Why backpacks for women are always in style

by Mavis

Feb 15 2022

Backpacks for women are an all-time favorite, and for good reasons. Their simple and practical design makes for an excellent everyday bag. Whether you need to carry a laptop, clothing, books, or your lunch, backpacks make the job much easier. In addition, backpacks make great travel partners because of their storage space and hands-free experience.

Here are some reasons why backpacks are always in style:

  • They are comfortable

Most backpacks are light in weight, and the dual straps make carrying them around easy and comfortable. Furthermore, since the weight is equally distributed, your hands stay free to carry on with normal chores. The soft and padded shoulder straps allow you to carry them around for longer periods of time, making them ideal travel backpacks for women.

  • They keep your things organized.

A good backpack has plenty of pockets and compartments that make it easy for you to carry your essentials in an organized manner. You don’t need to fish around for your car keys like you would have to with a bucket bag.

  • They keep your belongings safe.

Most backpacks are waterproof, and they help keep your books and files safe from water. Laptop backpacks for women even have added cushioning to protect your laptop from shock and breakage.

  • They look trendy!

The best part about a backpack is that there is a perfect bag for everyone. No matter what size and style of backpack you pick, they are always in fashion! You can choose between different materials such as fabric or leather backpacks or opt for plain or printed designs. Whether you are looking for a dainty and delicate one or a sturdy bag, your choices are endless.

Now that we have proved that everyone needs at least one backpack in their bag arsenal, let’s find out where you can find the best ones.

Backpacks for women at B.Adore

B.Adore is one of Malaysia’s leading retailers of women’s bags. You can find a variety of bags, including handbags, cross body/ shoulder bags, backpacks, wallets, and waist bags. B.Adore bags are exclusively crafted with delicate detailing and finished with B.Adore’s signature gold hardware that is manufactured in-house. Each piece is made of premium and high-quality microfiber materials that are durable and beautiful.  

B.Adore brings you an exquisite backpack design that is spacious enough for all your essentials while looking pleasantly aesthetic. Their backpack collection, Gerald, offers bags that are perfect for a casual and laid-back look. This design is available in two wearable colors: khaki and mint blue, and both colors can complement any outfit.

These backpacks for women are super light-in-weight and are made from a fine custom-made microfiber finish. Let’s look at the main features of this B.Adore backpack.

  1. It has one top handle.
  2. The drawstring design has a magnetic closure.
  3. You can hand-carry it or hang it on your shoulder.
  4. The interior is one main compartment with two smaller compartments inside.
  5. There are two compartments on the front and back of the exterior.
  6. It has an adjustable backpack strap.

Read on to explore the brand and its products.

B.Adore is a premium brand

The journey of B.Adore started in 2013 when it was just a small retailer that sold women’s bags online. With time, the brand explored new avenues and expanded its production lines to include bags, wallets, clothing, footwear, accessories, and more.

What we love about B.Adore is that its collections are exclusive. Since the brand continues to create limited quantities, they pay more attention to the finer details, ensuring that each semi-handcrafted product offers exceptional quality. There’s no doubt that handmade products are unique and iconic, and B.Adore offers all that and more.

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  2. Type in your user credentials and continue to check out.
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Backpacks are a staple for every woman’s wardrobe. No matter you’re a leather fan or a crochet backpack fan, these bags are always in style while being extremely practical. If you are in search of a bag that is spacious, comfortable, and beautiful, you should check out B.Adore’s backpack collection. We love their hand-crafted bags for their uniqueness and exclusivity.

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