What makes Gaias luggage bags light and durable?

by mylovesiren1

Feb 09 2022

It can be a lot of excitement and fun when you plan for a trip, but packing is surely the hard part. There are times when your clothes don’t seem to fit the bag, and if they do, the bag might become overweight, and therefore, your struggle is real. There is a good variety of luggage bags out there in the market, and you have to choose so that it can become the least of your problems when traveling.

Although several brands in Malaysia offer some of the best luggage bags, Gaias Concept Store comes with a range of travel luggage with high quality. You will find each piece with the best materials and advanced technologies. Gaias Concept Store is well-known for its bed sheets, comforters, pillows, and blankets; when it comes to travel luggage bags, Gaias Concept Store is the one that you can count on to protect and transport your belongings the way you want.

What makes Gaias Concept Store luggage bags unique?

  • Their size

Most of the time, when you carry luggage, it may not have the space required for any bigger adventures. If you like to treat yourself to bigger suitcases, then the luggage size of Gaias will be ideal for you. There is a variety of sizes with the majority of manufacturers; a medium luggage bag size can be much easier for you to transport when compared to the super-sized one.

  • Handles

No matter your luggage size, a sturdy handle is always an absolute must for you. As you don’t want to carry your case around the airport, therefore, Gaias Concept Store offers you handles that can easily fit inside the frame when they are not in use. These handles are ergonomic to prevent your hands from getting raw when you have to pull the luggage bag from one place to the other.

  • Locks and zips

The best thing about the luggage bags from Gaias Concept Store is that they are completely secure as they have a TSA-approved lock. As the passenger bag is always screened before being placed on the plane, therefore, if the luggage doesn’t have a TSA-approved lock, then there are chances that it can be destroyed for gaining access. Therefore, in order to invest in the TSA-approved combination lock, nothing can be better than Gaias luggage bags.

  • Durability and material

Whether it is a small luggage bag size or a big one, a hard-shell suitcase is normally made from durable materials that can take any bangs and common knocks during travel. Gaias bags come with some of the most popular hard materials, including the durable polycarbonate shell, so that you can have peace of mind during your journey.

What are the travel luggage bag types at Gaias Concept Store?

  • Backpack travel bags

You can buy the backpack travel bag with or without any frame, while some even have wheels for your convenience when you travel a long way. The backpack luggage bags come with cushion stress to reduce any of the strain on your shoulders that the heavy load may cause. These bags are the best options when you are camping out or climbing mountains, as your hands are free.

  • Rolling luggage bags

These are also known as travel trolley bags and are specially designed to let you roll them instead of carrying them on your back. With these bags, it becomes easy for you to get around with any of your belongings, and they will not be putting much strain on your body as compared to the other luggage bags. If you take care of these properly, these models can last for a few years.

  • Hard-sided luggage bags

If there is anything sensitive that you are bringing with you, then the hard side travel luggage bag is a much better type to consider. However, you may have to spend more money, but any sensitive item will be properly secured and well-protected in this suitcase.

When buying a hard-sided bag, it is important that you check its longevity because some bags can break easily when under pressure. There are benefits and drawbacks of such kind of luggage, and you need to go for the one according to your requirements.

  • Soft-sided suitcase

A soft-sided suitcase can be great for long traveling because this type of travel luggage is expandable. It is normally made of nylon, polyester, microfiber, or PVC, and you can also get some extra space for the clothes or anything else when on the journey.

It is important for you to pay attention to the soft-sided suitcase luggage bag size and material so that you can confirm that the bag will last longer. As some items can rip or tear easily, therefore, it can be quite a headache for you.

Enjoy using Atome at Gaias Concept Store

The majority of customers are aware that Gaias Concept store has something unique for them, and they are not here to play. They have a firm belief that getting exquisite lives should never come from the premium brands, and when it is about the luggage bags, you will find them to be reasonably priced because of breaking through the traditional approach regarding the best product should only be expensive, as compared to the travel luggage from the other brands.

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