers by constantly updating them about its offers. Moreover, the store offers various discounts at regular intervals to keep the audience engaged and reward them for their trust in the products of PatPat.

The company was founded in 2014 by two friends-Albert, Wang and Kan Gao. It was founded in Mountain View, California, and is still headquartered. The idea of the company came up from a personal experience of Albert. After the birth of his first child, he saw the market gap in quality baby products. Therefore, he planned to initiate the company with his close friend Ken Gao. Two companies funded PatPat until 2018.

The companies were IDG Capital and Sequoia Capital, as written by ADVISORYHQ. The company adopts an M2C framework where products reach customers directly from clients. It helps reduce the price of goods significantly, which benefits the customers. Visit PatPat Malaysia’s online store to view their products.

PatPat in Collaboration with Atome

PatPat has collaborated with Atome to relieve customers of their financial burdens. This collaboration means that customers making purchases from PatPat and using Atome as their payment method have the option to divide their purchases into three payments. The option helps in increasing the bucket size of customers. It helps decrease the pressure off the customers by giving them a broader window to make their payments. It introduces payment planning by providing more time.

What is Atome?

Atome has partnered with 6,000+ merchants across Southeast Asia, giving customers a golden opportunity to divide their purchases into three payments after buying from their favorite brands. Headquartered in Singapore, Atome has seen a steep rise in its popularity owing to its reliable and effective system.

Using Atome presents many benefits, and one of them is to divide your purchases into three payments. Get a $10 voucher right now by signing up for the Atome app. Check the website to find your favorite merchants!

How to pay for your purchase from PatPat through Atome

Completing a payment through Atome is highly simple. Follow these three steps to complete your payment:

  1. Choose Atome as your payment method at the checkout menu
  2. Enter user credentials on the following menu
  3. Complete the first payment to complete the purchase
Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

Upgrade your children’s wardrobe with PatPat this Ramadan!

PatPat Malaysia online has become a fan favorite due to its high quality at affordable rates. It proves to be a brilliant option for all parents looking for apparel for their kids. Therefore, if you’re looking for products for your newborn or toddler, PatPat is the place to be!

FAQs about PatPat

Where is PatPat located?

PatPat is an e-commerce website that sells baby clothes and matching family outfits. The company is based in Mountain View, California. For years, it has gained wide popularity among female users who have babies and children.

How long does PatPat take to deliver?

It usually takes 14 to 22 days to get PatPat items. All packages have specific tracking information and can be tracked via the “My Order” section in your account or “Order Status”. Normally, it will take us 1 to 2 days to prepare your order.

Is PatPat clothing from China?

PatPat clothing comes from HONG KONG. It’s an indisputable fact that PatPat is a global e-commerce website that sells baby clothes and matching family outfits, which has raked in $510 million from two funding rounds backed by Chinese investors.

How about PatPat reviews?

PatPat has a consumer rating of 4.63 stars from 7,885 reviews, showing that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers happy with PatPat purchases most frequently mention good customer service and quality baby clothes.

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