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Feb 09 2022

Choosing a baby stroller is normally one of the major investments that are made by the majority of parents for their toddlers. If they buy a good stroller, it can make their life less hectic, as the parents can get the freedom to easily perform their daily activities that might be difficult to do when accompanied by a baby. Although there are several baby stroller retailers out there in the market, BabyDots separates itself because of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types suited for children.

BabyDots began as an online baby retail shop for brands that were not easily available, and it is famous for a number of products for babies, which includes car seats, nurseries, bathing products, baby food, as well as some of the best baby stroller brands. Whether it is the jogging stroller, egg stroller, or Magic stroller, all the different types of strollers are easily available at BabyDots at competitive prices.

What are the different types of strollers available at BabyDots?

  • Jogging stroller

These days, you don’t have to limit yourself to the treadmill because with the help of a jogging baby stroller Malaysia, it becomes possible for you to bring your child safely. Even if you find the terrain to be uneven, the jogging stroller is the perfect option for you when you are outdoors to jog in the park or have a walk.

  • Full-size stroller

If you have a plan of having more than one baby, then a full-sized stroller is surely worth the investment. This kind of baby stroller is an all-purpose one, whereas it is more versatile durable and is able to last until your kids come out of the toddler stage. This best stroller Malaysia contains a huge number of features and storage options, but you have to keep in mind that it may add to the bulk as well as the price.

  • Twin stroller

There are several baby stroller brands at BabDots that offer twin strollers having seats that are side by side or in tandem. The main benefit for the parents to have a double stroller is that if they have two babies, they don’t have to look for a separate stroller. However, there is a possibility with this stroller type that the parents may have to compromise on mobility.

  • Car seat stroller

Another great option for a baby stroller Malaysia is the car seat stroller that allows the parents to get their baby outside without unbuckling them. It is possible to convert the baby car seat to a car seat stroller with the help of an adaptor that may fit into the base of the stroller. It is worth mentioning that such type of stroller may not be helpful for toddlers.

What features do you need to see before buying the strollers at BabyDots?

In order to choose the best stroller Malaysia from BabyDots, it is important for you to think about your current lifestyle. It would be best if you also looked at a few other factors like its weight, reliability, safety, and ease of use. Keep in mind that it is always better to consult a seasoned seller like BabyDots, rather than picking one without any research.

  • Where would the stroller be used?

You would want to buy a baby stroller Malaysia by keeping in mind if you have to go through the narrow walkways, bumpy or a flat one. You also have to keep in mind the lifts, escalators, and public transport, and such factors are helpful in determining the type and size of the best stroller in Malaysia.

  • How much time will you use it for?

Although you may easily say that you will buy another stroller when the kids get bigger. Not only will this waste your money, but this will also not be good for the environment. Therefore, when buying at BabyDots, you need to decide how long the strollers will be kept and whether or not you will be compromising on their weight and size.

  • Is it suitable for your kid?

There is no doubt that newborns require extra support for their heads. Therefore, whether you go for the Magic stroller or the Egg stroller, it should be able to recline to 170-180 degrees. This will be very helpful for you.

  • Does it have all the safety features?

These features include brakes, a sunshade, a safety belt, sturdy wheels as well as a broad base in order to stop the stroller from tipping over. Besides this, rather than having a three-point harness, a five-point harness is always the best option for strollers.

Use Atome to buy a baby stroller at BabyDots, your trusted retailer

There is no doubt that when it is about buying a baby stroller for your baby, you cannot find a better retailer than BabyDots. It comes with strollers that are specially made for newborn babies as well as ones for older children. There are also baby strollers designed to carry the twins, and a huge number of different types of strollers like a jogging stroller, Magic stroller, or egg stroller from the top brands can be found here.

If you want to buy the best stroller Malaysia for your baby, you can choose Atome, a top buy now pay later platform. Atome’s headquarters are in Singapore, and it has partnered with over 5,000 merchants in 9 Southeast Asian markets. The Atome users have the choice of paying flexibly for a wide variety of products and services.

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