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by Starry

Feb 09 2022

Jumpsuits were basically introduced in the 1960s as fashion wear, and people started using them for different occasions. These days, you can easily find a jumpsuit as a one-piece garment available for you in a comfortable size. After 2001, the jumpsuits started playing a good role as unique outfit wear, and some good varieties have also started appearing. Now, not only men and women, but kids can also wear a jumpsuit, especially for playing and any other activities.

Out of the various fashion brands for kids in Malaysia, Umbi.Kids is one of the most popular ones offering you some contemporary designs. Umbi.Kids take pride in introducing the Southeast Asian culture into baby clothing, and as there is a huge variety of collections, including essentials bags, tableware, and much more, they are one of the top baby jumpsuit producers offering hundreds of different jumpsuit styles from some of the top brands.

What is a baby jumpsuit?

A baby jumpsuit is known to be a one-piece that has pants. However, you will find a number of jumpsuit styles at Umbi.Kids, footies, sleepers, footed onesies, as well as coveralls. The main feature of any jumpsuit Malaysia is that the legs of the baby can be covered with pants.

Just like the baby romper and the baby bodysuit, the baby jumpsuit can be found in a number of different configurations. According to your requirements, you can go for the combinations like sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, hooded, and footed jumpsuits.

A variety of jumpsuits for kids at Umbi.Kids

  • Plain style kid jumpsuit

You can choose a plain jumpsuit for any outdoor activities and daily wear of your kid. It offers your baby ease of movement and comfort to the kid, while there is a wide variety of colors that you can choose from. You need to keep in mind that this kind of cute jumpsuit for kids can also be a great gift.

  • Fleece kid jumpsuit

Fleece is also one of the jumpsuit styles that is becoming very popular, as your kid is able to get cozy in winter. This jumpsuit comes with a zippered opening on its front, and there is also a hood that the kid can wear on the head. The bold colors of this jumpsuit Malaysia can be great for the winters.

  • Dress style kid jumpsuit

There is a huge variety of jumpsuits available at Umbi.Kids, some of them are quite the traditional ones, but you will also be able to find jumpsuits that offer style to your kid, and the dress style is one of these. The dress-style jumpsuit looks just like a dress, but it has pants making it very easygoing and comfortable. Some have lace on the edgings that look quite dainty and pretty.

  • Block style kid jumpsuit

These days, this jumpsuit for kids is in fashion and is also great for showing off their style. As this jumpsuit Malaysia contains a long pant style, therefore, your child will be able to have perfect freedom in order to move around.

What to look for when you purchase a baby jumpsuit at Umbi.Kids?

  • Fabric

The first thing you have to imagine is that your cute little baby has become part of your family, and you may go for expensive clothes to compliment the cuteness. With some cute outfits, your baby may get skin irritations and rashes, and the fabric is among the main reasons for this. The baby jumpsuit made of polyester and nylon may cause discomfort and should, therefore, be avoided.

  • Size

It can be a disappointment for you to know that the size of your baby’s jumpsuit is not accurate, and you may have to make an effort to exchange it. Make sure that you are aware of your baby’s size when you buy a jumpsuit for the baby, whether it is Umbi.Kids or any other retailer.

  • Style and functionality

When buying a jumpsuit or any other clothes for your baby, it is important for you to consider its functionality. Your newborn may spend the entire day sleeping, so you definitely need something comfortable for the child and go for the style that can be easy to put on and take off.

  • Cost

Considering the practicality of the clothes is always necessary. You have to resist the urge to buy any other clothes for the kids if a jumpsuit is more beneficial to wear. Similarly, it is better not to spend too much on the clothes as your baby would hardly wear any. The family fashion brand like Umbi.Kids offer all the products at a reasonable price, whether it is a jumpsuit for kids or a short jumpsuit for women, and this is why the customers prefer buying from Umbi.Kids.

Use Atome to buy ideal jumpsuit for your baby at Umbi.Kids

Whether it is for women or babies, jumpsuits can be great to offer coverage from neck to knees and even feet. For ladies, the short jumpsuit offers easy on-off dressing, and as it is made from very soft fabric, it seals the deal in her wardrobe. At Umbi.Kids, you can find the best jumpsuit for your baby, which will become the base for your little one’s outfit. All the Umbi.Kids jumpsuits offer unmatched comfort, undeniable versatility, and an unparalleled style to make them an essential part of the baby’s look.

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