Top 10 Malaysia electronic stores to access your desired devices

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Mar 21 2022

Look for an electronic store to get your favorite electronic gadgets? Electronic gadgets are the life and blood of today’s contemporary lifestyles. Thinking of how our ancestors used to survive back in the day when the letter ‘t’ wasn’t discovered, let alone talk of technology, gives us the shivers – not in our spines but in our heads, too. Plus, nobody likes migraines. Today, we have the technology to thank for literally everything. Oh, technology, where would we have been without you?

In today’s world of modernism shrouded by technology and populated by tech-savvy people, we need to always be up to speed with the latest discoveries and gadgets – visiting an electronics store every now and then would definitely help tons!

If you’ve already guessed that we’ll be talking about Malaysian electronics stores near me now, you’ve guessed right – utter ingenuity! As mentioned above, in this article, we’ll be looking at the ten best electronics stores in Malaysia which you can buy all your appliances and gadgets from. You won’t need any other guide or referrals; this article will do the job for you!

If you’re a proud citizen of Malaysia and these stores popped up in your search when you searched ‘the best electronics stores near me now,’ then today’s your lucky day as it doesn’t get any better than that.

First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To RM15 Off! Download Atome!


Machines was founded in 2006 with the single aim of being the one-stop Apple retailer in Malaysia, and since then, Machines has come a long way. Today, Machines is one of the grandest and most colossal Apple Premium Resellers in Malaysia, and 42 other outlets are spread all over the globe.

Machines offers a grand array of full-range Apple devices and pertinent accessories, including demo units. Moreover, Machine boxes have the largest range of Apple accessories in all of Malaysia.

Here’s a full catalog that you can take a look at.

In a nutshell, if you are an Apple fan, you can find all the Apple products at Machines. This is really a one-stop shopping hub for all of your desired Apple items.


From phones, tablets, and laptops to watches and audio accessories, URBAN REPUBLIC is a single destination for everything that’s good.

URBAN REPUBLIC’s journey began in 1995, instituted by a small group of friends with an enormous, unanimous aim to disseminate the wonders and excellence of every brand’s products to people. URBAN REPUBLIC’s initial aim was to empower its customers by making Apple products accessible to them.


Listed as one of the best electronics stores in Malaysia, iTworld is another Apple Authorized Reseller that prides itself in a complete range of Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watches, APPLE TV, and other accessories. Moreover, iTworld has exemplary customer service to jubilate itself and provides the necessary support for the products it sells.


A leading electronics store in Malaysia, Switch has more than 100 outlets spread all across Malaysia, catering to every single one of its customers’ needs. Switch takes delight in its myriad of Apple products, and its passion for the brand transcends all money-making motives. If you’re looking for Apple products in Malaysia, this store is just for you! You can select your favorite iPhones, airtags, Apple TV, etc.


If you’re looking for a Malaysian electronics store to buy computers and related accessories, Acer Malaysia should be your go-to electronics store. Plus, if it appeared in your ‘electronic stores near me’ search,’ then you are in luck and can seamlessly beat the distance.

From Chromebooks, laptops, monitors, and desktop PCs to projectors for your offices and homes, Acer has got it all under one brand name!


If you’re looking for a Malaysian store that revels in providing audio-based products with AMPLIFIED, you’ve just hit the jackpot! From headphones, earphones, and amplifiers to speakers and other accessories, AMPLIFIED boxes all your music-centric needs.


ESR is an electronics store in Malaysia that was founded back in 2009. ESR is a global tech firm that effectively integrates design, R&D, and productions with the aim of making technology more accessible and easier to use. ESR deals in consumer electronics accessories, tech-enhanced products, and other smart devices that unlock the doors for humanity to interact with technology constructively.


Unbox Malaysia is an electronics store that deals in mobile phones, mobile accessories, tablets, wearables, and other smart devices. Unbox houses products from brands like Apple, Oppo, Samsung, VIVO, Xiaomi, and more.

Unbox was launched recently in 2021 and has swiftly gained traction since then and operates with the grand aim of becoming Malaysia’s largest gadget and mobile retailer with outlets distributed across all states.


Another one of Malaysia’s best electronics stores, PRISM+, is the swiftest-growing local consumers’ electronics brand that sells high-quality gaming monitors, 4K TVs, TV stands, and other related accessories. All of PRISM+’s displays are designed to deliver an interactive and coherent viewing experience in a minimalistic and elegant manner.


DirectD was founded back in 1999, and since then, its revels in providing Malaysian citizens with top-notch, genuine mobile phones, tablets, and accessories at great prices. Being one of the leading electronics stores in Malaysia, DirectD boasts a wide range of gadgets and accessories, including Apple products.

Housing the top 10 Malaysia electronics stores under one umbrella – Atome

Are you ready to buy your gadgets and electronics from the top ten electronics brands in Malaysia? Haul them now!

Plus, did you know something that’s common about all these electronic stores? They all support payments made through the Atome app (what is Atome? Read more)! That means using Atome, you can break your bills from any of these electronic stores into three monthly payments. Essentially, these payments are interest-free and won’t bug you with any service charges either.

Atome has its headquarters in Singapore and conducts operations in nine regions around the world. Making upfront payments for electronics can be arduous on your bank account, but with Atome, you can flexibly manage your finances without a single worry in the world.

Here’s how you can pay for devices at electronic stores using Atome

  • Check out from any of these electronics stores using Atome as your payment mode.
  • Enter the login details of your Atome account.
  • Pay 1/3 of the total bill and pay the rest later.

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